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Here’s Where To Find Titanium in Terraria

Here’s Where To Find Titanium in Terraria

Terraria is filled with all manner of materials and ores. These items are used in crafting all types of useful things in the game. Some of these materials are rare to come by and thus are necessary to craft the best stuff. One such item in Terraria is the Titanium ore. Finding these in the world is quite a chore, but if you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can get this ore with relative ease.

Titanium in Terraria is found deep underground, depending on the size of your world. It only becomes available once you have defeated Wall of Flesh and entered Hardmode. You need to destroy Altars for the ore to spawn. It can also be found inside crates. You can also transmute Chlorophyte Ore into Titanium Ore using Shimmer.


Read this guide to learn about the Titanium ore in Terraria, the different ways of acquiring it in-game, and all of its uses.

Titanium Ore

Titanium Ore Terraria

Titanium Ore is a valuable resource found exclusively in Hardmode. Interestingly, it shares many properties with Adamantite and can even replace it in certain worlds.

To obtain this precious ore, one must destroy an Altar with a Pwnhammer or higher. Keep in mind that a Mythril Drill/Orichalcum Drill (or their pickaxe equivalents) with 150% Pickaxe power or better is required for efficient mining.

It is used to craft the following:

  • Titanium Bars
  • Titanstone Block
  • Adamantite Ore
  • Titanium Forge

When looking for this rare ore, you should know the things we are about to get into.

Spotting Titanium

Due to its grayish hue, Titanium can be a bit tricky to spot, especially in low-light environments. In fact, it may even be confused with other ores such as Platinum, Silver, or Lead. However, there’s no mistaking Titanium’s distinctive, almost tar-like texture compared to the surrounding Stone Blocks.

World Size

The elusive Titanium ore can be found at varying depths depending on the size of your map. On a small map, it’s typically found around 1,400 feet or 700 tiles, hovering just 100 feet (or 50 tiles) above the point where lava first appears.


Meanwhile, on a medium map, you’re more likely to come across Titanium at around 2,030 feet or 1,015 tiles, with a buffer of 170 feet or 85 tiles from the lava layer. Finally, on a large map, the search for Titanium becomes even more challenging, with the ore typically spawning around the 2,930-foot or 1,465-tile mark, well above the point where lava settles in The Underworld.

Where and How to Find Titanium

Once you know how to detect this precious ore, you should know where and how you can get it in the world:

Breaking Altars


Once the Wall of Flesh has been vanquished and Hardmode is underway in your world, altars can be demolished using any tool with a hammer power of 80% or greater (most often, the Pwnhammer acquired from the Wall of Flesh).

Destroying an altar introduces a new type of Hardmode ore into your world. Be warned, however, that breaking an altar will summon a fearsome Wraith. Keep your eyes peeled for the status message that will appear on your screen, indicating the arrival of the specific resource.

Every third altar that you destroy (i.e. 3, 6, 9, etc.) will have a chance at spawning Titanium in your world. The more altars you break, the more hardmode ores are generated.

Shimmer Transmutation


Titanium can also be acquired through Shimmer Transmutation. Throwing the Chlorophyte Ore into this magical liquid transforms it into Titanium Ore.


Titanium Ore, as well as Titanium Bars, much like many other ores, can also be obtained by opening Crates, eliminating the need for a higher-tier pickaxe. The most effective way to farm crates is through fishing. You can check this crate farming guide for more details.

Treasure Detectors – Spelunker Potion

Spelunker Potion

Treasure detector items like the Spelunker Glowstick and Magic Lantern may be useful for detecting valuable resources, they, unfortunately, cannot differentiate Titanium Ore from the many other common ores found in Terraria. The Metal Detector and its upgrades offer a bit more specificity, at least signaling the presence of Titanium in the vicinity.


For those seeking a foolproof way to locate this ore in particular, look no further than the trusty Spelunker Potion. The Spelunker Potion is a buff potion that grants the Spelunker buff when consumed, which illuminates valuable nearby objects. This lasts for 5 minutes, giving you ample time to hunt for your desired ore.

This potion can be crafted on either Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table crafting station using 2 recipes:

  1. Bottled Water
    Gold Ore
  2. Bottled Water
    Platinum Ore

It has a small chance of dropping from Slimes as well.

The best strategy to find Titanium in Terraria is by diving into the deepest corners of the world, destroying altars along the way, and using the Spelunker Potion to make this rare ore easier to detect.

It is not an easy task but armed with this knowledge; you’d know where to look without wasting precious time.