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How to Beat Slave Knight Gael (Ultimate Boss Guide)

How to Beat Slave Knight Gael (Ultimate Boss Guide)

Slave Knight Gael is one of the toughest, most challenging bosses in Dark Souls 3 and is considered as the final boss of the game. He’s a part of the Ringed DLC and the fight consists of three different phases with each having its own different, unique move sets.

With that said, the boss has tormented players over the years with rage quits being a norm against the boss. However, we’ve figured out the ultimate strategy that you can use to defeat Slave Knight Gael as efficiently as possible!

A combination of move memorization, exploiting Gael’s weaknesses, and waiting for the right timing is the easiest way to beat the boss. However, there’s more to him than what meets the eye. With more than 50 different moves, finding the right attack opportunities is the key to defeating Gael.

Where is Slave Knight Gael in Dark Souls 3?

Slave Knight Gael – Cutscene

First and foremost, make sure that you have the Ringed City DLC. Otherwise, the boss will be nowhere to be found. After you get close enough to him near Filiianore’s Rest, it’ll trigger a 30-35 second cutscene. After this, the boss will charge towards you as soon as you head towards the foggy gate starting the fight!

Slave Knight Gael Stats

Before you start with your epic duel, knowing the states of the boss you are going to be facing off against can be pivotal. From what we see, Slave Knight Gael definitely doesn’t have the highest HP or Damage as compared to other bosses in the game. However, he still is a formidable enemy. Here’s a look at his stats:

NameSlave Knight Gael
LocationFilianore’s Rest
DropsSoul of Slave Knight Gael, Blood of the Dark Soul

Strong Against:

Dark (Second and Third Phase)

Weak Against:

Poison / Toxic


Damage TypeAbsorption (%)

How To Defeat Slave Knight Gael

Now that you have an initial idea of how the boss operates, there are a few factors you should be aware of before you step right into battle. Firstly, you’ll be dealing with Standard and Strike attacks for all three phases. However, you’ll be with Dark and Thrust attacks for the second and third phases as well.

Other than that, Gael will not turn abyssal during the fight. Moreover, there aren’t any NPC summons in this particular fight as well. Moreover, Gael will remain weak to Strike, Poison / Toxic, and Frostbite for the entirety of the bout.

The fight is divided into three distinct phases. While the first one is relatively easy, you’ll find the most trouble in the other two. Gael changes his Creature Type to Hollow during the second phase. He is also the only boss who is able to do so in the entire game.

Phase 1

As mentioned earlier, Phase 1 is the easiest of the three phases, and doing it right will set you on the right foot for the entire boss fight. If you lose a lot of health during Phase 1, we recommend restarting the boss fight as you are bound to slip up during the remainder of the two phases.

Screaming: The 5 Attack Succession

Slave Knight Gael’s Plunging Attack – Easy to dodge, easy to punish

When you see Slave Knight Gael screaming, that’s your cue to run away as fast as possible. If you react fast enough, you won’t have to roll, running should be enough. He’ll always perform five attacks in quick succession during this phase. So, to get some free hits, count till four hits and then immediately roll in as soon as he tries plunging towards you. With some memorization, you’ll be able to successively land hits. Remember to conserve your stamina. Otherwise, you won’t be able to roll out once you are done.

Two Hit Combo With Sweep

Dodging the sweep will allow you to land a few hits in quick succession

You’ll find Slave Knight Gael doing two relatively quick attacks and then a jump backward. This jump is the cue for you to get ready for a long dash and swipe. If you dodge it successfully, he’ll be left open for 2-3 attacks depending on how close you are to him.

The Cheeky Strat

A Gap Closing Attack Might Just Be All You Need!

If you aren’t in the mood of learning particular move sets for Phase 1, there’s a very simple but cheeky strategy you can take advantage of. It starts off with just running away from him. Yes, you heard us right! In most cases, this gets Gael to do a gap-closing move on you which is a long-range jump attack. These are extremely easy to punish due to their nature. After the attack ends, you can just run away from him and repeat the process! Needless to say, while effective, this strategy really isn’t all that fun.

General Strategy

You need to get used to most of Gael’s swings being quite delayed. Whenever you see him attacking, chances are that you’ll end up dodging too early. In order to combat that, focus on his arm movements instead and the way he swings his sword. If you end up focusing on just his arms, it’ll be easier for you to dodge his oncoming attacks. While this applies to every phase of the boss, it is especially applicable to Phase 1 as his patterns can feel quite erratic.

Phase 2

For Phase 2, you should implement a few particular techniques in order to make your life easier. You should keep rotating consistently towards the right. While the left works too, rotating right seems to be safer. You should always stay at a medium distance from him. If you don’t, he’ll end up teleporting behind you.

Don’t worry though, if he does teleport, you need to run straight forward. After you hear him miss his attack, you can lock onto him once again. While staying at a medium distance, you should always roll towards the right and slightly back to dodge his attacks.

Since Gael has multiple combos in this particular phase, dissecting them all would lead to no real gain as not all of them lead to good attack opportunities. Therefore, we’re going to be mentioning a select few that are easy to spot which you can take advantage of too.

Three Part Combo

Gael’s Weapon Arm is the easiest way for you to identify if a lunge is coming!

Whenever you notice a two-part combo attack, pay close attention to his weapon arm. If he initiates the third attack, it is always going to be the same, a heavy delay forward lunge. Once you notice this, immediately roll into and behind him to deal some damage.

Single Lunge

While easy to dodge, the lunge attack might not always work if you don’t have a light weapon

The lunge attack mentioned prior can also be done on its own as well. If that ends up happening, you’ll notice the same animation as earlier. All you need to do then is to roll into and behind him to land some extremely easy blows. Do note that you’ll be able to pull this off with a lighter weapon. If you have a heavier weapon, you might end up getting caught when trying to dip out.

