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How to Fish in Lava (Ultimate Terraria Guide)

How to Fish in Lava (Ultimate Terraria Guide)

Fishing has always been a popular profession in Terraria. You get to choose between a multitude of baits and fishing rods, all to catch the rarest fish possible. The game only mentions a basic layout for the fishing mechanic. However, it runs much deeper than what’s visible on the surface.

In Terraria, you get to choose between three basic fishing ponds. As long as you have a proper body of liquid, fishing is possible. Lava is a widely popular fishing option in Terraria. 

There are lots of unique and rewarding fish to catch in a lava terrain. However, you need to know the basics to have a good yield. With that said, you need to have a lava-resistant fishing pole to fish in lava. 

In this guide, we will show you the ultimate fishing methods that you can use to gain a decent yield in the lava terrain. With that said, let’s get started from the fundamentals. 

What is Fishing in Terraria?

In Terraria, fishing is an activity that can be done by using a fishing pole in a liquid body. You need to have proper bait for the fishing to commence. Both of the mentioned items can be crafted or gained from the Angler NPC.

Who is the Angler NPC?

The angler is an NPC that provides daily fishing quests to the player. The Angler is exclusively concerned with fishing. Most of the NPCs in Terraria’s sandbox are present to sell their wares. However, the Angler does not sell anything and instead provides different fishing quests for you to fulfill.  

You can find this NPC in the desert terrain. He will first show up as a Sleeping Angler till you interact with him and wake him up. Make sure to have a house ready for him to move in. You will get a quest daily at 4:30 AM. The player can then speak to the angler to initiate quests. 

Basic Fishing Requirements In Terraria

To initiate fishing, you need to have a liquid body with an area of at least 300 (for lava) or more tiles. A 1,001 tile area is generally preferred for Oceans while 200 tiles are enough for honey. 

Make sure that you are not submerged in the water by the least when casting your fishing rod or it will not count. You can move while fishing as long as the hook of your rod is well within the liquid body. Here’s everything else you can do while fishing:

  • Flying
  • Being in a grappled state
  • Sitting on a chair
  • Walking / Floating on Water

Lava Fishing in Terraria

Lava fishing works a bit differently than water and honey. If you submerge your basic rod in a lava pond, the fishing will not commence as you need to have a lava-proof rod to fish in lava. 


To fish in lava, a player needs to use a Hotline Fishing Hook along with a Lavaproof Tackle Bag (not mandatory). A Lavaproof Fishing Hook can work just fine as well. 

The Lava terrain only supports certain baits for fishing. You can risk losing your hard-earned baits if you throw the wrong one in lava. Therefore, make sure to use one of the following:

  • Magma Snail
  • Lavafly
  • Hell Butterfly

How to Obtain Hotline Fishing Hook

The only way to gain a Hotline Fishing Hook is by betting on a 1 in 75 chance of getting it from the Angler in Hardmode. However, you need to complete a total of 25 quests.

If you are unable to find this Hook as a quest reward, you should try making a new world to try over again. Alternatively, you can also use a different hook for your fishing adventures. However, it will not be as potent as a Hotline Fishing Hook.

Here are the stats for this Fishing Rod:

NameHotline Fishing Hook
Fishing Power45%
NotesCan Fish in Lava. Quests before Hardmode also count. But can only be obtained in Hardmode.

Lavaproof Fishing Hook

This is an accessory found in Obsidian and Hellstone Crates. This will allow you to fish in lava with any bait and fishing poles. However, obtaining this item requires you to have lava fishing-ready equipment.

You can also use this item with a Golden Fishing Rod in order to convert it to an improved version of the Hotline Fishing Hook. This upgrade will give you around 5% more fishing power than the base variant. 

However, the catch frequency of this item is marginally increased when paired with a Hotline Fishing Hook. Therefore, your decision should be dependent on your requirements. 

Lavaproof Tackle Bag: Crafting Method

The crafting method of this item is rather tricky. The item essentially increases your fishing efficiency and power by a marginal amount. To craft a Lavaprood Tackle Bag, a player needs to mix the Angler Tackle Bag with a Lavaproof Fishing Hook in the Tinkerer’s Workshop. 

Here is how the crafting tree works:

Source: Terraria Wiki

The Tinkerer’s workshop can be obtained from the Goblin Tinkerer for as low as 10G. However, the rest of the items are quest drops from the angler. The Lavaproof Fishing Hook can be obtained from the Obsidian Crate or its Hardmode counterpart, the Hellstone Crate. 

Both can be found through lava fishing. Therefore, it is not an item to start your lava fishing journeys with. 

Fishing Catches in Lava

Lava fishing comes with its own set of perks. While the process can feel arduous, it is essentially more rewarding than water or honey fishing. Here are the drops a player can expect to get while fishing in lava. 

