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Does Virginia Respawn in Sons Of The Forest?

Does Virginia Respawn in Sons Of The Forest?

The Forest was a pretty isolated and lonely survival game but things change in Sons of The Forest with Virginia and Melvin as companion NPCs. They’re a bit strange but they’re helpful at least. But if she dies, does Virgina respawn in Sons of The Forest?

Virginia won’t respawn in Sons of The Forest if she dies. Help her out when she’s downed. If you don’t, she’s gone permanently for that playthrough. If she accidentally dies a tragic death, load a previous save game because she’s one of the two valuable NPCs that help you out in Sons of The Forest.

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Virginia – Sons of The Forest

Virginia - Does Virigina Respawn in Sons of The Forest

Let’s take a look at Virgina before we dive into the main gist of today’s guide. Virgina is the 20-year-old daughter of millionaire socialites Edward and Barbara Puffton. It’s apparent that her parents have been killed and she’s now roaming the Island alone.

She’s easy on the eyes but things start to get a bit grotesque when you notice that she has 3 arms and three legs. This comes in handy late considering she can dual wield a shotgun and a secondary weapon. You can also give her a GPS.

The initial encounter with Virginia isn’t all that welcoming. She can be seen dancing and bathing in a waterfall before. Approaching her will frighten her and she’ll run off. The best approach here is to sheathe or unequip any weapons before approaching her to make her comfortable. 

Running after her or equipping any weapons will pretty much scare her off. Sons of The Forest has a new and strange affinity system. Wait it out and walk around Virginia and she’ll start dancing and socializing with you. Build any shelters or furniture and she’ll relegate herself to sitting there.

As enough time passes, Virgina won’t be afraid of you anymore and will start aiding you in your battles. She’ll occasionally bring you gifts and you can give her items too. Like Melvin, Virgina can also be given weapons and outfits.

Your affinity and relationship with Virginia will improve if you kill enemies she points out. If she’s standing near an unlit fire, be a gentleman and keep her warm. Spend some quality time with her without drawing out any weapons. Observe her dancing. Help her out when she’s downed by opponents.

There are a few good signs that she’s being friendly. She’ll hang out with you and then run away initially. Virginia will start sitting near you, your tent or campfire. She’ll bring you herbs, sticks, berries, and fish. She’ll even start pointing out points of interest. And when things aren’t going all that well, she’ll give you a thumbs up to brighten things up.

Does Virgina Respawn in Sons of The Forest?

Virginia Respawn Sons of The Forest

Virginia can be killed by cannibals, mutants or other players so keep this in mind. But she can’t be killed off-screen. Make sure to help her out when she’s downed. Otherwise, she might die. And once she dies, Virginia won’t respawn for that particular save game and playthrough. Virgina is pretty helpful, so make sure to keep some save games in case she dies a tragic death.


And that’s all you need to know about Virginia and if she respawns in Sons of The Forest. She’s a valuable ally and companion. That is if you don’t keep scaring her off with weapons. She’ll help you out in fights and bring you occasional gifts. What more could you ask for on an isolated remote island?