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How to Earn Glory in Brawlhalla

How to Earn Glory in Brawlhalla

Glory is an in-game currency introduced in Brawlhalla with the sole intention to give the players a little extra reward for the time they spend in the game. While giving an extra initiative for those who don’t rack up that many hours per season. It’s a currency that players can take over to Mallhalla and purchase some pretty cool colors, taunts, UI themes, weapon skins, and other cosmetics in the game.

Glory is earned at the end of every ranked season based on your performance in the past season. To earn any Glory, you must have at least 10 games played in the past season, or there won’t be any of Brawlhalla’s free cosmetics heading your way. If you’re wondering how you can get your hands at as much Glory as you can once this Ranked season ends, there are two ways Brawlhalla calculates your performance and grants Glory according to those stats.

Peak ELO

The first stat taken into consideration is your peak ELO during the season. This one was pretty obvious. The game rewards higher ELO players more Glory based on the time they dedicate to grinding the Ranked season and climbing up the ladder. Here’s a chart that the fine folks over at Brawlhalla Wiki gave us for how your Glory is calculated based on your ELO.


The total Glory you’ll receive is based on your ELO as well as your wins earned during that season. For the first 150 wins, you’ll simply receive 20 Glory per wins. However, once you move ahead of that 150 marks, you’ll start to receive less and less Glory per win. The formula chart for Glory earned based on your wins is listed below.

How Can I Calculate My Glory?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of all this weird math, Brawlhalla has made life easier for you. Based on these formulas, the game’s official website has a Glory calculator made to make your life easier.

Just enter your total wins earned during that season, the best rating you achieve, and whether you meet the 10 ranked game requirements. The calculator will individually display your Glory earned from wins, Glory earned from peak ELO, and combine it to show your total Glory. You can check out the calculator here.

Is Glory Even Worth It?

Definitely. It’s a way to get free skins without having to do much extra. You’re pretty much having to do the exact same thing you’d want to do anyway; win in ranked.

However, if you’re someone that’s reached Diamond and has over 1500-2000 hours per game, you might just have everything in Mallhalla that can be bought with Glory points. There will be a time when Glory points will sit in your account, just rotting away. But, until that point, keep on grinding for those free skins!