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Should I Join The Strikers in Starfield?

Should I Join The Strikers in Starfield?

The Strikers emerge as a minor yet intriguing faction in Starfield, where factions like the UC Vanguard, Crimson Fleet, and the Freestars dominate the landscape. Should you join the Strikers in Starfield or not?

Deciding whether to join the Strikers in Starfield is a journey filled with intriguing choices. From fashion decisions, like the edgy Striker Maskwear or the alluring Streetwear obtained through betrayal, to navigating a bugged questline that tests your resilience. Loyalty is rewarded with 10,000 credits and a Street Sweeper, but the affiliation is temporary.


Interestingly, nestled in the lit streets of Neon City, the Strikers offer a unique narrative that involves gang dynamics, quests, and tough choices. If you’re contemplating joining the Strikers, this article will guide you through five compelling reasons to either embrace or steer clear of this faction.

5 Reasons To Join Strikers In Starfield

We are going to delve into the points from which you can decide if you want to join this minor faction in Starfield or not. Here are the points below:

Joining Strikers In Starfield

1. Striker Fashion: Striker Maskwear vs. Streetwear

When you align yourself with the Strikers, you are not just signing up for a gang; you’re embracing a distinctive style. The Striker Maskwear, a reward upon joining, adds an edgy flair to your character. 

However, the intriguing twist lies in the availability of Streetwear, the same outfit without the mask, which many argue looks even cooler

The catch? You can only obtain this street-savvy look by betraying the Strikers for their rivals, the Disciples. It’s a tough fashion choice that adds a layer of complexity to your in-game persona.

2. A Bugged Questline

Embarking on the Striker questline isn’t that smooth as this faction is still facing errors. Hopefully, it’ll get fixed in the future. it’s a journey fraught with bugs and glitches. 

As you progress through the quests, aiming to eliminate the rival Disciples, the plot takes unexpected turns. Neon Security intervenes, complicating the gang warfare and offering a unique resolution – joining the security forces to bring lasting peace to the streets. 

The question here is, are you ready to navigate a bugged questline for the thrill of unpredictability, or does the frustration outweigh the excitement?

3. Not So Many Rewards

For those who persevere through the challenges posed by the Striker questline, rewards await. Your dedication is recognized with a generous offering of rewards such as credits and a substantial sum in the game’s economy. 

The rewards are listed below:

  • 10,000 credits
  • Street Sweeper Weapon

Moreover, you’ll receive the Street Sweeper, a unique weapon to commemorate your time as a Striker. These rewards not only boost your in-game wealth and arsenal but also serve as symbols of your triumph over adversity. 

We have already discussed the mask wear that you get in the Strikers. However, for those seeking a more permanent gang affiliation, the Strikers might fall short.

4. Striker Exclusive Gear: The Hunt for Wakizashi

Diving deeper into the Striker experience, you’ll encounter exclusive gear opportunities. Wakizashi, a weapon sold by Hatcher, adds a layer of combat diversity to your arsenal. 

While technically not a unique weapon, its availability through the Striker connection makes it a reliable and sought-after item.

For players keen on expanding their weaponry options, the Strikers provide a doorway to unique tools of destruction.

5. Moral Dilemma: Good Guy in a Gang World

Striker Gang

The Strikers want you to play the role of a good guy in a morally ambiguous world. As you navigate the neon-lit streets of Neon City, the choice between joining the Strikers or succumbing to the corrupt police creates a moral dilemma. 

The initial excitement of hacking screens and eliminating rival gang members is overshadowed by the unexpected offer from the corrupt police to join their ranks. Are you ready to be the hero in a gang-infested world, or does the allure of the darker path entice you?

Joining the Strikers in Starfield is not a straightforward decision; it’s a multi-faceted journey filled with fashion choices, bugged questlines, lucrative rewards, exclusive gear, and moral quandaries. As you navigate the neon-lit streets of Neon City, weigh these five reasons carefully to determine if the Strikers align with your in-game ambitions. 

In conclusion, whether you choose to don the Striker Maskwear or take a different path, Starfield’s universe is yours to explore. Stay tuned for more faction insights and gaming guides by following us—your compass through the galaxies of Starfield and beyond.