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10 Best Base Locations on The Island in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on The Island in Ark: Survival Evolved

Choosing the right location for your base setup is very important, and today we’ll have listed down the 10 Best locations on The Island where you can set up a base in Ark Survival Evolved.

A Base that has good ground clearance, high altitude, and grants you protection from enemies is a good start when you plan on building one in Ark Survival Evolved: The Island.


Let’s take a detailed look at some of the best locations for building a base on The Island map of Ark: Survival Evolved.

1. WeatherTop (74.1 – 34.8)

If you are starting off from the Southbeach, Weathertop should definitely be on your list as it offers a massive flat area where you can build large bases, and you can be a little creative with the walls to protect yourself from Dinosaurs and other creatures.

This base location also allows you to access valuable resources in nearby areas like Redwood, so you don’t have to travel long distances. You can build a highly defensive base here. The location is highly recommended for the PVE perspective.

2. Redwood Lake (62.4 – 34.7)

While being one of the prettiest locations on the map, Redwood Lake act as a central point and grants you access to plenty of valuable resources and rare items.

You have a lot of space here to play around with, not to mention on the trees as well, in case you are into building Treehouses as your bases.


The best thing about this location is access to resources like you have access to the volcano, which is rich in resources like metals or crystals, or you can head to River and look for Beaver dams and gain resources from there.

This spot can act as a beginner-level PVP spot, but due to the number of resources it has to offer, it is preferred to use it as a PVE Base.

3. The West Coast (47.7 – 18.5)

West Coast looks absolutely stunning and offers two different waterfalls and huge open flat space where you can build your base. The waterfall that falls into the ocean is a good spot for breeding your Water Dinosaurs,

There are plenty of resources available, like Metals, Crystals, Oils, and much more, in the Snow area and neighboring locations, which can help you in farming.

You can also farm on the other dinos in the area to gain more XP for yourself or for your pet dinos. Most of these dinos are tameable creatures, so if you want, you can do that too.

The ocean is an excellent resource for you to get minerals and resources if you are just starting off in the game, and you can be a little more creative in this region to build bases that can be used for PVP purposes as well if you are into it.

4. Far’s Peak Iceberg (30.7 – 10.1)

If you are willing to make some efforts, Far’s Peak can be an excellent spot for Base Location. You need to craft a fur armor to survive harsh weather here, and you might need some temperature regulators for your base location to survive properly.

The place is filled with Oil rocks, so you can stop worrying about your oil farming needs. and not to mention the peak itself is full of resources like Metals, Obsediants, Silica Pearls, and crystals.

Also, if we are talking about ice, we got penguins for the farming of organic polymers. And it also means there will be no Dinos around, and you can build a safe base here. Just keep an eye on the seagulls, and you should be fine here.

Notable mention there are small pools available in this region which are directly connected with the ocean so that you can tame or breed your water dinos easily here.

5. The Maw (38.9 – 50.7)

The Maw is among the central locations on the map, which means traveling to other locations is very easy, and you cover less distance.

It also means you get access to many resourceful Items like Crystals, Obsediants, and Metals, along with access to points like Volcano, White Tooth, and White Fang, all from this very location.


It’s an excellent spot to build a massive base, and you can also find a variety of tameable creatures here that you can tame for the end game.

A Perfect spot for PVP or PVE base. Just make sure you build huge walls around your base, as there are too many predators lurking around, and you don’t want to get jumped by them.

6. Smuggler’s Pass (41.6 – 67.3)

Quite an interesting base location when it comes to Smuggler’s Pass. The place is loaded with valuable resources, you get access to Redwoods for materials, and then all the rocks in this region offer Metals, which are extremely useful in building a base.

There are Crystals, Obsedians, Bever dams, and plenty of space for you to build an Ideal base here. It’s one of the best locations for Solo or group farming for resources.

7. The Hidden Lake (22.5 – 69.3)

An excellent spot for players just getting started with the game and want to build a base. This base location allows you access to the lake, which is filled with beaver dams and plenty of flat surfaces where you can build your base easily.

8. The Green Obelisk (56.7 – 70.7)

This base location is a great choice for you to plan your end-game fights and content. Plenty of flat space where you can be quite creative when it comes to building, as well as a great variety of tameable creatures that you pick from.


The base location is very close to the Obelisk, where you summon all the bosses for combat against your armies, so it’s always nice to have a base here to speed things up in your progression.

 9. The Southern Islets (87.6 – 55.2)

Want to build a base that is strong and well-guarded? Then you should head to the south of the map. In this base location, you can find huge rocks that can be used to build the most fortified bases in this region.

You get access to a small pool here as well, which is shallow enough to let your dinos breed, along with plenty of resources around to farm.

10. The Herbivore Island (83.1 – 83.7)

This base location is, so far, one of the best places to start off as a beginner and do some early grind in the game. You have plenty of room to build and breed your dinos.

The ocean is at your disposal, where you can find valuable resources like Oil and crystals. The rocks in this area offer metals that can boost your grind process and give you a strong base while getting started in the game.

Are These Areas Dangerous?

The answer is Yes and No. An area’s threat level depends more on how you build your base and what resources you utilize than the predators it hosts.

Yes, some of the regions indeed have High-level predators, but this also means they are tameable creatures, and you can benefit from them.

As long as you build your base will strong walls and make sure all the necessary measures are taken, then you should be doing fine in any of these locations mentioned above.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you save time and cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind.

So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.


There you have it, folks; these are our top 10 base locations for the Island in Ark Survival Evolved. Each location is picked carefully so you can have the most value out of it after grinding and building a base there.

The major focus of these locations is to get you abundant resources so you can prepare for the end game and take on battles with the in-game bosses. Yes, you can also use some of these locations for PVP purposes, but they are generally more PVE-focused.