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This Is Why Your Map Is Blank in Minecraft

This Is Why Your Map Is Blank in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is massive. Therefore, using a map is easier to keep track of everything. Crafting maps is not that hard, but understanding them is. You might have encountered many blank or empty maps while trying to figure this mechanic out. 

Maps can get confusing, especially in the Bedrock version, where you can craft a map with or without a position marker. However, is an empty map a bug, or is it working as intended?

Whenever a player first creates a map in Minecraft, it is always blank. A map only starts filling with information after you press the use item button. Therefore, having a blank map is completely normal; it simply uses a two-step activation. 

Such maps are officially named the “empty locator map” in Bedrock Edition and the “empty map” in Java Edition. Here is how they work along with the crafting process. 

How to Craft a Proper Map in Minecraft

A map can be crafted with or without a compass in its center. A non-compass map will not show any kind of location markers but is cheaper to produce. You can add a marker by combining a compass to it in the later stages of the game. With that said, here is the crafting recipe for maps in Minecraft:

Compass Map

Simply add papers on the edges with a compass in the center of your crafting suite.

Paper Map

Fill all the blocks with paper, and you are good to go. You can add an anvil or a compass later on to add the marker functionality.

How to Record a World on the Map

To record a world, one must do the following:

  • Hold the map in your hands.
  • Move around the world.

The world will be recorded as-is during your travels. Any kind of modification will not show unless the said area is recorded again. Therefore, making clones of your map is recommended to keep everything updated.

Can You Use Maps in the Nether?

While a map can be opened in the Nether, it only shows a red and gray pattern. You can see your pointers, but the terrain recorded will be useless. Compasses don’t work as intended in the Nether alongside other factors too.

Therefore, the pointer will also spin rapidly regardless of the direction, making it untrustworthy during exploration. 

Using a smaller map in the Nether is recommended to locate your footings around a smaller area. Large ones can get confusing rapidly and are unreliable regarding terrain and direction. 

How to Obtain Maps Naturally in Minecraft

Aside from the crafting methodologies, there are more natural ways to obtain a map. Most of these are luck dependent. However, there are times when you might obtain a pre-recorded map leading to an interesting place. Here is how you can obtain such maps:

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Drops from Chests

There are multiple terrains in the open sandbox of Minecraft. Some of such terrain features chests that can drop these maps. Here is how it works:

Java Edition (Empty Map)

StructuresContainerQtyDrop Rate
ShipwreckMap Chest17.7%
StrongholdLibrary chest110.9%
VillageCartographer’s chest1-346.2%

Bedrock Edition (Map)

StructuresContainerQtyDrop Rate
ShipwreckMap Chest17.7%
StrongholdLibrary chest110.5%
VillageCartographer’s chest1-346.2%

Through the Cartography Table (Bedrock Edition)

The Bedrock version features empty map creation using a single piece of paper. You can also add a compass to create a locator map. The production cost is significantly reduced, and it is much easier to produce. 

How to Craft a Cartography Table

While the table can be obtained from cartographer villager houses, it is also quite easy to produce through crafting. Here is the recipe:

Using the Starting Map Option (Bedrock Edition)

A player can specify the option to spawn with an empty locator map in the Bedrock Edition. Simply click on the “Starting Map” option during the world creation. However, the map will only be updated when the player holds and uses it. 

Trading With Villagers

You can initiate a trade with the villagers to gain empty maps. A single map should cost around 7 emeralds from a Novice Villager. However, this number can increase depending on the demand. 

This means that you might have to witness an increase in prices if you empty the map stock from a villager. Whenever it is restocked, the prices will be higher, and this effect will be synced with every village villager. 

Cartographer villagers can also bestow an empty map with the Hero of the Village effect. However, this feature is limited to Java Edition only.

How to Add Player Markers to a Normal Map

In the Bedrock Edition, normal maps are unable to show player markets. However, this feature can be added later on with the help of an anvil and a compass. Here is how the recipe works:

  • Place and click on the anvil to open the Repair and Name section.
  • Add the Map and the Compass in the given slots.
  • Press enter, and you are good to go!

Here is how it will look:

How to Clone a Map In Minecraft

Map cloning is a basic mechanic in Minecraft that allows a player to create an identical copy of the map. Here is how you can clone maps through an anvil:

  • Click on the anvil and open the Repair and Name section.
  • Add the original map and a piece of paper in the given slots.
  • Press Enter, and your map will be cloned into two. 

All in all, a blank map is not a bug or error. It is an intentional mechanic that requires you to record an area on the map before being able to use it. Both map variants use the same logic, and it is not recommended to use them in the Nether, where everything is a mess.