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Can You Play Elden Ring With a Keyboard and Mouse?

Can You Play Elden Ring With a Keyboard and Mouse?

How to play a soul-like game has been a battle many people fight. Should you play with a keyboard and mouse or a controller? To answer the question plainly, it is entirely your opinion which way you choose. Some people prefer more accurate movements with a controller. One big question is if you can play Elden RIng with a keyboard and mouse.

Yes, you can play Elden Ring with a keyboard and mouse. It is not ideal, but it is doable. You will need to mess around with your button placement because the standard button placement is missing a few things.


It can be pretty weird going from controller to keyboard and mouse, so we do see the want to just stick with one, so you don’t get confused. If you play with the keyboard and mouse, just be aware of all the different buttons and when to press them for certain actions.

Should you play Elden Ring with a keyboard and mouse?

As we said before, it is entirely up to you. The menu is a little annoying to get through, and the movement can get a little wonky, but other than that, it is not too bad.

The game was built to be played on a controller, so if you say it is easier to play on a keyboard and mouse, you are lying and haven’t tried a controller. It is harder to use, but some people do prefer it. On the keyboard and mouse, the skill button is not bound to anything, so you will have to bind it to a button that is easy to use.

You use many skills in this game, so finding a good button is crucial for using it correctly. We know a friend who played all of Dark Souls 3 on keyboard and mouse, and he generally enjoyed it, but not everyone will be like that. Good luck if you play on the keyboard and mouse, and I hope you have an easy playthrough.

Is the game easier while playing with Keyboard and Mouse?

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That is also up to the person playing. If you play the entire game with a controller, it will be extremely hard for them to switch to a keyboard and mouse. It works the same the other way as well. The game doesn’t get easier or harder depending on the way of play, so we would say, in closing, that you choose what you think will be the easiest for you.


If a controller works better for you, use that. If the keyboard and mouse work better for you, use that. It is entirely up to how you want to play and how comfortable you are with each.