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Should I Join The Freestar Rangers 

Should I Join The Freestar Rangers 

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, the opportunities are as endless as the stars that dot the celestial canvas. Among the many factions that beckon adventurous players, the Freestar Rangers stand out as a beacon of individualism and personal freedom in Starfield. 

Players should consider these key factors that Freestar Rangers have to offer, the embrace of personal freedom and individuality, a lackluster storyline, threats, a limited number of main quests, moderate wealth prospects, and a decent starting point for your cosmic adventure.


We have listed down 7 reasons about what you should expect while joining Freestar Rangers, let’s dive right into them!

7 Reasons To Join Freestar Rangers

Freestar Rangers

In the vast tapestry of Starfield, the choice ultimately rests with you. Consider these reasons thoughtfully as you ponder the possibility of joining the Freestar Rangers or exploring other factions. Here are the points given below: 

1. Sanctuary of Freedom and Individuality

At the heart of the Freestar collective lies Akila City, a place where the belief in the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality reigns supreme. This city, shielded by imposing walls, serves as a bastion against the encroachment of alien predators.

Joining the Freestar Rangers means immersing yourself in a society where personal liberty is not just a concept but a way of life as the game portrays it. 

2. The Underwhelming Storyline

Freestar Rangers Quests

One of the caveats of aligning with the Freestar Rangers is the somewhat lackluster storyline. Ranger missions often feel like routine bounty hunts with a thin veneer of detective work. Those expecting deep, engaging narratives may find themselves disappointed by the simplistic storytelling.

3. Rewards

While the overall storyline may not be the game’s highlight, there are redeeming qualities. The true allure of the Freestar Rangers lies in the rewards reaped after completing missions and the grand prize awarded upon finishing the questline – a coveted C-class tier ship.

Notably, acquiring this ship through quest completion bypasses the need to level up your piloting skills. For players willing to invest in the long haul, this can be an attractive proposition. 

Moreover, joining the Freestar Rangers grants you access to a treasure trove of other valuable items. These include:

  • Ranger Deputy Uniform
  • Ranger Deputy Hat
  • Freestar Deputy Badge
  • Deadeye Pistol, Ranger Duelwear
  • Ranger Power Pack
  • Ranger Space Helmet
  • Ranger Spacesuit
  • Freestar Ranger Badge
  • Justifier Rifle. 

In addition to these items, you’ll earn Credits and XP as you embark on your Ranger missions.

4. Overhyped Threats

The Ashta, creatures that have garnered significant hype, may not live up to the lofty expectations. Despite townsfolk portraying them as terrifying adversaries akin to Terrormorphs, they prove to be no more dangerous than the standard hostile wildlife. 

Even the formidable Alpha Ashta encountered in a side quest tends to underwhelm, offering little challenge to seasoned players.

5. Limited Main Questline Missions

With only eight main questline missions to offer, the Freestar Rangers might leave you craving more. While some of these quests shine with brilliance, those who find the space cowboy theme uninspiring may quickly grow weary of the limited content.

6. Not the Path to Wealth:

If the pursuit of wealth and riches is your primary objective in Starfield, the Freestar Rangers may not be your best bet. This faction is not renowned for its financial opportunities, and other factions may offer more lucrative prospects.

7. A Decent Starting Point

In summary, the Freestar Rangers provide a respectable entry point into the boundless universe of Starfield which means that this could be your first faction. While their storyline may not be the most enthralling, they offer unique rewards and a taste of the space Western experience. 

If you’re in search of a faction that places personal freedom and individuality above all else, and you’re not solely driven by the pursuit of wealth, the Freestar Rangers offer a solid foundation for your cosmic adventure.

Ultimately, your decision will shape the trajectory of your interstellar odyssey as you traverse the cosmos in pursuit of glory, freedom, and adventure. As you embark on your cosmic journey in Starfield, remember that the Freestar Rangers offer a great starting point, but your path through Starfield will be as unique as your own stardust-filled dreams. 

Whether you choose to join the Freestar Rangers or venture into other factions, the cosmos holds countless secrets, challenges, and rewards.