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Monster Hunter: World What to Do After Beating the Story

Monster Hunter: World What to Do After Beating the Story

Monster Hunter: World is a very large game and has many things for you to do. The Story of the game is actually pretty long but compared to the rest of the game after you beat it, it does not really compare to the time you must put into it. Even if you beat the main story, you are still able to replay the missions and even do tons of other things. Here is a great guide to Monster Hunter: World I found on Amazon, check it out here. You could beat the story by yourself but it is a lot more fun if you beat it with a friend.

It takes the average person about 50 hours of gameplay to beat just the main story alone, which makes the money you put into it definitely worth it. If you are a completionist and you want to complete everything on one single character, then you are talking about an average of 380-400 hours depending on the person. That is not counting the new creatures and DLCs that will be added in the future. It is constantly getting updated by the Developers. Here is all the stuff you can do after beating the main story:

Play the Optional Quests

Optional Quests are missions that the player does not need to complete to beat the main story. The reason these quests are there is so that the player has a way to level up for the next story quest or if they want to farm a specific monster. These quests are given to the player when they first start the game so you could complete them all as you are playing the main story. It does give you the option to replay them once you have beaten that specific mission just in case you didn’t get what you wanted.

The way to find these quests is if you go to the board and enter the Optional Quest section. There are a bunch of mission types that you must complete: finding a monster, low-rank and high-rank count as separate, capturing monsters, low-rank and high-rank count as separate, hunting a certain number of different tempered monsters, and killing a certain amount of a specific creature. You can also accept quests from Villagers in the main hub area.

Play the Special Assignments

You can do these particular quests only once each, though you can join people posting the quest even if you have already completed the quest yourself. A few of these Special Assignments act as gates in a quest line, opening up the next one in sequence. The others are either the final quest in the line or a standalone quest that unlocks the full fight with the new monster. This is what you are ultimately after because completing these quests will unlock a somewhat equivalent Optional Quests that you fight this new monster in, and that quest is repeatable indefinitely for farming and glory!

These quests usually open up when a new creature is added to the game. They are some of the best quests to complete because of all the different loot items you can get from them. They usually have a new set of armor and new weapon types for each new quest that is released and is definitely worth checking out when you have the time in the game.

Help others through the Story

Playing with other people is a huge highlight of the game because you can experience everything with another person. It does not matter if you play with a friend or a random person, as long as you are having fun it does not really matter. The best part of beating the story is that you can receive messages to help other people through their playthroughs as long as they ask for help. Some people might not be doing soo well in a mission and need help so why not help them.

It does not count as cheating because it was put into the game and plus if you help the person, you get loot at the end of the quest when you finish it. It is not like you are just wasting time helping another person with their mission. It is also really nice to help out someone at a lower level because they almost look up to you with all our gear and weapons that you have. Make sure you try to use your time wisely and help others through the hard parts of the game.

Play the Arena

The Arena Quests are only found in the Gathering Hub area where you can visit other players who join your lobby. Walk up to the desk and choose the Arena and it will take you to a bunch of different Quests that you can choose from. The Arena Quests are a lot similar to normal quests except the fact that you don’t have your own gear to fight with. The game gives you a choice between specific weapons and it automatically equips different armor for you.

In the actual quest, you must kill a creature in a certain amount of time or else you will automatically lose the quest. When you finally complete a quest, you are given Arena Tokens depending on how well you played during the match. The more quests that you complete, you will be rewarded with even better items than you did before and you will also get access to better Arena Quests. If you can complete all the Quests, then you will be rewarded with a lot of tokens that can be turned in for better items.

Farm Tempered Monsters

Tempered Monsters are buffed versions of large monsters that hit much harder than their regular counterparts. They don’t have any more health than normal monsters, but their added punch really ups the challenge. Tempered Monsters are divided into three categories: ones you can take on at Hunter Ranks 13-29, Hunter Ranks 30-49, and then Hunter Rank 50+. When you’re going about your regular hunts, you can come across tracks and traces of Tempered Monsters which are marked in blue by your Scoutflies. Collect them, and you’ll eventually unlock a tempered Investigation.

Tempered monsters are necessary to get various types of items called Streamstones and Spiritvein Gems. Streamstone Shards, Streamstones, and Gleaming Streamstones can be used to meld decorations, while Spiritvein Gems are used in augmenting Master Rank weapons. Stream stones and Spiritvein Gems can also be used to unlock the limit of armor upgrades, allowing them to increase their defense. Farming these monster types is perfect for getting the endgame items.

