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These Are the 10 Worst Weapons in Elden Ring

These Are the 10 Worst Weapons in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has hundreds of weapons. The downside of having soo many weapons is there are bound to be a ton of weapons that are bad. Surprisingly, there aren’t too many weapons that are just outright terrible though. You would be surprised with how many weapons are actually viable to use in the game.

This list has roughly 10 weapons that are very bad. When we are referring to a bad weapon, they usually don’t have good attribute scaling, or it is just an all-around bad weapon in general. With terrible damage output or just slow attacks with little damage. All these weapons are pretty bad.

We only have 10 weapons on this list and there are bound to be people that enjoy using some of these weapons. These are weapons that we have noticed are very bad and have very poor scaling. You can use these weapons and it won’t be that bad, but in the long run, there are a ton of other weapons you can use that are much better than these.

What are the worst weapons in Elden Ring?

Some of these weapons are starter weapons so they are bound to be bad. There are also weapons on this list that aren’t starter weapons but they are just so bad that most people will literally sell the weapon because there is no chance they will ever use it. We apologize if there were any on this list that you actually enjoy using or if we missed your favorite worst weapon.

Here are our top 10 worst weapons in Elden Ring:

10. Club

A thick, solid lump of wood. Wielding this striking weapon requires no skill. A simple, primitive weapon that requires only brute strength and persistence to hammer your foe into the ground.

Location: Default starting equipment for the Wretch. Can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant south-east of Coastal Cave.

The Club is one of the worst weapons in the game, but it is not terrible. It is the starting weapon for the Wretch, and you probably want to find another weapon as quickly as possible since it is not a very powerful weapon. If you do start as a Wretch, good luck and I hope you are good at dodging.

9. Flail

Weapon consisting of a bludgeoning head attached to a handle by chain. The iron ball is spiked and induces blood loss. Blows from this weapon cannot be parried. The charge attack whirls the iron ball around for increased force before striking.

Location: It can be found in a carriage, defended by a group of soldiers. near the Gate front Ruins.

This weapon is pretty bad since the scaling on it is not very good. Plus, what makes this weapon worse is the reach it has. It doesn’t have a far reach at all. Mixing those two things together is not a weapon you want to use unless you want to challenge yourself with something annoying. If you do use this, I hope you are ready to die a lot.

8. Ivory Sickle

Sickle fashioned form ivory. Weapon carried by aged Albunaurics. These weapons re evidence of their dedication to the Haligtree, despite never having entered its presence.

Location: Can be found at the Village of the Albinaurics.It is up a small hill behind some small houses.

This is a very odd weapon to use. It is pretty small so its reach isn’t much at all. It has some pretty bad scaling and it is an all-around bad weapon to use. It looks cool, but it is not super viable for late-game. It is also not a Special weapon so it takes a whole lot of Smithing Stones to max level this thing. Even high leveled it is not a good weapon.

7. Claymore

A large sword with a long, straight blade. This heavy sword is usually wielded with two hands, but for those with enough strength, one is sufficient. In addition to the heavy sweeping attacks, it can also make a heavy piercing thrust making this a versatile weapon.

Location: Found in Castle Morne right after the giant pile of flaming bodies. It is in a chest once you go around the corner.

This is a weapon that has been in all the Dark Souls games but has never been a very good choice to use all the way through. It is in Elden Ring and most people feel the same way about it. It doesn’t have the best scaling although it does have a decent reach. The damage output is not great, especially for late-game areas and bosses.

6. Watchdog’s Greatsword

Stone greatsword wielded by Erdtree Burial Watchdogs. Though decorated with the watchman’s eye, the pupil was taken by graverobbers and is now hollow, leaving this sword a mere lump of stone.

Location: Dropped by the sword-wielding Watchdog in the Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs.

You have probably seen the Watchdogs use this against you, but it doesn’t work as well as it looks. It is very heavy and it just isn’t a great weapon to use. It looks cool, but its stats don’t hold up to similar weapons like it. You are better off going with a smaller sword that will do more damage and hits quicker.

5. Zweihander

Just about the largest sword a mere man is capable of swinging. True to its name, it is designed to be wielded in both hands, but those of merely ordinary strength will still struggle to do so. The long blade is heavy and sharp, sending foes reeling back with its broader strokes, while also capable of a devastating piercing thrust.

Location: Can be purchased from the Isolated Merchant found in his shack at the very west of the Weeping Peninsula.

This is a weapon you should add to your collection if you are a fan of FromSoft games. It is not a weapon you use, but it is a weapon you have because you like the weapon in other games that much. It is a massive sword, even bigger than other game’s versions. Its damage is not good and it is by far the worst Colossal weapon in the game.

4. Vulgar Militia Saw

A weapon comprised of a saw blade attached to a long grip. Brandished by the vulgar militia, its serrated edge is very effective at inflicting blood loss. The saw is said to also be used to cut up bodies to feed the militia, but there are no firsthand witnesses to confirm the dire rumor.

Location: Dropped by enemies wielding this weapon near the Bestial Sanctum in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow.

A lot of people compare this to the Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne, but it is not as good. It can’t switch to a smaller version, but this is the closest thing you are going to get to that weapon from the other game. It has good reach, but its damage output is just mediocre. You might like it if you put some Ashes of War on it though.

3. Vulgar Militia Shotel

A hooked blade attached to a long handle. Wielded by the vulgar militia, its attacks can slip through an enemy’s guard. The vulgar militia are the undecorated stewards of rancid, scorched battlefields that none dare approach, and forbidden domains better forgotten by the rest of the world.

Location: Dropped by enemies wielding this weapon near the Bestial Sanctum in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow.

It is basically the same thing as the Saw version but it has a Hooked Blade at the end instead of a Saw. It is pretty much the same damage output as the previous weapon and is not super viable unless you put some Ashes of War on it.

2. Clawmark Seal

A sacred seal given by Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman. A rare trinket which allows incantations to be scaled with strength. The claw mark represents Gurranq’s wrath. Enhances bestial incantations learned from Gurranq.

Location: Given by Gurranq Beast Clergyman after feeding him a Deathroot.

This is the only Mage weapon we put on this list because it really is the only bad Seal. It is extremely easy to get and even the starter Seal you get is better than this one. There are only a few spells you can use with it that are boosted, but it is not a very powerful weapon at all. It is a cool weapon, but not too good for what it is meant to do.

1. Great Knife

Large knife with a broad, curved blade. This weapon is designed to Spinning Slash and rend, inflicting blood loss upon the recipient.

Location: Starting Equipment for the Bandit Class. It is also a rare drop from the enemies in the Lakeside Crystal Cave.

Some people say that this weapon is not bad, but most people who use it, end up switching to something else. It doesn’t really have anything making you stay with it and that is the main reason it is a bad weapon. The damage output is decent, but it is a dagger. It is short and fast, but if it doesn’t work well, then it is not a fun weapon to use.