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Can you Solo Dungeons in Destiny 2?

Can you Solo Dungeons in Destiny 2?

Dungeons in Destiny 2 are mini-raids that require much effort and fighting spirit from the player to complete. They are designed to be tackled with teams of up to three players but a true Guardian would want to test their metal and try to solo these Dungeons. Is it even possible to solo these Dungeons in Destiny 2? Let us find out!

You CAN solo Dungeons in Destiny 2 but be wary of the unique challenges and difficulty of these dungeons as it is not an easy task for a lonesome Guardian. Depending on the Dungeon, the difficulty can be very brutal so you will have to be prepared before taking on this massive challenge. Although the earlier Dungeons are rather easy.

Soloing Dungeons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 dungeons

Dungeons are designed to be a rather challenging activity in Destiny 2. They are very much similar to Raids but instead of the strict requirement of a 6-player Fireteam, they can be done with teams of up to 3 players and even solo. Although as a solo player, be prepared for the punishment ahead as these dungeons feature difficult bosses and complex mechanics.

For the solo player, the challenge is very much dependent on the Dungeon they are going for. There are 5 Dungeons in total in Destiny 2 where some are easier than others. These Dungeons are (ranked by easiest to hardest difficulty in solo):

  • Shattered Throne
  • Pit Of Heresy
  • Prophecy
  • Grasp Of Avarice
  • Duality

Let’s go through some of the challenges you might face when going through each Dungeon alone.

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Shattered Throne

Shattered Throne Dungeon Destiny 2

The Shattered Throne is the first Dungeon introduced in Destiny 2 and is Taken-themed. As it is the earliest dungeon of the bunch it is perhaps the easiest to complete when solo. This Dungeon generally has open areas for enemy encounters so you won’t be overrun by tons of enemies and there is sufficient cover to hide behind.

Although some difficult platforming sections do require you to stay extra careful of your footing otherwise you will take fall damage a lot. Also, the Dungeon does not have any Rally Banner spots so if you get wiped then there is no way of spawning back at the banner and you might end up starting the whole dungeon. This can be frustrating but if you are experienced enough then you won’t even feel it.

Pit Of Heresy

Pit Of Heresy

This Dungeon is a Hive-themed challenge on the Moon. Mechanics-wise, it is as easy as the Shattered Throne and there is no actual threat from enemies overwhelming you. Unlike the Shattered Throne, this Dungeon does feature Rally Banner Spots before encounters hence no annoyances of wiping.

The only difficult part is the boss battle where additional enemies spawning in the arena might pose some threat to a solo player. Other than that it can be very easily completed on your own so no need to worry.

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The Prophecy Dungeon is more of a challenge than the previous ones. The mechanics and enemy count/spam makes it rather difficult to maneuver. You need to have a good loadout of weapons on you and be extra careful of your position to survive. The easier parts of the Dungeon are its amazing yet simple Sparrow section and the Kell Echo boss fight.

With that said, the difficulty lies in mainly the enemies. The first boss fight will throw a bunch of enemies at you which not only will impact your health management but will also push you away from staying on the central platform. The barrage of snipers all over the Dungeon will be a pain to weave through.

Killing Taken Knights while standing in either light or shadow will be quite a patience test. This challenge will force you to constantly move around to look for the right spot all the while finding cover and fending off tons of spam, snipers, and the Knights themselves.

Grasp Of Avarice

Grasp Of Avarice

The Grasp Of Avarice is a hybrid Fallen and Hive theme Dungeon. This Dungeon is a doozy due to its insane enemy density. You feel it the most when you are facing the three different boss encounters in this Dungeon. There is a tough Sparrow section here but can be made quite easy if you have the Exotic Always On Time Sparrow.

The first ogre boss fight will demand from you both quick ad-clearing abilities and consistent boss damage. The Fallen shield boss encounter will punish you even more with increased enemy spawn that will push you to your limit. These encounters will have you running and gunning all over the arena.

As for the final boss fight it suffers from the same brutality as the ogre fight. The arena is relatively smaller for the number of enemies thrown at you. All the while, you have to constantly dish out damage to the boss as well. Not to mention, two mini-bosses will also spawn in this fight which can be devastating at range. So focusing on ad-clearing abilities is a must for this whole Dungeon.

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This is the newest, toughest, Cabal-themed Dungeon added to Destiny 2. The Dungeon has a unique bell mechanic which makes most encounters a timed ordeal. This puts a lot of pressure on a solo player. Fortunately, all of the encounters in this Dungeon are similar so there is little in the way of surprises.

The difficulty lies in the close-quarter fights of this Dungeon with the added threat of Cabal Phalanxes who can insta-kill you if you are not careful. Environmental hazards are also quite deadly here and can lead to failed attempts in no time.

The Caiatl boss fight is one of the hardest things in here. You need to be swift at killing the Bellkeepers and dealing damage to the boss at the same time. In addition, there are tons of snipers to look out for, and Caiatl herself is one hard-hitting mama JAMA.

This Dungeon is no joke and only the toughest of Guardians should venture in alone.

You can very much solo each Dungeon in Destiny 2 but it does depend on your skill level. The earlier Dungeons are easy to tackle but the latter ones are batshit crazy and require a lot of mental and gameplay finesse to pull off alone. If you are looking forward to going in alone then you will have to up your game. Good luck to you Guardian!