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This is Why There Isn’t a Solo Mode in Apex Legends

This is Why There Isn’t a Solo Mode in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is in the top 5 battle royales out there right now, and it is one of those games that is very hard to get into a couple of years down the line. Battle royales have a meta, that if you don’t necessarily follow, you will have some trouble fighting the other groups of people.

There isn’t a solo mode in Apex Legends because the developers said that the game was not designed to be a solo game. The way the Legends were created is there to be used in team play so we don’t think there is going to be a permanent solo mode in the game. You can solo queue up in duos which is definitely easier than solo queuing in trios.

There have been solo timed game modes in the past so if you are curious about playing those, watch the Apex news to see if there might be a mode dropping in the future. There are also a ton of new game modes coming out as well so you might not even need a solo mode to have fun with the game.

Would a permanent solo mode be good for the game?

Yes and no. The developers literally said that the game is not made to be played solo so if the developers don’t want to put it in the game, then you should respect what they say. Although adding a solo mode would give players the choice to play solo if they really want to.

When the solo mode was in the game for a limited time, it was extremely difficult. You can’t be revived unless you have a gold shield, and the best players would dominate the matches. That is not a bad thing but if you are a casual going into a solo queue, you probably don’t want to go up against the sweatiest people.

The duo queue was permanently put into the game and it is a great mode if you don’t have a full squad of 3. It is also easier to survive because you are only going up against teams of 2. Most fans aren’t satisfied with the content developers put out and never are content so if you want a solo game mode, they might put it in as a limited-time mode in the future.

Is Apex Arena fun?

Most people agree that Apex Arena is one of the best additions to the game because of just how fun it is. It is obviously not for everybody, but it is a great getaway from the basic battle royale formula. If you enjoy arena fighting where you need to flank the other team and complete objectives around the map, then you might want to try it.

The first team to reach 3 wins first, wins the entire match. You get to choose from a bunch of different loadouts and you need to coordinate with your team so you don’t get pushed by the whole team. The more kills you get, the more points you earn and you can upgrade your gear for the upcoming rounds.

It definitely is a really good addition and if you enjoy the Apex combat style, you will really enjoy this mode. Just make sure you have a couple of friends to play it with because playing with randoms can be hit or miss.

How are people soo good at the game?

The only way you can really get good at a game is if you play it a lot. The players that absolutely destroy you in every match have probably put at least a couple hundred hours into the game and know the meta at the time. Meta is a huge part of battle royale games because there is always going to be something that is better than other weapons.

It can also be that you are playing with a higher leveled person. If you are level 37 and your friend is level 237, then you will be placed in a higher tier of the lobby. You will be going up against players that are closer to your friend’s level because they are way higher than you.

Skill-based matchmaking is a huge part of battle royales and that is what makes the game hard at times. So the reason other people are soo good at the game is that they just play a lot more than you do.

Why do people enjoy Apex Legends?

It is honestly up to personal opinion. We pre-downloaded the game when it was first released and have enjoyed playing it every once and a while. We also know other people who absolutely despise the game because of how tanky the other players are. It does take a while to eliminate other players compared to something like Warzone.

Other people who enjoy the game like the way the weapons feel, which they do feel pretty nice. The shields are probably the main reason for the dislike of the game. If you haven’t tried Apex, give it a try because you might really enjoy it. If you don’t that is totally fine too because not everyone will enjoy every game out there.

Should I play Apex with friends?

Absolutely. The game is free and it is great to have a squad who will communicate well with each other. Good communication is a massive part of the game and if you have a full squad filled, then that is probably the best chance of winning each game you play.

There is a trio squad and a duo squad to fill so it just depends on the people you play with. What we said before though, is if you have a friend with a high level, you will be put into matches with other high leveled people so keep that in mind when you make the squad.

If you don’t have any friends to play with, go check out the Apex Legends discord where you can talk to other players and maybe meet some new friends to squad up every once and a while.