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This is Why the Moon Turned Green in Terraria

This is Why the Moon Turned Green in Terraria

There are different styles of moons available in Terraria. A random moon style is assigned to a freshly generated world. While the style itself is permanent, there are times when the moon changes its forms and turns completely different. Here is how it works.

Your moon turning green in Terraria is nothing concerning as it is purely intended for aesthetic purposes.


The Journey’s End update also adds many different moons to the world of Terraria. Players often mistake the ringed and Mythril moons for the green Moon. If you do not like the green moon, you can simply create a new world, and a differently-styled moon will be assigned instead.

The styles and phases are easy to identify with the help of the title screen. The easiest way to see this is by dragging your finger around the screen. You can also use this mechanic to identify a new easter egg. This will change the music and logo of Terraria to the classic one.

Phases of The Moon in Terraria

The moon in Terraria cycles through eight different phases. These change each night in a set pattern and can be identified by their visibility. The cycle is initiated with a full moon on world creation, and the pattern repeats when the eight phases are over. 

Here are the official names for these phases:

Full MoonWaning GibbousThird QuarterWaning CrescentNew MoonWaxing CrescentFirst QuarterWaxing Gibbous

Each phase starts at 4:30 AM and lasts the entire day. There is a lot of phase-dependent content that NPCs in Terraria sell so it is always a good idea to track these phases. The green moon also follows these phases just like the rest.

An informational accessory called the Sextant can be obtained from the Angler NPC to identify the moon’s phases. The moon phase content is not limited to the nighttime, so having a sextant can be a game-changer.

Moon Styles in Terraria

There are a total of 12 distinct moon styles available in Terraria. While most of these moons are assigned to a world at random, some require you to fulfill certain requirements. 


The Smiley moon is a good example of this as it is only visible whenever a drunk world is being generated. You can check the moon style in the title screen to confirm whether such a world is generated. With that said, here are all the moon styles available in Terraria.

NormalYellowRingedMythrilBright BlueGreen

Note: The phases of the Frost and Pumpkin moons are hard to keep track of because their sprite is complete on any phase of the moon.


The Green Moon is one of the new moon variants introduced in the Journey’s End update. It is available in the Desktop console, mobile and switch versions and is applied randomly to a new world.