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Ultimate Guide To The Cave in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Cave in Rust

The Cave Monument in Rust is among very few monuments where you can build bases; It has multiple construction sites as well as a good amount of flat surfaces where you can set up your base and store your loot.

The Cave Monument is meant for PVE players who are willing to grind the game for the best loot possible and are not looking for any kind of trouble from other players, especially when they are not online.


Caves have been a fan favorite when it comes to storing loot and progression among PVE players. Let’s dive deep into what this monument has to offer and how it can be your next spot to step a base.

How Difficult Is The Cave?

Rust Cave Monument

The Cave monument in Rust is not difficult rather, these caves offer you great protection against the enemy players as you can block off the entrance.

As you can find them in all biomes, this factor may create some sort of difficulty. Such as snow biomes may make survival challenging due to weather extremities.

Also, there is no radioactivity and guarding NPCs around so that you can explore the area without any serious trouble.

What You Need To Enter The Cave?

The Cave monument is darker from the inside, so you must keep a torch or any source of light to enter the Cave. This will give you a proper knowledge of the interior area, and you will be able to navigate conveniently.

The Cave's Construction Site

Keep some fuel as well, as this monument offers plenty of construction sites where you can set up generators and produce power to light up the area.

How To Enter The Cave?

This monument existed in the open world, so all you need to do is spot the Cave and enter through the entrance. Speaking of doors, some caves have a single one while others have multiple of them.

What Enemies You Find At The Cave?

The enemies you encounter at Cave Monument are the other players, as you can have perfect loot here, so enemies are always keeping an eye to get a chance and raid your place. However, the right strategy, like closing the entrance, can prevent them from getting inside.

What Loot You Can Find At The Cave?

The cave monument has great loot; you can find the food crates, barrels, mine carts, and mine crates. Furthermore, some of the boxes also get spawned in the tunnel of the Cave.

You can obtain plenty of resources from here. The Ores also spawn here, which can be an excellent source of loot as well. The areas from where you can expect more loot are puzzles and build rooms.

The monument is more about saving the loot than finding it, you can store a huge amount of loot here due to the capability of building a base here, and you can use the environment to your advantage and keep the other players off from it.

Is It Worth Exploring The Cave?

The Cave is definitely a worth exploring monument as it has fine loot and apart from this, the caves are quite dynamic. There is a wide range of layouts all over the map and include traps, tunnels, entrances, building rooms, and other impressive features like construction sites where you can set up Turrets as well.

You get to find three types of caves: Small, Medium, and Large, and each of them have different layouts. There are plenty of areas to explore. This monument offers different vibes than the others as being underground and is not built within a certain specific area.

Also, it is free of scientists, making it more peaceful, and you can wander around without interruption.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Cave monument in Rust and what it offers if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.