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Can You Build A Boat in Sons of the Forest?

Can You Build A Boat in Sons of the Forest?

Surviving the cannibals that inhabit the island where you are stranded is the most important thing you need to cover in Sons of the Forest. You will constantly be pestered by these indigenous freaks and having a base in a secure location is the best place to start. For this reason, some players prefer to build their abode on a secluded island.

However, transporting building materials and yourself through a water body can be deadly. Hence the question arises whether you can build a boat or a raft to make this arduous journey rather easy.

No, you cannot build a boat in Sons of the Forest as of right now. There are no blueprints you can find for such a construction neither you can creatively craft a floating structure. This feature was present in the prequel so we can expect it to be added later down the line.

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Boats in Sons of the Forest

Craftable Boats in The Forest
Craftable Boats in The Forest

In the predecessor game The Forest, there were a bunch of water-themed structures that you can build to escape the cruel inhabitants of the island. These items were added in an update and weren’t present from the start.

The main purpose of these structures like House Boat was to easily traverse the treacherous water in the game. Oceans and lakes can be a lethal expedition if you went out for a swim due to sharks infesting the waters. Also, there are many locations on various water bodies that have good loot which you have to swim towards to acquire.

For some, these waters are the perfect place to build their base. As the locals are constantly invading your home and making your life a living hell, having a base surrounded by water will help prevent the natives from becoming persistent unwelcomed guests.

Subsequently, having a boat will save you the trouble of getting wet each time you want to visit your island, help you transport crafting materials like logs to build your desired base structure, and visit points of interest that are floating on the water.

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Can You Build A Boat in Sons of the Forest?

inflatable rafts

Since it was present in the previous game, one would assume that it will be present in the next entry too.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in The Sons of the Forest. In its current state, you can build any kind of boat in the game. There are no blueprints you can find neither you can create one using the crafting materials and your ingenuity.

Players are scouring the map to find such a thing yet to no avail. The game is still in early access so we could presume that this element will be added in a future update just like with the previous game.

There are inflatable rafts that you can see on the ocean floor. However, you can not commandeer these aquatic transports but they are simply places that you can loot.

For now, you just have to put on your flippers and swim to these locations. It is not difficult and can be done by anyone with enough preparation.

Building boats in The Sons of the Forest is a feature that is missing and yet to be added. The game is very much in the middle of its early access period and even the current world feels like it is missing a lot of things. We can expect the developers to work on these major inclusions once they have ironed out the rest of the game.