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Is There A Log Sled in Sons of the Forest?

Is There A Log Sled in Sons of the Forest?

To build mighty strongholds that could ward off any incoming cannibal attacks in The Forest, you would take the help of a log sled to carry resources around. The log sled was a great addition to the original game which helped alleviate the trouble of the base-building task but is it available in Sons of the Forest?

At the moment of writing this article, there is no log sled in Sons of the Forest. There are no crafting recipes that help you build this transporting tool. However, we can expect it to be included in future updates since it played a vital role in general base creation and moving heavy loads of crafting items.

What is a Log Sled?

Log Sled in The Forest
Log Sled in The Forest

The log sled was a versatile piece of equipment that you can craft in The Forest. It assisted in carrying greater sums of crafting materials like logs etc. as compared to manual labor. This thing was of great help when you wanted to build a grand base. Using just 21 sticks you could create this amazing tool.

It could help carry:

  • 12 Logs
  • 58 Sticks
  • 3 Corpses
  • 26 Rocks

The utility of this moveable storage is exceptional in the prequel. With the release of Sons of the Forest, players want to know whether they can build a log sled in this game too. The cannibals are getting closer each day and there is no time to waste building your base. If only it were easier!

Sons of the Forest Steam Deck (Best Settings)

Is There A Log Sled in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately as of right now, there is no way you could craft or find a blueprint to craft a log sled in Sons of the Forest.

You will have to rely on manual labor to lug all those heavy logs around. You could also ask Kelvin to make things easier for you in this regard.

The game is still in early access. This means, there are loads of stuff the developers are surely working on to add in the next updates. And as we all know the usefulness of the log sled, we are certain the developers won’t skimp out on its inclusion.

So buff up and carry that burden yourself and take advantage of Kelvin’s undying loyalty to you and direct him to do your bidding. Carrying heavy loads will also help build up your strength.

We all are quite sore from the exclusion of so many important items in Sons of the Forest. But you need to know that this game is still undergoing development. The track record of the developers also suggests that they listen to their audience and work actively in making their experiences far more rewarding. We just have to wait and watch for the addition of the log sled for now.