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How To Get The Netflix Armor In The Witcher 3

How To Get The Netflix Armor In The Witcher 3

The recent Netflix Witcher series has sparked the interest of the audience to discover this world in the Witcher 3 as well. It is quite evident from the increase in players and sales number surge for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt when the show hit. The game has now been updated for the next-gen consoles and it comes with a slew of new goodies.

Along with the graphical features, the new update adds a bunch of new quests and items. Among them is a quest that rewards you with the armor set worn by Henry Cavill in the Witcher Netflix series. How can you get your hands on this armor set? Let us find out.

To get the Netflix armor i.e. the Forgotten Wolf Armor set, you need to complete the In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow quest. It is given by a priest located at the Devil’s Pit in Velen. By the end of the mission, you will have to defeat a possessed Witcher to be rewarded with the armor set.

Pre-Requisites for the Quest

  • You need to be level 7 or higher to take on this quest.
  • Invest some points in Quen and Yrden for the imminent boss battle.
  • Invest some points in fast sword attacks.
  • Have potions on you that can aid in the battle like Swallow, Thunderbolt, and White Honey.
  • Collect some Celandine before you begin the quest.
  • Optional: Complete Keria Metz’s questline to get the lamp which will be beneficial in providing more back story to the quest.

Finding “In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow” Quest

Devil's Pit - The Witcher 3 Netflix Armor

Head to the Devil’s Pit in Velen just east of the Hanged Man’s Tree and Mulbrydale. You will find a Priest of the Eternal Fire at the entrance of the pit who will give you the In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow quest.

The quest will ask you to uncover the mystery behind the trapped victims and horrible sounds coming from the tunnels in the Devil’s Pit. After defeating some bandits outside of the tunnel entrance, it is time to discover the tunnel system.

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Investigating The Devil’s Pit Tunnels

Reinald's Letters

While exploring the newly added tunnels, you will come across several notes strewn about by Reinald and Osmund. Reinald is revealed to be a long-lost Witcher from Geralt’s own Wolf School. Keep your detective hat on and try to explore the caves for more details regarding the situation that transpired here.

When you reach the deepest bowels of the tunnels, you will soon start hearing a paranormal voice trying to misguide you. Ignore it for now. Keep using your Witcher Senses to highlight the Wolf School markings on the surfaces around you. These will lead you to the correct places you need to discover.

Wolf School Markings

Keep following the markings and collecting the letters and other items you could find. Soon you will gain access to a room with a letter from Reinald and several walls that can be destroyed using Aard. There will be a non-hostile plague victim ahead. It is up to you to kill him or not.

hostile plague victims

Keep moving forward and this time you’ll encounter a group of hostile plague victims. Defeat them and make use of the Wolf School icons in the room to navigate.

In the room up ahead, you will find a note from Reinald with a recipe for a special potion. Craft the potion and go over the newly unlocked Red Miasmal bestiary entry.

Potion Recipe

Follow the continuing path forward and defeat anything that comes your way. You will eventually reach a giant boss-arena-style room. Get ready for a fight.

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Possessed Reinald


In the back of this room, you will see Reinald trapped behind some rock formation. Free him using Aard and then interact with him. He will ask you to hand over the potion you have crafted previously. Upon further questioning, it will be pretty obvious that this guy is not himself.

Do not give him the potion, instead consume it yourself. This will trigger a boss fight with him.

Reinald Boss fight

Reinald is a Witcher so you must be extra vigilant fighting him as he will be using similar tactics as you. Dodging is essential to this fight as his follow-up attacks are quite fluid. When he puts up a red bubble shield around him, do not attack him, or else you will get hurt.

The most effective strategy is to hit him with a couple of fast strikes and dodge away. Use Igni and Quen as and when needed. Use the potions we have listed before to aid yourself in battle. Keep up this dance and soon his health will reach a critical state.

Red Miasmal leaving Reinald's body

When his health reaches the third quarter, you can use Yrden to trap him and Aard to push the Red Miasmal out of the possessed Witcher’s body.

Doing so will start the second phase of this boss fight with the Red Miasmal.

