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4 Best Starting Locations In Satisfactory

4 Best Starting Locations In Satisfactory

The problem many people have with massive open worlds like Satisfactory is that often it is not easy to understand what precisely is the best place to start playing. With so many locations, areas, and zones available to the player in Satisfactory, we’re sure you’re wondering the same. So we’ll give you the answer.

The best starting locations in Satisfactory are as follows:

  1. Rocky Desert
  2. Northern Forest
  3. Grass Fields
  4. Dune Desert

We’ve ranked these starting locations based on precisely how useful each area would be to a new player. We’ve also factored in several other aspects of importance regarding each location that we go over in detail throughout the rest of this article.

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Best Starting Locations In Satisfactory

Promotional image released by the game developers of Satisfactory.
Promotional Image for Satisfactory

When you first boot up the game as a new player then you will notice that the game asks you to choose one of four different starting locations to begin your game of Satisfactory. These four locations are unique in the sort of materials you can find in them, the resources available to you, and the flatness of the terrain.

As of right now, the player has to choose one of four locations. These include the following: Grass Fields, Rocky Desert, Northern Forest, and Dune Desert. We assessed important aspects regarding each of these map locations that might be helpful or might aid a player to have the most successful and Satisfactory game they can have.

We base this measure on three distinct factors such as resource diversity, resource amount, and finally terrain flatness. Moreover, we add our tips and tricks to note within each of these sections in a hope that they would serve as a guide to new players beginning their adventure within Satisfactory.

1. Rocky Desert

An in-game image was taken whilst playing within the starting location: Rocky Desert.
Screenshot of Rocky Desert Location

The Rocky Desert is one of the four main starting locations that you have access to during the start of the game. It is in our opinion the best starting location for you to spawn into whether you’re a new or intermediate player. For someone jumping into the game for the first time, it has everything they need to succeed.

The vistas of this part of the map are simply gorgeous. There is a wide-reaching, dry and dusty landscape that is filled to the brim with alien-like palm trees. It seems hostile but inviting at the same time. It truly beckons you to come to explore the various facets that it has hidden just beneath the surface.

What we find most interesting are the winding rivers that are close to this location. The river is akin to a snake that slithers through the dunes and the canyons attempting to create its path. The reason why this is good is that this gives a better understanding of the layout of the world itself.

A better understanding of the layout is key for any player to get better at this game, and it is probably the most important reason why we believe that the Rocky Desert is probably one of the best places for new and intermediate players to start. But other advantages add to this assessment.

Terrain Advantages

The primary terrain advantage of the Rocky Desert is that it is incredibly flat just like the Grass Fields. However, other smaller advantages compound into making this the most accessible and overall best starting location.

The principal factor that affects the placement of the Rocky Desert is the nearby sea to this location. This makes water a common commodity, and that is extremely useful from early on in the game up to the late game. The other massive advantage is the number of resources readily available in the region.

You see the Rocky Desert doesn’t just have the most amount of resources present in any of the starting locations, but it also has the most resource density of any of the other locations. What this means is that players can find resources and materials they need of a wide variety of types and not have to feel restricted by only one or two.

Finally, the location has tons of space for you to build your base. You will have to chop down the massive amounts of trees in the area for the base to be complete. However, these will generally provide you with the necessary biomass, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if you did so.

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2. Northern Forest

An in-game image was taken whilst playing within the starting location: Northern Forest.
Screenshot of Northern Forest Location

Our other top recommendation, the one we believe is best suited for experienced Satisfactory players, is the starting location called Northern Forest. This location is situated right in the center of the overall world map. It has gorgeous vistas and elevations, and you can’t help but enjoy its various boons.

One aspect of the Northern Forest that is important to understand right off the bat is that it is resource-rich. Perhaps it is one of the most resources rich starting locations in the game. It also has various natural structures that can provide a large amount of coverage to a player that knows what they are doing.

When you survey the land you recognize that the entire location has giant swooping stone arches. These are sweeping high above the player at the start, providing a much-needed reference of scale, scope and size. If you walk a few feet in the wrong direction then you might just get lost. So be careful.

A few feet away from where the drop pod lands you in the game is a basin area of some sort. Within this area, you can find large and multiple quantities of iron and limestone nodes. If you’re looking to set up a factory then this will be the perfect spot to do so, especially because it is incredibly close to the resources on the map.

Terrain Advantages

You might be wondering, what are the other major advantages of this area. Well, the first is the height differences between the open areas and the slightly more elevated locations. In normal circumstances, an enemy could probably spot you from a mile away.

However, if you were hidden behind a wall, natural structure, or elevated plain then you will not be found out so easily. Moreover, the entire location is brimming to the teeth with biomass, resource amount, and resource diversity.

