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How To Travel Across The Map In V Rising

How To Travel Across The Map In V Rising

V Rising being a survival game sports an insanely huge location where every corner of the map has something or the other that is of great value to the player. Every part of the map is valuable as one could find rare resources to build your empire or powers that would aid you in terrorizing the populace.

Considering the importance of the map’s nooks and crannies it is necessary to know the best ways you could traverse this huge landscape and V Rising provides a plethora of methods to move about Vardoran.

The ways you could travel fast or fast travel in V Rising are:

  • Horses
  • Vampiric Forms
  • Waygates
  • Caves



The horse is undoubtedly the best and is going to be the most frequently used part of traveling the map. It’s really fast and a great feature is that you can name your horse to your liking. Horses come in all sorts of variety both visually and stat-based. Their stats are divided into Max Speed, Acceleration, and Rotation Speed and these stats are different for each horse so choose the best one while you search for your loyal steed.

Max Speed is the most important stat in the game as it helps in chasing people, escaping, and just in general moving around the map. The horse stats also shows you how long it can survive without water. You can locate your horse on the map as it is represented by a horse shoe. You can ride them inside buildings and mines and wherever you want. You can even perform a quick-action dismount which flings you off and is very useful for engaging in combat.

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Vampiric Forms

V Rising Vampire Powers 1

There are multiple forms that you can transform into in V Rising and each has their particular benefits:

  • Wolf: This form is going to make you pretty fast though not as fast as the horse but it’s really good for moving about the map especially when you’re off your horse like traveling into a mine. You can change into this form whenever you like. It’s great for quick escapes and short bursts of speed.
  • Rat: This is not fast but rather a stealthy way of moving through Vardoran. This transforms you into a small rat which can be used to hide from both PVE and PVP enemies. This form is useful for bypassing any enemy confrontations.
  • Toad: This is a rather useless form but if you can manage to use its high jump ability to get access to hard-to-get elevated places then it can come in handy. You can jump over fences to gain entry into difficult areas or even climb smaller cliffs.
  • Human: Another stealthily used form. This form can be used to just move through heavily human-populated areas without the need to fight everyone in your way. You can also use this form to interact with traders and exchange goodies.
  • Bat: The best form for traversing. Though you get this very late in the game, this form turns you into a bat and lets fly over the map. You can easily ignore all the enemies and map layout and just fly over it all without worry. Just be aware of the rising sun as you will be super exposed while flying and will take insane damage while in the air.

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How to Fast Travel in V Rising

These waygates are a form of fast travel which you can do from any of them on the map. These are preset points on the map which you can use to teleport to any other way gate on the map as long as you don’t have resources in your inventory. You can also use your own vampire waygate which you could place inside your castle. Just chuck any item in your inventory away and then go ahead and teleport to any other point that you want to travel to.


Cave and Waygate Locations V Rising1
Courtesy: IGN

This is another fast travel system in V Rising and using the cave passage system allows you to teleport with resources. Placing your castle right beside the exit of a cave system can prove to be quite strategic and will help you in shortening travel time. Having a clan of 4 players and placing all four of your castle near different cave exits will prove to be an effective strategy.

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These caves have already predetermined entry and exit points, unlike waygates that can be used to travel to any one of them. Knowing their entry and exit points can help in creating a loot loop that you can utilize over and over again to farm specific items.

V Rising surely has several ways you could use to traverse the huge landscape of this game. Each method of traveling has its own set of utility and limitations and using them for your strategic advantage is the key here. When to use what is what matters and we hope that this article would have educated you about all the options that are at your disposal.