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Why Do Dragons Disappear in Elden Ring?

Why Do Dragons Disappear in Elden Ring?

Eldin Ring is full of massive creatures, including a ton of Dragons. Because the world is soo massive, there are a ton of Dragon fights, and it can be annoying at times to just be exploring, and a massive Dragon comes out of nowhere and starts to attack you.

One weird thing that many people notice is during certain Dragon fights, it will just randomly disappear. You can eventually find it again, but it can confuse someone who experiences that for the first time. It does happen a lot, and there is a reason for it.

Dragons randomly disappear in Eldin Ring because they either have to be fought later or you leave its arena. Some Dragons flee from the battle pretty early on in the game, and those are usually scripted.


If you do have a Dragon disappear, don’t worry. If you leave its arena, you can just return to its spawn, and its health will be the same as when you were fighting it. Don’t be confused by Dragons disappearing because you don’t lose anything, and it won’t make the fight any harder.

Why do Dragons disappear?

As we said before, there are 2 reasons why Dragons disappear. The first reason is that you left the Dragon boss fight arena. This usually happens to people who use horses to fight the Dragons because you can go far distances with them. Don’t be annoyed if it disappears because it will just go to its spawn with how much health it had when you were fighting it.

The second reason is that the disappearing is scripted. A few Dragons in the game flee when you get their health to about halfway. We aren’t say which ones, for Spoiler’s sake, but you will run into them. They are also optional, so you don’t need to defeat them to go further into the story.

How many Dragon fights are there?

There are a lot of Dragon fights in this game. From what we’ve seen, there have been over 15 or 16 areas with multiple Dragon fights. All the Dragons you defeat will drop Dragon Hearts, and you can use those to trade for some cool items at Dragon Altars.


If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a Dragon boss fight right near the beginning of the game. Go South-East of the Tree Sentinel and down to the giant open water area. A giant Dragon will spawn, which is the game’s first real challenge.

As for Dragon boss fights, there are 2 that give achievements, and there are a ton of other fights in large open areas that it is pretty obvious there is a fight there. If you get stuck on a Dragon, don’t fight it and level up. Maybe even switch up your build with a Larval Tear. Don’t give up; always mark where a fight is on the map, so you don’t forget where it is.