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How Many Enchantments Can a Minecraft Pickaxe Have?

How Many Enchantments Can a Minecraft Pickaxe Have?

Minecraft quickly became a popular game among people in 2022, and since its release, the game has seen tremendous growth worldwide in both player and fan bases. 

One of these things, enchantments for pickaxes, swords, body armor, and shields, is always on their hit list. Therefore, if you have been searching for the maximum enchantments on a Minecraft pickaxe, you are at the right place.

Usually, there are three maximum enchantments that you can apply on a Minecraft pickaxe in survival mode.


The article below details the use of Minecraft pickaxes and the details of the enchantments that it can carry. Read on to learn all about Minecraft pickaxe enchantments.

Minecraft Pickaxe Enchantments 

The game includes many different items that are hard to learn, and especially when enchantments are involved, very few players know how to unlock the true potential of these items. Because of this, people are always searching for additional information about how things work in Minecraft.

Enchantments let you build powerful weapons and tools that will likely make your gameplay easier. You can use these items’ enhanced abilities and additional perks to rank quickly, gather supplies and build better shelters.

Here are all the enchantments you can apply on a pickaxe in Minecraft.


Unbreaking is one of Minecraft’s most widely used enchantments and is easily attainable.

This enchantment increases your pickaxe’s overall durability, making them less likely to wear out if used excessively. The enchantment can be leveled three times to give it the highest Unbreaking III.


Just like the Unbreaking makes your pickaxe invincible, the efficiency enchantment makes its use more and more efficient.

In-game, this translates to faster mining and digging. However, you can only take the enchantment to level five, which brings it to Efficiency V. At this level; however, your pickaxe will be the most effective in mining for other items.


As the name suggests, using fortune in your pickaxe will make you lucky and more likely to find rare items while digging with an enchanted pickaxe.


It works by increasing the number of blocks dropped when mining. For example, you can get more apples from its trees.

Level 3 is the highest level of this enchantment, meaning the best pickaxe in Minecraft will be the one with the enchantment Fortune III.

Curse of Vanishing

Players who don’t want others to pick up their items when they die often use this enchantment.

A pickaxe with this enchantment is cursed to disappear as soon as its owner dies in the game. There’s only one level of Curse of Vanishing enchantment.


The mending enchantment uses the player’s XP points gained by fighting/killing mobs and mining to mend their equipped items, like swords. Any extra XP is often added to a player’s XP points. However, there’s only one level for this enchantment.

Silk Touch

The silk touch enchantment helps players in mining blocks by automatically breaking fragile blocks, like soil and glass. Additionally, when mining, the players can get whole blocks instead of the block’s droppings, making collecting items easier.

Like most other enchantments, the Silk Touch only has one level.

How To Enchant A Minecraft Pickaxe?

Enchanted pickaxe
Image Credit: SportSkeeda

Enchanting in Minecraft is not a piece of cake, and newbies may find it tough to gather everything and start the enchantment process for their items. 

However, here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to enchant a pickaxe and how it is done perfectly.

Option 1: Use A Minecraft Enchantment Table

The first step towards enchanting an item is building yourself an enchantment table. You can quickly make it using obsidian, diamond, and an enchantment book.


You can obtain all these items by either looting, trading, or exploring caves. Enchantment Books are often found in temples or strongholds, while obsidian is available wherever lava comes in contact with water. Diamonds are the hardest to find, and you’ll have to spend time searching or trading for them.

Option 2: Use A Minecraft Anvil & Enchanted Book

The second route is to make yourself an anvil from iron ingots and iron blocks and use an enchantment book to cast enchantments on your item. 

This is probably the quickest way to enchant pickaxes, assuming you already possess the enchantment book.