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Why Do Your Bees Keep Dying Or Disappearing In Minecraft?

Why Do Your Bees Keep Dying Or Disappearing In Minecraft?

Minecraft has a variety of mobs that roam around the vast sandbox world. One of them is the Bees. These flying neutral mobs live in bee nests, usually found in swarms. They are extremely fragile and can easily perish if you don’t care for them properly.

If you’ve seen your bees randomly die, disappear, or despawn, don’t worry! We have the answer for you right here. In Minecraft, Bees are designed to die a minute after they lose their stinger. If agitated, a Bee can sting the attacker, losing its stinger. Bees can easily be provoked, which leads to them dying ‘unexpectedly.’

Why are Your Bees Disappearing in Minecraft

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Bees have limited damage potential. They are also extremely susceptible to dying. A single provocation may lead to an entire swarm of Bees dying in a matter of minutes which is a testament to their vulnerability.

Minecraft features a total of three worlds that are interconnected. So, at times, a Bee can accidentally traverse into the Ender and Nether if you have opened up a portal nearby or are near a stronghold. This can cause the Bee to disappear or just plainly perish in those realms. Bees without access to flowers cannot work in the dreary environment of the Nether and will eventually die, leaving no traces behind. 

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How to Stop Bees from Dying in Minecraft

Minecraft lets you tame a Bee and bring it with you as a pet. You build an artificial habitat to ensure your Bees do not die. 

Here are the steps you will need to take to build a successful habitat:

  • Travel to the plains and watch for a Bee nest hanging on the bottom of a tree.
  • Once found, plant flowers around it for Bees to pollinate. The bees tend to get the animation of pollen dripping from their abdomens as they fly back to their nests to make honey.
  • Once the nest is full, dig a hole beneath the nest and add a campfire. This will not only stop the bees from attacking you but will also grant them safety.
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  • Use shears to extract the honey and place a crafting station to make a beehive.
  • A beehive can be made from three honeycombs (extracted from the nest) and six wooden planks.
  • Place the beehive in an enclosed, protected area and put leads on the bees. Leads can be crafted by killing llamas or mixing a slimeball with a string. You can also lure the bees with flowers. 
  • Place the bees in the escape-proof enclosure with the hives, and you’re good to go. Make sure to add some flowers and remove any water in the enclosure.

That is all there is about Bees dying in Minecraft. You can use these adorable mobs to craft honey, and honeycomb, build beehives, and even pollinate your farms. But it is necessary to take good care of them. Make a good shelter without any dangers where the bee can work magic. The trick is to keep them in a neutral state where they can just be themselves (pun intended).