Get to the max Hunter Rank

When you first start your character, your Hunter Rank will be Rank 1. As you complete all types of missions, you will level up your Hunter Rank. The higher your Rank, the better the quests you will receive. By the end of the story, you will be about Hunter Rank 15 because the game locks you from going any higher until you complete an objective. You will then be locked at Hunter Rank 29, and then again at Hunter Rank 49. Once you get past that point, you won’t be locked from any other Ranks.

The max Hunter Rank that you can achieve is Hunter Rank 999. That is obviously very hard to get to but it is definitely possible if you want to sink hundreds of hours into the game. I would recommend going for the highest Rank that you can get to and not to the max in the game. Try to get above Hunter Rank 150 but you really don’t need to go any higher unless you are a hardcore completionist.

Iceborne DLC

The Iceborne DLC is a huge expansion that was added to the game. It is currently on consoles and will come to PC in January 2020. The DLC expands on the original story in Monster Hunter: World and adds tons of new monsters to fight, new locations, weapons, armor, and specialized tools. Each of the newly added items will be helpful in taking down the harder monsters of the expansion. Iceborne also introduces the new higher difficulty Master Rank, a brand-new quest tier that makes new and existing monsters more ferocious than ever. The extreme cold is also the setting for brand new frigid climate foes such as the Banbaro and the Beotodus.

Each of the 14 weapon types in the game will get an overhaul by adding new moves and specials to each of them so it is almost like learning a new weapon. The area called Hoarfrost Reach is where the expansion takes place and is currently the largest area in the entire game. It is definitely worth looking into if you are on console, but sorry PC players because we have to wait a little while before it comes out for us.

Just have fun

The whole point of the game is to just have fun with it. Try not to get angry or worked up about anything because it is just a game. As I said before, the thing that makes this game really fun is the fact that you can play with a friend or random person because you have someone doing the same thing you are doing. Also, progressing at the same time and place as another person gives a sense of completing everything at the same time. If you have a friend that plays the game, then play it with them. If you don’t, find a random player and become friends with them so you can play through it.

The best thing to do in-game that is really fun is just going on an expedition in any of the worlds. You can then free roam around the area and collect as many materials as you can. You can then kill any creature that you can find and you can even track a large creature and fight it. There is really no other feeling like tracking a creature and collecting its parts after you defeat it. If you own the game, go ahead and try an expedition.

Go for 100% completion

Every person should have a goal to where they want to get to in the game, but the best goal you can go for is 100% completion. That is when you have completed every single Optional Quest and has defeated every monster that the game has in its arsenal. The only way to get to that point is to basically never stop playing the game and never give up. Giving up when you have completed the main story is pretty lazy because you have soo much more to do afterward. I am not saying you have to complete the entire game, just make that your goal and you will never be bored.

Completing the game will take about 380-400 hours so if you want to go for that, be prepared to put a lot of time into the game. I would not recommend doing this if you want to play other games because it will take up all of your time unless you want to do it little by little. All I am saying is to have a goal when playing so you have something to work up to in the end. If not, you are just playing the game for nothing.

Fight new monsters being released

There are always new creatures coming to the game whether in the Iceborne DLC or in the base game. Monsters like the Behemoth, Deviljho, Kirin, Kulve Taroth, Lunastra, and the Leshen have been added after the game’s release, not counting the new monsters in Iceborne. As they add new creatures, all you have to do to fight them is to look in the Special Assignments page and there will be a starter quest to find the specific creature. There are also small monsters that roam around the world and can give you some good stuff if you can kill them. They aren’t really a threat though.

As new monsters come out, you should try to fight as many as you can because with new monsters come new weapons and armor for you to collect. If you can collect as many items as you can, your storage will fill up with all sorts of new armor and gear for you to use. Mix and match different sets to make your own individual look and changing your weapon changes up the gameplay drastically. Make sure you fight the new creatures.


In conclusion, Monster Hunter: World is a huge game that requires a lot of time if you want to get into it. If you are just starting, then get ready for a long journey, especially if you have the Iceborne expansion. Remember that it does not come out on PC until January 2020 so get some money ready to buy it as it comes out. Also, it is good to know that when you actually beat the game, you can always start another character and go again! Have fun playing the game and don’t get bored.