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This is Why You Can’t Find Blaidd in Elden Ring

This is Why You Can’t Find Blaidd in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of side quests that can be extremely confusing since there are no quest markers or places to tell you where to go. That makes this game a FromSoft game, where you need to rely on your knowledge or place markers on the general area you think you need to be. One really confusing side quest is the Ranni the Witch quest, where you need to find Blaidd.

You can’t find Blaidd because you haven’t gone to meet him in Soifra River or Redmane Castle. You must meet Ranni before you can talk to Blaidd, so make sure you do that first. You must defeat Royal Knight Loretta in Caria Manor and have defeated Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, before you can start Ranni’s quest line.


Once you have pledged yourself to Ranni, you can walk down the tower in the Three Sisters area and talk to a spirit of Blaidd, who tells you to meet him in the Soifra River area. Remember that this is all SPOILERS for the Ranni questline, so with that warning, here are the areas you can find Blaidd.

Where is Blaidd located?

You need to start Ranni’s quest line first. If you are curious about that, look up a tutorial on how to do it. Once you talk to everyone, you must go to East Limgrave and enter the Soifra River area. You will want to stop at the Night’s Sacred Grounds Site of Grace and then pass the Hallowhorn Grounds.

Once you get by it, follow the cliffside until you reach Blaidd. You can talk to him here, and then you will want to exhaust all his dialogue. Once you do that, you will want to go to Redmane Castle in South Caelid. If you haven’t explored Caelid yet, this will be fun for you. It is the giant castle in the South of Caelid.

Once you get to the bridge outside the castle, there is a teleporter; if you do everything correctly, it should be activated. You must fight through the castle to get to the festival if it is not activated. If the teleporter is activated, go in and meet Blaidd in the courtyard and get ready for a nasty fight with General Radahn.

Is Blaidd hard to find?

No, he is not hard to find at all. It can be a little confusing on the exact location, but if you still don’t know where he is from what we have told you, many good videos show you exactly where to go to meet him. It’s not like he is hiding in the ground; you have to grab a shovel and dig in a specific spot to find him.


Read the dialogue carefully when speaking to NPCs because they give you useful information on where to go next. Don’t skip through it, or you might need to look up a walkthrough on what to do. This is probably why you looked at this article in the first place.