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How To Get Better at Rainbow Six Siege (Ultimate Guide)

How To Get Better at Rainbow Six Siege (Ultimate Guide)

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, you’re about to delve into one of the most competitive and toxic cesspools of gaming. A banger made by Ubisoft in contrast to their mediocre pump-and-dump single-player games. Rainbow Six Siege packs a lot for a beginner to hop into. So, let’s dive into our Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Guide.

To get better at Rainbow Six Siege, you need to watch the tutorials, practice peeking, head into Terrorist Hunt mode, and play some casual matches. Learn the right attacker and defender for your situation. Practice recoil and spray patterns and watch pros on Twitch! You’ll be good to go in no time.

Rainbow Six Siege Steamdeck?

Try Out The Tutorial in Rainbow Six Siege

When first going into Siege, you’d want to skip the tutorial and dive into some casual action, but that would be a mistake. Ideally, you’d want to watch all of the tutorials(3 in total). They offer you tokens known as renown.

Watch all three to obtain a total of 800 renowned. These tokens don’t mean a lot in the short term, but in the grand scheme of things, you can save up some chump change to unlock your first DLC Operator.

Situations – Peeking

Peeking - Rainbow Six Siege
Player peeks at a staircase.

Navigate to the Learning Area Playlist to find a total of eleven tutorials known as situations. Rainbow Six isn’t like CSGO or any other competitive shooter that you can swing and figure out in the long run. You need to get the hang of the basics, which are pretty different from the wider landscape of what FPS shooters offer. 

In all fairness, you’ll learn the skill of peeking which makes or breaks clutches and high-tension scenarios in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s all about the right angle and hiding your own hitbox and yourself from the enemy’s line of vision.

Master the art of peeking to rise through the ranks in Siege, though it’s bound to get harder and harder in the harsher competitive landscape.

Terrorist Hunt in Rainbow Six Siege

AI Bots Terrorist Hunt Rainbow Six
AI Bots in Terrorist Hunt

You might be wondering if you should try out casual game modes now. We suggest you stave off that and try out Terrorist Hunt. Find a suitable team, play at your level, or pair with some experienced friends and get a feel for the game.

You’ll play against AI bots. Learn to communicate and coordinate with your teammates and switch to harder difficulties as you learn the ropes.

Casual Matches

Casual - Rainbow Six R6

While bots might serve as a formidable challenge on harder difficulties, it isn’t the same as going up against actual players. While bots will become subpar aim botters in Terrorist Hunt, the new-found unpredictability aspect, whether advantageous or disadvantageous in Casual matches might serve as a challenge, even against inexperienced players.



Attachments certainly pave the way for a successful match in Rainbow Six Siege. Go for an optics attachment that best suits you while also ensuring optimal visibility with no bars on peripheral vision. But it all comes down to the player which optics attachment suits them best.

Your next move would be to look into muzzle attachments and test them out with various guns and characters to see how much of a recoil hit you get while aiming sights down, peeking, or crouching.

Some attachments reduce recoil while others suppress gunfire, so mix and match and see what provides the optimum balance in firefights.


image 60

Picking attackers all comes down to who you’re going up against and what strategies you’re employing for the end-rounds. The easiest strat would be to pick a comp of 5 operators from the first four categories. That will certainly make for an all-rounder team composition.


While not quite respected in the Siege community, fraggers make for the highest picks in the game as they have the highest success rate in straight-up gunfights.

Fraggers pretty much round up your base team comp offering that little push you’d need to finish off defenders. Go for Amaru, Sledge, and Ash.


These operators don’t normally go hand and hand with the meta but you’ll find some of them in the pro league during end rounds. It all comes down to one’s individual assessment of a situation. These operators include Capitao, Ying, and Zofia.

Highly Situational

Some operators work under exclusive circumstances. This doesn’t classify them as bad operators, but you need to be sure to make a general assessment before picking these characters especially if the normal meta isn’t working in your favor and you need to take the enemy by surprise. Dokkaebi, Blitz, and Glaz are of notable importance here.

Hard Breachers

Hard Breachers play a pivotal role in any team composition. You’re already aware of that. Hard breachers open up new entry points and enable cross-firing into enemy lanes.

This pretty much rustles up the defenders’ best positions. Hibana and Thermite would be your go-to Hard Breachers.

Hard Breacher Support

Hard Breachers might get run down opening up new entry points and hatches. Don’t expect defenders to let you get away with it. They’ll work around you whenever you make new entry points. So, go for a decent Hard Breach Support. It’s a no-brainer to pick either Twitch or Thatcher.


Defenders - Mute- R6


As a roamer, you should be hell-bent on wasting the attackers’ time. Your best bet would be to circle around the map looking for either small pokes or flanks till the enemy wastes their utilities on you.

Roaming is pretty much not recommended for newbies. You’ll need a proper idea of the map and adequate game sense. Vigil, Pulse, Ela, and Bandit make for great roamers.


Lukers account for the second circle of defense. Albeit like lurkers, their duties are related to roaming about the objective site either on the same floor or the floor beneath. You’re supposed to slow down the attackers’ push when your roamers are out of commission. Bandit, Mozzie, Ela Vigil, and Alibi come in handy here.


They’re the last line of defense for the objective site. You’ll be equipped with either a formidable ACOG, BSOG, or TCSG-12 to get the job done. Mira, Rook, Doc, Lesion, and Kaid make for great Anchors.


Use Intel operators and their hardware to gather information about the enemy’s positioning without engaging in combat. Mozzie, Mira, Echo, Clash, and Pulse are a good fit here.

Deniers/ Anti-Gadget

Deniers will come in handy to mitigate or deny the enemies’ utilities and gadgets from gathering information or causing any lethal damage. You’re tasked to slow down the push and this can go a long way to waste the Attackers’ time and resources. Ideal Deniers include Jager, Wami, Kaid, and Mute.


It’s pretty self-explanatory. Again, you’re tasked to slow down an attack or push with the use of traps. Kapkan, Lesion, Smoke, and Frost come in handy here.


These operators help to boost your defenses and in turn, waste the enemy team’s time. Attackers will have a harder time pushing into the objective site. Smoke, Kapkan, Goyo, Jager, and Mira are great Fortifiers.

Learn Recoil Patterns

R6 Recoil Patterns

If you’ve played CSGO, then you know how bad the gun spread is. Siege is a realistic tactical shooter, meaning guns do have a decent amount of recoil along with recoil patterns that you’ll have to learn.

Check out recoil patterns online or go through a magazine on a blank wall to get an idea of your operator’s weapon spray pattern.

Practice recoil control in Terrorist mode and embed the spread patterns of your main and side picks in your mind.


Beaulo playing Ranked in R6s

Whenever you get taken down, take the time to observe kill cams and how your enemy team plays whenever going up against either attackers or defenders. Observation, analysis, and learning from your mistakes is a common step most players skip.

Instead of waiting for the next round, analyze your opponents and teammates. Work with your team and learn from the enemy team.

Positioning and strategy make up for bad aiming most of the time in Siege or any game for that matter. Observe pro-league matches and high-rank players in the competitive scene on Twitch. Check out Beaulo, Macie_Jay, and Pengu on Twitch to learn from the high-level competitive scene.


And that’s pretty much all you need to know to get started in Rainbow Six Siege and hopefully get better in the long run. While you might already know some of these tips, it doesn’t hurt to practice considering practice makes perfect!