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Rainbow Six Siege Which Sight is the Best?

Rainbow Six Siege Which Sight is the Best?

Rainbow Six Siege is a relatively new game that has very fun gameplay when it comes to its weapons. The game has many game modes that require you to use a certain Operator, and each of the Operators has their own arsenal of weapons and customizations to choose from. Probably the most important attachment to put on your weapon would be the sights that you use because it helps with the accuracy and usefulness of the guns.

Depending on the Operator and weapon of the Operator you choose, you will get a choice to which Sight you actually want to put on the gun. Each gun has a max of 2-5 Sights that you can equip to the gun, and each gun has a different variation. There are honestly soo many Sights in the game that it is hard to choose one to use. Here are the different Sights that Rainbow Six Siege offers you.

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Red Dot

A Red Dot sight is a common classification for a type of non-magnifying reflector (or reflex) sight for firearms, and other devices that require aiming, that gives the user an Aimpoint in the form of an illuminated Red Dot.

It provides a better line of sight for players to engage enemies from afar. The Spetsnaz have a unique set of optics available to them. Certain weapons have a smaller version of the Red Dot, and each of the variations is very similar to one another. It is probably the best choice for a starter player because it is the easiest to use because of its wide view range.


Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (abbreviated ACOG) is a series of telescopic sights. The ACOG was originally designed to be used on a few weapons but gradually was put on other weapons alike.

It provides a 2.5x scope for players to view through. This allows players to easily aim at targets from a farther distance than all the other available sights, with the downside of your recoil becoming harder to control, and shooting at close-distance targets becoming harder. This attachment is extremely effective on semi-automatic weapons such as Marksman rifles and Assault Rifles.

Signature Sight

These are sights that have been for the purpose of the game only and have no real-life counter parts. There are only a few of these in-game because they can only be attached to a few weapons like pistols and submachine guns.

These are sights that can only be equipped on certain guns because they have only been applied to them specifically. Usually, these sights are really accurate and are really easy to use. Keep in mind that you can only equip these sights on certain weapons so if you like them, play that same Operator again to use it.


It is a non-magnifying gunsight that allows the user to look through a glass optical window and see a holographic reticle image projected at a distance from the field of view. It is mostly used on Assault Rifles for its close and medium-range accuracy.

It allows the user to look through a glass optical window and see a crosshair reticle image projected at a distance from the field of view. The hologram of the reticle is built into the window and is illuminated by laser light. The only downside to having this equipped is the limited view that the sight gives you because of the bulky sides on the sight itself.


It is an optical device that allows the user to look through a partially reflecting glass element and see an illuminated projection of an aiming point or some other image superimposed on the field of view. It is very similar to the Red Dot except that it is usually smaller and the reticle is very different. This is my favorite weapon Sight in my opinion because of its balance between close and long-range, and it is also very easy to use.

It features a triangular green reticle and replaces the default iron sights to provide a better line of sight for players to engage enemies from afar. Reflex sights are the most unobtrusive sight option for most, if not all guns, and allow for the most peripheral vision while in ADS. As with the Red Dot Sight, the Spetsnaz have a unique version available to them.

Iron Sight

It is a system of shaped alignment markers (usually metal) used as a sighting device to assist in the aiming of a device such as a firearm, crossbow, or telescope, and exclude the use of optics. It is the most basic aiming device that you can use in the game.

These are the basic sights that are automatically built into your gun if you don’t have a sight equipped. You will use Iron Sights if you are a starting player, or you just prefer not to have a sight at all. Whatever your playstyle is, this is a perfect balance between all guns and each gun has a different Iron Sight than the others. To be the best with these, you must understand how to use them.

Is there a better sight to use for certain situations?

Yes, sometimes the map you are on requires you to have a closer range sight, but there are other times where you need to use a farther range sight to see the enemies because you can easily get mowed down at close range. It just all depends on the situation and the map you are on. Remember that you can change your sight at the beginning of each match to be totally prepared for the coming battles.

There have been many matches where I had a Red Dot equipped and I could not get a good shot on the enemy from a window. I would then ask a buddy who had a longer-ranged sight to take my place because I could not complete the mission fully. You also need to learn how to use all the sights because they are all not easy to use. If you have a good understanding of First Person Shooters, then you won’t have a bad time learning the movement systems and operators, because of your experience.

What if I don’t like a certain sight?

The only way to know if you like a specific sight or not is to use it. The more you use a Sight, the better you will get with it and the easier it will be to use it. Sometimes you might run into a sight that you just don’t like at all. If you do run into this, then just don’t use the sight, it’s as easy as that. There are many sights in the game that I am not a huge fan of, or just did not fit with my overall playstyle. It just depends on what you prefer.

Why do you need a sight at all?

I mean, if you don’t need a sight and you can use the Iron Sights really well, then do it because some of the Iron Sights in the game are better than some Sights built for the weapon. Sometimes it is just easier for you to not use a Sight because of the close-quarters of the map itself. Also, if you can get good at using the Iron Sights, then you will be good with any Sight in the game because they have the most amount of viewing space because of their small size compared to the others.


In conclusion, the different variations of all the Sights give the game a very good customization system. It is good that it has soo many different types because that means there is a Sight for every player who tries the game. It is also about how you play that determines which Sight you like the best. You might like to play aggressive or campy. No matter the playstyle, there will always be an Operator or weapon waiting for you.