The Crouch + Spin

Roll towards Gael from the right for an easy attack!

You’ll notice Gael crouching down and doing a double spin attack. Once he crouches, you should roll this one to the right, attack, and then roll out. The reason why rolling to the right is better is because Gael’s cape might obscure your vision if you move towards the left.

General Strategy

Moving sideways is the best strategy when you get bombarded with arrows!

For the arrows, you should always move sideways. You can use your shield to block some of Gael’s attacks. However, don’t use it as an active strategy to block most of his attacks since most attacks are unblockable. You should instead, use it as a last resort only.

Phase 3

The Explosive Crouch

A crouched Gael will explode after a few hits!

Right at the transition of Phase 3 when Gael crouches down in pain, you should move towards him as quickly as possible and land some easy hits then quickly get out of the way as he’ll explode with spirits that’ll move towards you. You should try this whether you have a fast or slow weapon as you’ll get plenty of time. After attacking, either run or roll away depending on how long you’ve been attacking him for. This will happen a couple of times during the fight. So, whenever you see him crouch, perform the same pattern.

The Three Jump Combo

Whenever you see Gael in this position, he’s about to do the 3 jump combo

Whenever Gael does a three jump combo, you can land some easy hits. You can see this one coming when he crouches down just a tad and his cape wraps around him. First, he jumps high up and closes the distance with a stab. He then follows it up with a small jump and then dashes backwards coming at you with a gap-closing slam. So, when you see this combo happening, run away as far as possible. But, if you are often close, you’ll need to memorize the timing of his slashes and roll away accordingly.

The Spin + Two Jump Combo

A sideways jump attack is one you should definitely dodge!

Another variation of the attack mentioned above is one where Gael charges up and does the double spin move like in Phase 2. But, this can be the start of the three jump attack combo as well. So, only go for an attack in this animation in Phase 2 and not in Phase 3. Don’t confuse the three spin combo for another move that Gael has where he jumps sideways and then moves towards you. While this may look like a great opportunity to attack, Gael immediately follows this up with a random attack which is quite unpredictable. Therefore, attacking at this point is a big no-no!

Jump Crossbow Combo

When Gael jumps up a second time, that’s your cue to roll in!

You’ll see Gael doing a regular attack and jumping up high shooting a crossbow. He then jumps up high landing another attack finally ending his combo with a ground slam. If you roll into the slam, you can get a couple of good hits in.

General Strategy

Phase 3 is where timing is extremely important. As you can see, Gael does not leave you with a lot of opportunities in this particular phase. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these attack opportunities. Otherwise, you might end up spending more time than needed in the boss fight making you more susceptible to mistakes that will ultimately lead to your demise.

Best Weapons Against Slave Knight Gael

Now that you’ve got the gist of what you need to do against the boss, there are a few particular weapons that we recommend using against Gael to inflict a greater amount of damage. Remember, the strategies we’ve mentioned above work for all these weapons!

  • Hollowslayer Greatsword: As mentioned earlier, Gael turns into a hollow-type in Phase 2 and 3. So, you’ll be able to deal 20% extra damage to Gael with each swing. We recommend using the sword in two-handed mode so you can manuever in an efficient manner.
  • Hammer / Great Hammer / Ultra Greatswords: One of Slave Knight Gael’s weaknesses is strike type damage. Most heavy weapons deal this particular type of damage and are even capable of staggering Gael. However, do note that these particular weapons use up a lot of stamina. So, you should only attack when you see a clear opening.
  • Frost + Fire: Gael has a weakness to both frost and fire. So, pick up a weapon that has the frostbite status effect alongside another weapon that can deal fire damage. This is an easy way for you to get an extra bit of damage with each swing!

Best Slave Knight Gael Cheese Strategy

Using the Staff is an Easy win! However, you’ll need to find the right timing

If you are feeling lazy and aren’t in the mood of beating Slave Knight Gael the right way, a cheese strategy is all that you might need. For Gael, exploiting his weakness to poison is your best bet. You’ll need to farm the Corvain enemies found on the Road of Sacrifices until you get the Storyteller’s Staff. The Staff has a long cast point and inflicts massive amounts of poison damage without needing tons of stats. After Gael does his massive three combos, use the staff and keep kiting the boss until he does it again for an easy win.

Can You Summon For Slave Knight Gael?

Yes, you can summon only other players for Slave Knight Gael. You’ll need to have some embers in order to do so. If you are having trouble beating the boss, we always recommend placing your own sign! It gives you much-needed experience against the boss and winning provides you with embers

Is Slave Knight Gael The Last Boss?

Yes, Slave Knight Gael is the last boss of the Souls series. He is also considered as one of the toughest bosses to beat as well.

Is Slave Knight Gael Difficult?

Yes, Slave Knight Gael is one of the hardest and most challenging battles in the entire Souls series. He is the only boss that can change his nature mid-fight and has three separate phases each with its own unique move sets that make his animations and frames incredibly hard to memorize.

Can You Parry Slave Knight Gael?

No, Slave Knight Gael is an unparriable boss. However, you are able to stagger and also riposte him if you time it right.

Recommended Level For Slave Knight Gael

Dark Souls was never the kind of game that limited you from winning a boss fight just because of your levels. However, for a safe bet, having a fully upgraded weapon should work in most cases. In terms of levels though, you should be able to beat Slave Knight Gael after 91. Anything less than that might require some cheese strategies.

Congratulations on taking down Slave Knight Gael! The fight can be quite tough. If you feel a bit lost and aren’t sure of what you need to do after beating Gael, don’t fret. You’ll need to face Shira, the Knight of Filanore who is arguably a much easier boss fight.