These two stats are perhaps the most important, and they are nearly maxed out for the kid. This is incredibly important because as a player you will need various resources, each with its unique methods of obtaining, but with this starting location, you can get almost any item you need.

Additionally, because of the resource density of this location, you will be able to obtain tons of resources that will provide you with more stock than you will need until the end of the game. We believe you won’t run out of it, especially if you are not caught during the game or executed.

It’s all these reasons and a few more that make the Northern Forest such an approachable and clearable location. The natural cover from enemies and the large amounts of potions spells and other odd trinkets will be most responsible.

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3. Grass Fields

An in-game image taken whilst playing within the starting location: Grass Fields
Screenshot of Grass Fields Location

Our next recommendation is what will possibly be most players’ starting location when they first boot up the game. After all, how could it not be with the lush and bountiful lands simply beckoning new players to select it and go through the entirety of the Grass Fields?

Although the Grass Fields is a commonly picked starting point, we do believe that it is also among the very best in the game. You see, several resources become available to the player early on in their game of Satisfactory if they use Grass Fields as their starting location, this can be a great benefit.

The massive sprawling area of the Grass Fields allows you to, right off the bat, be able to have access to three main resource types within the game. These resources are iron, copper, and limestone respectively. There are several nodes on this point of the map that gives you easy, and efficient access to whatever you might need in this regard.

This is of course not to mention that there is a high amount of biofuel that is also available when you are traversing through this map. After all, there are several trees that you can cut down to obtain the materials that you require. Especially Biomass which you will never be in short supply.

Even if you’re not actively farming biomass, the number of trees that you will have to cut away to establish your base will naturally provide you with everything that you might need to begin your maintenance and expansion.

Lastly, what is incredibly helpful regarding this particular starting location is that there are several areas where coal and oil are also just a short trek away. The Grass Fields provide you with all the opportunities to succeed.

Although incredibly simple, and resource diverse, their only issue is that their resource quantity begins to wane a little by the later sections of the game. This is because their density is less than, for example, a starting location like the Rocky Desert.

Terrain Advantages

Many of the generic Terrain advantages were discussed within the last section. However, within this section, we will discuss particularly what the stats within the game might say about the viability of the location as a whole.

The primary advantage that this location might have for a new player to manage is the fact that the Terrain is completely flat. This will make detecting and approaching danger easy. Additionally, if you’re building a base then the process of its construction is going to be significantly easier as well.

The flat surface is also another great advantage for players that will be attempting to cross the distances between the mining locations and various other building outposts. It can’t be said enough that the most valuable resources are at the edges of this location and thus will require some hefty movement when it comes to the player’s part.

This means that there is a danger in traversing the large expansive distances, and players must be careful when attempting to transport necessary materials back to their base, and this will require larger more reliable transportation lines earlier.

Finally, in terms of resource amount and diversity, this first starting location is incredibly basic. Although we highlighted many early game resources that are helpful and readily available. It is also true that this place is hardly the ideal that you wish to strive to construct your base within.

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4. Dune Desert

An in-game image taken whilst playing within the starting location: Dune Desert.
Screenshot of Dune Desert Location

The last location that we will mention in this list is the Dune Desert. Although the location isn’t terrible as a starting location, it simply cannot compete with the advantages and variety of resources provided by places such as the Rocky Desert.

The Dune Desert gives all Dune book fans a very realistic simulation of what their wildest fantasies might look like to explore and expand through. It has sprawling canyons lining its edges and various areas of the harsh climate. It’s often extremely difficult to try and escape as well. The terrain is simply not friendly.

You can, however, find some resources within this starting location. There is an oasis here and two hidden away mining locations that can be located to the North and the South of the Dunes. If you’re a determined explorer, you will find these and feel pretty accomplished because it’s not as easy to do so as in other locations.

Plus, scale the cliffs of the Red Oasis to the east and you’ll have direct access to an entire ocean to use for your fluid requirements.

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Terrain Advantages

First things first, this starting location is for advanced players only. If you’re an advanced player then chances are you’ll enjoy the challenge of the location, and will be able to make the most of the resources provided.

The reason why we say so is that although there are not plentiful resources in this location, and the biomass is low, the area is exceptionally well suited for building. This is because of large open spaces that have a plethora of mining locations close to them.

Thus you can efficiently set up your base and have the tools and specific resources to start the game with. Moreover, things like bushes, excess foliage, and even water locations are rare within this spot. Which makes initial set-ups difficult, but becomes an asset later down the line.

These were our four best starting locations for new, intermediate, and experienced Satisfactory players. We hope that this information will allow you to make the best decision regarding which location you should initially pick, depending on your experience level in-game.

If you have any more queries or questions then let us know. Till next time! Ciao.