Flarefin KoiFishGreenUsed for Inferno Potion
ObsidfishFishGreenUsed for Inferno Potion
Obsidian SwordfishSpearLimePoint of Return Potion
Bottomless Lava BucketToolLimeHardmode Only
Lava Absorbant SpongeToolLimeAllows placing infinite lava blocks
Demon ConchToolLight RedAllows removing infinite lava blocks
Obsidian CrateCrateGreenPre Hardmode only
Hellstone CrateCrateGreenHardmode only

Best Practices

While it is completely fine to do it as prescribed, certain steps can make lava fishing much more convenient. The most commonly used ones are mentioned below:

Artificial Lava Lake

Getting killed by demon worshippers and red slimes can feel jarring. This is especially true when you cannot retaliate due to having your fishing rod in both hands. No one want’s to lose their hard caught fishing bait just to kill a random critter that doesn’t even drop a satisfactory amount of money.

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Therefore, it is much better to make a lava pit on the surface of your world to avoid dying continuously. With that said, you will still need to go and collect bait in the underworld. 

How to Make an Artificial Lava Lake

Instead of making long dives to get a minuscule amount of lava per rotation, you can dig through a large area and use one of the following to speed the process:

Inlet and Outlet Pumps (Pre Lava Fishing)

Pumps are mechanisms used to transport liquids from one place to the other. However, they require to be wired throughout both ends. You can purchase a marginal amount of wire from the Mechanic. It costs around 5 silver coins to buy a block of wire. 

Therefore, it should take you around 1000 blocks to lay a wireline towards the underworld. Do understand that this is for a small world. Larger ones can cost even more concerning effort and time. 

You will need to wire both pumps with each other with an actuator block in between. A single pump will push up to 4 tiles of lava. This can be automated with a Timer later on in the game. However, you will only require a fixed amount of lava to make everything work. 

These pumps can be crafted with 10 of any iron bars and two blocks of wire on a lead or iron anvil. 

Using a Bottomless Lava Bucket 

This item can make your life much easier since there is no need to go underworld to fetch lava. A Bottomless Lava Bucket allows you to place infinite blocks of lava anywhere you want. However, you can only obtain it through fishing in lava. Therefore, you might have to die a few times to get the gears kicking.

Simply click/tap on the location where you want to place the lava and let the bucket do its trick.

Wet Bombs

As the name suggests, it is an explosive item that can either place or remove liquids by exploding. You can fill a dry bomb with any kind of liquid to make it work. However, the item is only obtainable from Obsidian or Hellstone Crates which can only be found via fishing. 

Therefore, this method will also set you back quite a bit in terms of your average death times. You will need multiple lava bombs to fill a wide space. Therefore, we recommend you use it only if you possess multiple lava bombs in your inventory. 

Use a Damage Negation Item for Lava

A damage negation item can go long way when it comes to surviving lava-related accidents. Furthermore, it gives you a greater amount of control related to your fishing practices. With that said, you can use one of the following items to gain partial immunity/damage negation against lava. 

Obsidian Skin Potion

This item can let you stay in lava for the entirety of its duration. It can be helpful whenever you want to partake in Lava swimming. However, constantly using it can come up with big costs. It takes a lot of time to find ingredients for a few Obsidian Skin Potions. However, the hassle starts to decrease per increase in quantity.


Here is how you can craft an Obsidian Skin Potion:

IngredientsCrafting Station
Bottled Water Placed Bottle 
Waterleaf Alchemy Table
Obsidian Rose

This item can reduce Lava’s base damage from 80 to 35. You can stack tons of armor with this item to increase your lava resistance to the point where it feels no more than poison damage. 

How to Obtain

The Obsidian Rose is a drop from Fire Imp in the Underworld. You have a 1 in 50 chance of getting this item after killing the Fire Imp. 

Lava Shark Mount

This mount can grant complete immunity to lava. You can also use faster movements in liquids. The maximum speed of the Lava Shark Mount is 73 mph in any kind of liquid. 

How to Obtain

This mount can only be obtained through Obsidian Crates or Hellstone Crates therefore, it will take you a decent amount of time to obtain it. 

How Does Catch Frequency Work During Fishing

When a player is fishing, a hidden catch counter is assigned by Terraria that tracks the player’s progress towards a successful catch. The counter starts at 1 and ramps up along the way. After exceeding 660, the following bite chance is applied:

((75 + fishing power) / 2) %

The counter then resets to zero whether there is a bite or not. However, fishing in lava with lava-proof accessories will reset the counter to 240 instead. This phenomenon will not scale upon adding more lava-proof items. 

Here is a deduced formula for the average catch rate in consideration of the general factors that implicate the process. 

As an example, a player can expect to catch a fish every 1.5 seconds at a fishing power of 125. Here is how it works:

“The world is filled to the brim with the most outlandish kinds of fish!”  – The Angler

All in all, players can expect to find better yields by fishing in lava instead of water. However, it is dependent on your fishing environment and rod. It is generally better to opt for a high fishing power rod alongside the Lavaproof Fishing Hook in order to maximize your earnings.

In the end, you need to be able to successfully catch fish in lava without it feeling as big of a hassle as it normally is. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned in this guide to gain as much benefit as possible during your fishing sessions.