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Should I Dismantle Exotics In Destiny 2?

Should I Dismantle Exotics In Destiny 2?

Exotics in Destiny 2 are highly rare items that can be found only in high-tier quests, bought from NPCs, and Exotic Engrams. They all have special stats that can go along with them and you can only have one Exotic item equipped in a certain section at once.

There can be many reasons to keep these items, but there are also a lot of people that want to know if they should dismantle these items. I am here to answer a few of your questions.

You should only dismantle Exotics in Destiny 2 that are either useless to you or underpowered. However, save the Exotics that are rare to get. If you have unlocked Exotics then you can always buy them back from the Exotic Collections tab in the pause menu.

For effective dismantling, just be aware of the Weapon or Armor’s utility to you while you can dismantle the Ships, Ghosts, and every other Exotic you can find without much thought.

Dismantling Exotics?

The Last Word - An Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Exotics are the rarest items in the entire game, and they always come with a special unique bonus.

Since Exotics are such a coveted reward in Destiny 2, the question of dumping them in the vault or dismantling it will keep tormenting the players. The only two rationalities that one should keep in mind when thinking about dismantling Exotics are:

  • Whether the item in question is even worth it to you, do you even use it or is it just collecting dust?
  • You need the resources from the dismantled item to upgrade your other gear.

Also, you can only equip one Exotic weapon and one Exotic armor at any given time. You will eventually have many Exotics just lying there cause you will be more inclined to just a few.

If you have the answers to these considerations then things will be easier for you to navigate. But before you take the decision, we will try to enlighten you with the whole current Exotic situation in Destiny 2.

Having this knowledge will benefit you when you are on the verge of dismantling any Exotic. It will help you alleviate the guilt of a woeful dismantling. There are many reasons that could impact your dismantling decision and we will try to cover them below.

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How To Get Exotics?

Previously, getting your hands on some Exotics was quite a laborious undertaking. And once you got them it would be a hard decision to get rid of considering the effort you put in. On top of that, there was no option to get them back if you dismantle them.

However lately, Bungie has made it much easier to obtain these items through other means. This allows one to dismantle Exotics without many worries as you can get many of them back.

There are many ways you can get Exotics in Destiny 2 now. You are not stuck with tedious tasks to get these shiny pieces of gear. You can get Exotics by/from:


  • Xur: He is a limited-time Exotic vendor that arrives in the game every Friday and stays till Tuesday in a random location. His location, what he is selling, and the day/time of his arrival can be seen by following this link. He sells random armor and Exotic Engrams.
    • He sells the Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale with random stats. Check every week when the stats are rerolled to get the ones you want.

Monument to Lost Lights (Exotic Archive)

Monument to Lost Lights
  • Monument to Lost Lights (Exotic Archive): This is present in the Tower place right between the two vaults. This is where you can buy Exotic weapons from previous seasons. Exotic weapons cost more than 100,000 Glimmer, several Ascendant Shards, an Exotic Cipher, and some random resources.

Season Pass

Season Pass
  • Season Pass: The free path and the paid path of the Season Pass both have Exotic drops. You can acquire quite a lot of Exotic Engrams from this method. It will also reward you the special currency like Exotic Cipher which you can use to buy Exotics from other sources.

Legend Lost Sectors

Legend Lost Sectors
  • Legend Lost Sectors: The weekly random Legend Lost Sectors are the perfect place to get some Exotic armors. The drop rate is rather low so you will have to grind them a bit but they are quite short and thus don’t require much time to farm. The current weekly lost sector can be viewed using this website.


  • Collections: You can find the Collections tab in the pause menu. Here all your previously unlocked Exotic weapons will be available. You can simply navigate to the section and buy back any Exotic that you want back or have accidentally dismantled. The same goes for armor, ships, emotes, Ghosts, etc.
    • As a tip, buy only weapons from this method and not armor pieces.

Raid or Dungeons

  • Raid or Dungeons: Some Exotics will only be unlocked by completing certain raids or dungeons. The Badges section in the Collection tab will have all the items you can get from a particular activity. Scour these badges and find out which ones will reward you with Exotics.

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Exotic Catalyst

Exotic Catalyst - Destiny 2 Dismantle Exotics

Catalysts are the method of Masterworking Exotic weapons. These mods either provide a secondary ability to a gun or enhance the stats, this will vary from weapon to weapon. These are exceptional upgrades to the weapon and should definitely be worked towards.

Unlike leveling up other rarity items whichares done through resources, Catalyst demands some effort from your end. You will have to complete a single or a list of tasks to unlock the Catalyst.

Catalyst and pattens - Destiny 2 Dismantle Exotics

Check the requirements in the Triumphs tabs, inside the Patterns & Catalyst section. You will have to first unlock the Catalyst itself and then complete the tasks mentioned in it with the weapon itself.

Having an Exotic weapon’s Catalyst unlocked or the progression of your completed task might hinder you from dismantling it. However, you needn’t be worried. Your progression will be tracked in the menus stated above and that won’t reset if you dismantle the item.

You can always get the weapon back and continue the Catalyst unlocking journey. Unlocked Catalyst will stay unlocked no matter if you end up selling the weapon. So you can keep reacquiring the weapon and slotting in the already unlocked Catalyst.

Should You Dismantle Exotics?

If your decision to dismantle Exotics was bound to any of the things we have previously mentioned then you have the green light from our end.

You can always get the Exotics back in the many aforementioned ways. Especially the Collection tab can help you out when reacquiring lost Exotics. If the Catalyst was an issue then that too is no big deal, you can always resume your Catalyst progression.

Exotic items can also be speeders, spaceships, and emotes. You can easily dismantle these if any of them are a total waste of space in your inventory.

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When To Dismantle Them

Destiny 2 Dismantle Exotics

We would recommend just dismantling your lower-stat exotic armor, and keeping all the higher-stat rolls so that way whenever you want to switch up exotics you have the best stat-wise.

As for weapons, you can dismantle them if you want as you can pull those Exotic weapons from collections whenever you want. If there are Exotic weapons that have stat-tracked stuff on them and they are in use only then don’t dismantle otherwise go for it.

As for ships and emotes etc. As long as you have them unlocked you can always pull them from collections.

Dismantle all unused lower-end exotics Destiny 2 for shards as those can be used to upgrade other more worthwhile items in your arsenal.

Why Not Dismantle Exotics?

Destiny 2 Dismantle Exotics

Before we get into it, make sure you have the Exotic items, that you prefer to keep, locked in your inventory so you can not accidentally dismantle them.

When you get an Exotic item, look up how rare the item is and if it is not that rare, then consider dismantling it. If it is a very rare item that there is only 1 of, then don’t dismantle it because you probably will never get it back.

Saving Exotics for future purposes can also be beneficial. When you are more accustomed to the game and have your desired loadout then you can dismantle these useless items to get items to upgrade your worthy stuff.

In some situations, there will be special events that reward you better for your dismantled item, and those are worth the wait of dismantling.

Sometimes you might need certain weapon types and items to complete quests, so we recommend trying to keep the best items you have because of their easy access from your storage.

Deciding when you should dismantle exotics in Destiny 2 is a tough decision to make since these items are not only special and powerful but they provide a sense of pride. Despite that please do not get carried away by their appeal but think of it as a resource that you can use for other more noteworthy stuff to you in the game. Dismantle away, Guardians!