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10 Best Base Locations on Lost Island in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Lost Island in Ark: Survival Evolved

Lost Island is a region full of ancient monuments and flat surfaces where you can set up your dream base locations. It has locations with high altitudes to keep you safe from deadly predators and oceans to keep your Dinos happy. So, let’s look at some of the best base locations you can come across on Lost Island in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Redwood Castle, and Monkey Temple, are some of the best base locations for you to benefit from flat surfaces, high altitudes, and abundant resources to set up a well-guarded base for PVP and PVE purposes.


Let’s get started and find out why these are the best locations for your next base in Ark Survival Evolved Lost Island.

1. Redwood Castle (44.2-53.1)

Redwood Castle

The Redwood Castle is our first base location, situated on the Lost Island. This island is also surrounded by a lake, making it a great area with plenty of water resources. This castle is a vast structure that covers a large area of an island.

And another good point is that it is totally abandoned for you to rule over. It has already built walls that offer you an excellent defense against enemies. Also, there are a number of buildings that you can check out and use for a variety of purposes. This is an amazing location for you to build a magnificent castle base.

2. Kingdom of Winterfell (31.1-29.0)

Kingdom of Winterfell

The following base location is also perfect for those who like castle and kingdom bases. So this one is also a cool place if you want to build your base and have royal vibes. The existing walls and structures around the castle are great for defense purposes.


Also, it has many rooms and areas for you to explore. However, this kingdom is small in size and doesn’t have much area, but this characteristic doesn’t stop it from ranking among the best base locations. It is covered in snow from different areas, which makes it look beautiful.

3. Monkey Temple (22.5-41.8)

Monkey Temple

This temple is located in a more forest-like area, surrounded by trees on all sides. This temple is huge and has many places to build your base. It has enough rooms that running out of space won’t be your concern while building a base at this location.

You can take a look at the top and bottom sides of this temple and pick the right area where you would like to start constructing the base. For defense purposes, you have pre-built walls here; in short, this is a great base location.

4. Desert Oasis (83.8-87.1)

Desert Oasis

This is the best base location for PVE players, and it is most appropriate for you if you also admire building your base in the desert but at the perfect spot. And also, if you are fascinated by waterfalls, then you won’t be disappointed by this location at all.

We have this wonderful island with water spots, and it is the safest place where you can build your place with low chances of getting attacked as this place is not much visited. This area has a pretty flat surface, and being near mountains, you can have easy access to resources.

Moreover, there is also a cave in this desert area, and you can get there by following a trench that is located at 89.7-34.3. This cave is spacious and has large chambers, so you can also consider it a base building, and the resources are not far from the cave.

5. Cave Lake (72.6-52.3)

Cave Lake

This one is the best base location for both PVE and PVP bases. It is to the south of the map and is attractive to look at, and the lake makes it look more beautiful. You can look for this cave inside the cliff. The entrance is hidden and cannot be spotted easily.


The entrance passage leads you to a vast area inside the cave. And it has enough space to offer for base building. You get to see crystals there, and for other resources, you can look outside the cave, and it also has a way out from the backside.

6. Cave base (65.4-62.3)

Cave base

If you are looking for another PVP best base location, then here you go with this fantastic cave. This one comes with so much more space than you can imagine. So if you have a large tribe, then it is going to be set perfectly here.

It has many Chambers, more likely three, and then you get more than one choke point. Which makes it easier for you to have a strong defense and you can secure your space efficiently. The third chamber lies in the depth of a cave making it more safe and hidden.

One thing you may know before picking this location for base building is that creatures like Onyc and megalosaurus do spawn here, so be ready for this.

7. Insect Cave (31.4-61.7)

Insect Cave

This distinct best base location falls near the snow biome and Wyvern trench. It is called ad insect Cave because you get to encounter almost all types of insects in there. So if the insects don’t get on your nerves, then you can consider this place.

This cave is quite massive, and it has two entrances. Also, as it is near the wyvern trench, then it will be convenient for you to get wyvern eggs by staying in this cave. Due to the volcano, the internal environment of the cave is smoky and has heat, but overall it is a considerable location.

8. Ice Cave (31.5-52.7)

Ice Cave

This best base location is in the snow biome, so you need to be all prepared if you want to build a base in this soul-freezing environment. Here we also have a cave that has a mesmerizing interior. Its surface is a frozen pond with icicles hanging down from its roof.


There are a number of rooms and places that have two entrances and choke points which you can use to make your space threat free. This cave has wolf dens, and you can also find many crystals here. This location is suitable for both PVE and PVP bases.

9. Waterfall (47.7-39.0)

Waterfall 3

Now this next base location is closer to the Redwoods. This is an enormous cave behind the waterfall; you can have a great defense here. It has so much area for base building and to accommodate dinos.

To meet the water demands, you don’t have to walk out of the cave as inside; there is a pool at the end side. So you have a good water resource there, and as it has only one entrance to get in, then you won’t have to put much effort into setting up a defense.

10. Snow Biome South (36.1-31.0)

Snow Biome South

This best base location is going to stun you because it has not only one but many interesting areas where you can build your bases, and this location is best for PVE and PVP. On the Southeastern side, you get a great cliff area for the PVE base building.

You can build on ledges and utilize the other area around. At 35.7-32.3, you get to see an extensive cave. Furthermore, on the other side, at 35.5-31.4, there are waterfalls where you can also build a cool base, and as you go further, there will be a beaver pond right between the waterfalls.

By moving to the left, there will be another pond, and next to it, there is another cave under the snow mountain; the coordinates are 30.7-30.8. This cave is too long and will take a lot of time to end, which is pretty impressive as it’s like you get endless space in there.

Are These Areas Dangerous? 

No, most of these locations are meant to keep you safe from deadly predators and get you access to valuable resources to speed up your in-game progression. These areas are safe to build and keep your tamable creatures like water dinos.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you save time and cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind. 


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.

That should cover all of the best base locations we had shortlisted for you on the Ark Survival Evolved Lost Island DLC.