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The Best Starting Class and Burial Gift In Dark Souls Remastered

The Best Starting Class and Burial Gift In Dark Souls Remastered

If this is your first Dark Souls game, it will probably be the most challenging since there are a lot of limitations and downsides to dying. Choosing the best starting class and burial gift will help make Dark Souls Remastered easier for new players. It is extremely important because if you aren’t having fun in the game, you probably won’t end up finishing it.

If we had to choose a class and a burial gift for a new player, we would probably recommend starting as the Pyromancer Class. We would also recommend that you choose the Master Key since it allows you to enter later-game areas very early on.


Best Class for Beginners: The Pyromancer

Pyromancer - Dark Souls Remastered Best Starting Class

The Pyromancer Class is the best starting class in Dark Souls Remastered for new players. Not only does this class start with a great melee weapon and a shield, but it also gives you a Pyromancy Flame and a Pyromancy Spell to go with it. Not only that, but the class has the highest stat distribution out of any other class.

This makes it a great option for new and Veteran players alike since you get a great start with weapon choices, and it allows you to create any type of build that you want later on. Plus, Pyromancy is extremely powerful in this game. It will make your life a million times easier with the bosses in the game.

Best Class for Veterans: The Deprived

The Deprived

The Deprived is the most simple class in the game and it forces you to use whatever you can find around the world. It is an open slate of a class which can be worked into anything you want. And if you are a veteran of soul-like, you’ll get the extra satisfaction of more challenge with this class initially.

Other Viable Class Choices

Other options for good classes include:

  • For a full melee build, then Knight or Warrior might be a good option.
  • For a magic build, you will want to choose Cleric or Sorcerer depending on what type of magic you want to use.
  • For a pure Strength build, then Bandit will be your best option.
  • For a full Dexterity build, then you will want to choose Thief.

Best Starting Gifts for Beginners

Best Starting Gifts for Beginners

There are 8 total items that you get to choose from, but only 2 of them will help you out more than you know. 

The first starting gift we would recommend is the Tiny Being’s Ring. This Ring will give you 5% more health. It doesn’t seem that good, but believe me, it is a godsend in early-game. 

The second and most important item you should get is the Master Key. This is extremely helpful because it can unlock all basic locks in the game.  Not only does it give you early access to Blighttown, but it also opens pretty much any door with a basic lock on it. You don’t need to find the keys for them.

Best Starting Gift for Veterans

Best Starting Gift for Veterans

The Pendant is a good item to start with if you are going to join the DarkWraith Covenant. Covenants are relatively hard to get into because of their PVP aspects to them. You can trade the Pendant for a Souvenir of Reprisal. This can be used to deepen your allegiance with the Covenant. So if you are going to join it, the Pendant is a good option.

The Old Witch’s Ring is for people who want to talk to specific NPCs. Some NPCs don’t have dialogue unless you have a specific item. If you like the lore and want to talk to the likes of Quelaag’s Sister, then this is the starting gift to choose.

Every starting Gift can be acquired later on in the game, so you won’t miss out on any of them. Every class can be worked into other types of playstyles; you are not locked into one. You can make your own decisions, but these are the right ones, especially for beginners.