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Why is Elden Ring So Hyped Right Now?

Why is Elden Ring So Hyped Right Now?

Elden Ring is one of those games that blew many people away with its content when it was finally released in February 2022. If you aren’t a fan of the Dark Souls series, you might enjoy Elden Ring, even though it is not an easy game. The game is insanely popular and will still be popular for years to come. There are 2 main reasons why Elden Ring has the popularity it does today.

The first reason is that it is a FromSoft game. The second reason is that it is a pretty challenging game. There are many reasons for its popularity, like the rising streamer population on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook, but we aren’t going to get into that.


If you generally enjoyed the Dark Souls games or didn’t like them, you might enjoy Elden Ring with the freedom it gives the player. In Dark Souls, if you were stuck on a boss, you had to push through the pain and beat them. In Elden Ring, you can leave and do something else.

1. It is a FromSoft game

As we said before, it is a FromSoft game. This developer doesn’t publish very often, but they put out some insanely good stuff when they do. Look at Sekiro, for example. That came out and was extremely difficult. Most people who did play it enjoyed it a ton. It got Game of the Year in 2019, and it deserved it.

FromSoft makes quality content instead of putting out a mediocre game every year. If you don’t like Elden Ring, that is your opinion, but more people enjoy it than dislike it. You might not like the challenge it brings, but that does not make it a bad game.

Any FromSoft game you play was built to almost perfection, and some people don’t have the patience to get through them. We guarantee that Elden Ring will get game of the year in 2022, and if it doesn’t, then there needs to be a game this year that is insanely good. It will be hard to beat.

2. It is a challenging game

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If you didn’t already know, Elden Ring is not easy whatsoever. There are ways to make the game easier for you, but it is not easy. Your first playthrough is always the hardest because you are discovering everything for the first time. That is why people enjoy playing this game.


If you look at the percentages for people who complete everything, it is pretty low. Around 50% of all people who play the game beat it, which draws many people in. It is almost a status symbol to beat a soul-like game.

If you do beat it, congratulations! You are better than 50% of the players who play the game. If you don’t, that is also perfectly fine because not everyone is built to play these types of games. The challenge brings in many people, which is the main reason for its popularity today.