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What Happens if You Help Yura Defeat Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring?

What Happens if You Help Yura Defeat Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring?

Players who like to experience everything a game has to offer are usually getting burned in Elden Ring and in general, all From Software games. As there is no hand-holding and marker system, you are free to progress or, in most cases, left to fumble into progressive steps in a particular NPC’s questline.

This optional interaction doesn’t bar you from continuing Yura’s quest. Still, it’s nice to know and experience especially considering this involves a relatively hard boss you encounter and must fight early in the game. Yura can help you in the Dragon Agheel boss fight and has some interesting words to share.


You are scouring the internet for the exact steps of the quest, skipping some beats here and there and sometimes leaving behind amazing interactions due to ignorance. This interaction with Yura is somewhat of a secret hidden behind some specific steps.

Locating Yura

To start Yura’s questline, you must first find him under an overpass made by fallen ruins directly northeast of Seaside Ruins Grace site in southern Limgrave; the exact location is marked on the map above. Talking to him here will let him warn you about exploring Lake Agheel and stating that a fearsome Dragon guards the lake and you will be burned if you are mad enough to confront him.

I killed the dragon in my first attempt (not bragging) hence I missed this step, but if you die fighting the dragon and respawn at the Stake of Marika, you will see a golden summon sign on the ground which calls in Yura to assist you in the fight.

Before starting the boss fight with Yura on your side, visit his earlier location for a bonus bit of dialogue exchange. Seeing you failed to defeat the dragon, he will say:

You bloody halfwit. Picking a fight with a dragon? Well, I can tell you want to see it through. Seems I’m forever crossing paths with hotheads like you.
I can tell you want to see it through. Fools will be fools. Fight all the dragons you like.


If you don’t do this before summoning him for the fight, he will be gone from his initial location, and you will never get this particular dialogue, so do it before starting the fight again with him. Do keep in mind if you summon Yura, then you won’t be able to call Torrent in the middle of the fight, which can be quite detrimental because he is super helpful in dodging Agheel’s fire breath attacks.

After Defeating Dragon Agheel

After you both have defeated the pesky flying lizard and are rewarded with a Dragon Heart, Yura will return to his starting spot, and you can visit him again to talk. He will congratulate you on killing the beast and reminisce about his early years and how we remind him of his partner.

A small yet nice character detail for this NPC. You can miss this fight summon and this character detail if you go on and kill the dragon without Yura’s involvement, something that happened to me. Damn!


He further explains to you what you can do with the Dragon Heart you just acquired, telling you to visit the Dragon Communion Church to get yourself the dragon strength coursing through the heart.

He warns you about the side effect of losing your humanity in indulging in dragon communion. This is an introduction for the Dragon powers you can use and where to get them from, though it’s unnecessary to find the church.

The Church of Dragon Communion is found by progressing through Coastal Cave in West Limgrave and exiting from the other side after defeating the boss. Both of these locations are marked above.