Red Miasmal

Red Miasmal

This Specter is a tougher nut to crack than his former host. He will constantly teleport around the arena and send in Plague Victims to poke you. Try to focus on the boss as the side enemies won’t present much threat.

If you don’t already know, Yrden is your best friend when combating spirits so use it frequently during the fight. Aard and Quen are also useful. His attacks will be easier to read so there is little challenge in dodging them.

Just keep up the punishment, handle the minions, and keep an eye on your health. In no time you will have obliterated the boss.

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Quest Ending

Reinald Priest Ending - The Witcher 3 Netflix Armor

With the bosses defeated, the spirit of Reinald will be available to talk. He will share his story about his journey and Witcher school along with the reasoning behind his distinct armor (Netflix armor) and medallion.

Next, you will have to bring the quest-giver priest and there will be a harsh exchange of words between the two. As always, it will be up to you to decide the outcome of the situation. Once you have handled the matter, the quest will end and you will be given the Netflix Armor set to craft.

Netflix Armor – Forgotten Wolf Armor Set

The Witcher 3 Netflix Armor - Forgotten Wolf Armor set

You can now craft the base Forgotten Wolf armor once you reach level 20. There are enhanced diagrams to find, but you’ll need to have unlocked and visited Kaer Morhen to access them.  

Once you’re level 20 and can wear the armor, head to Kaer Morhen. Look for the area close to your stash, specifically a little corner of the main hall with lots of books. Loot the two notes: one from Osmund and one from Vesemir You’ll now be able to craft the complete armor set. 

Unlike past school gear, this set only has 3 levels for both New Game and New Game +: Standard, Mastercrafted, and Grandmaster.

  • Bonus for 3 pieces: Increases the duration of potions. The bonus increases by 7% for each piece of the set.
  • Bonus for 6 pieces: Aard deals additional damage to enemies affected by Yrden.

Stats and Requirements

Item NameStatsRequired Ingredients
Forgotten Wolven
Steel Sword
181 – 221 Damage
+5% Sign Intensity
+6% Adrenaline Gain
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+5% Critical Hit Chance
+5% Bleeding
+5% Experience from Humans / Nonhumans
2 Leather Scraps
2 Steel Ingots
2 Dark Steel Ingots
1 Monster Bone
Forgotten Wolven
Silver Sword
283 – 345 Damage
+5% Sign Intensity
+3% Adrenaline Gain
+15% Critical Damage
+5% Critical Hit Chance
+4% Bleeding
+5% Exp from Monsters
2 Leather Scraps
3 Silver Ingots
1 Flawless Ruby
1 Powdered Monster Tissue
Forgotten Wolven Armor139 Armor
+8% Attack Power
+8% Adrenaline Gain
+6% Piercing Resist
+12% Slashing Resist
+15% Damage Resist from Monsters
+15% Elemental Resist
1 Shirt
2 Cured Draconid Leather
2 Dimeritium Plates
3 Linen
1 Monster Hide
Forgotten Wolven Boots37 Armor
+6% Yrden Sign Intensity
+2% Piercing Resist
+2% Bludgeon Resist
+4% Slashing Resist
+2% Damage Resist from Monsters
2 Hardened Leather
1 Meteorite Ore
3 Thread
3 Leather Scraps
1 Monster Bone
Forgotten Wolven Gauntlets46 Armor
+6% Aard Sign Intensity
+2% Piercing Resist
+4% Slashing Resist
+2% Damage Resist from Monsters
+3% Elemental Resist
1 Hardened Leather
1 Dark Steel Ingot
4 Leather Straps
4 Monster Claw
2 Nails
Forgotten Wolven Trousers49 Armor
+5% Sign Intensity
+6% Slashing Resist
+7% Damage Resist from Monsters
+15% Elemental Resist
2 Silk
1 Meteorite Ore
2 Hardened Timber
1 Monster Heart
4 Leather Scraps

We may never see Henry Cavill wear this iconic armor again in the Netflix series but our true Witcher can always don it in The Witcher 3. The best part is, the quest itself is quite interesting to follow and not just a throwaway piece of added content.

The armor is upgradeable with perks benefitting the use of potions. Use it to your advantage and honor our lost Witcher comrade.