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Best Ways to Farm Souls in Dark Souls 3

Best Ways to Farm Souls in Dark Souls 3

Souls’ fans have always had mixed views on how these games are perceived. Some would say the unique charm of this game is that players are challenged by the game’s punishing difficulty. Others claim the world’s lore and depth and its interactions with itself and the player is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In both cases, the game is packed from head to toe with hundreds of hours of content. Grinding the game is a necessity to enjoy the experience. So, for people in dire need of fast and easy souls, here are some better ways to farm souls in Dark Souls 3.

High Wall of Lothric

The game starts to look alive after you venture past the first boss and introduced to the world of Lothric. At the start of the spawn, you should head down and kill every single enemy there. Some will fight you while others will be praying, so they are easy to kill. Be quick to kill the lantern guy as he will shout, and everyone will start attacking you.

Next, head upstairs to the dragon corpse. It’s the same people as before, so it’s practically effortless. Next, you jump down from the ledge at the outside, near the dragon’s corpse.

After doing this, you can teleport back to the start of the map and redo this.

What is convenient about this is that you can get fast and very easy souls. For beginners, this allows you to learn the basics of the game and get early items and levels to strengthen your character.

Another spot is just after you defeat Vordt of the Boreal Valley. You can use the boss’s bonfire to go from the spawn to High Priestess Emma. There are a total of four regular knights and one Stronger Knight that you can kill. It also has a reasonable drop rate of titanite for upgrading or selling.

I would recommend short or long swords for this area, as they have a quick and decent animation, and they allow you to follow up with multiple hits due to low consumption of stamina. You can also use a bow or knife to lure each knight individually to evade ganks entirely. Broadsword is my suggested weapon paired with any sort of shield that can absorb physical damage entirely.

Dilapidated Bridge

As soon as you spawn in, there is a passage to the right that leads to an underground sewer. It is locked at first, so you must progress through the location to unlock it. As soon as you enter and drop down, there are three rats hidden in the fog.

As an extra, you can go to the front to fight the saw man. He is relatively harder to kill but yields a lot of souls.

As these enemies have relatively high health and won’t get killed quickly, I would recommend equipping a great sword. The main reason is that it offers you more damage at the cost of poor animation and large stamina consumption. However, the enemies you are dealing with are tanky, and much like all game logic, “Big people hit slower” or something like that. So great swords provide more utility in this case.

Abyss Watchers

The abyss watchers are the point where the game takes a high curve by upping the ante. Fortunately, it is also a good farming area, given that the area is close to a bonfire and the enemies are scattered in a small area. This makes solo killing a lot easier. Plus, there is the add-on feature of two Dark Knights fighting some of the enemies. You get souls from this, and they also drop some items that can be used later.

This can also serve as training for the brutal boss fight that is the Abyss Watchers.

One of the better places to farm, if you can get past the dreaded swamp (good luck), not only does it provide a decent number of souls to farm, but also there is the probability that you can get a complete set of Dark wraith armor and their weapons by ambushing them. While you are traversing the area, they charge towards the Ghru and fight them. It is advised that you assist the Ghru as fighting the dark wraiths is much harder.

High Lord Wolnir

This is a fast way to flash farm souls in the mid-game. At this point, the difficulty curve of the game rises. You must run back from the boss area and towards the rope bridge, cross the bridge, and about 20 skeletons will spawn. You can quickly grind about 5000 souls per run. You must kill them individually, else killing them via bridge does not give you souls.

Keep Ruins Bonfire

This is one of the best spots for farming if you are going for a magical build. By this time, you will have heavy spells and a lot of mana pool, so this run is very much doable if you bring the correct spells. This can be done by both sorcerers and pyromancers. At spawn, turn around towards the three Ghru near the bonfire, exit to the bridge, and spot the elder Ghru. Jump to the rocky path and walk to the third one. You can use your binoculars to line up your arrows and kill them from afar. You can also use the soul spear to agro the nearest Ghru and kill them one by one. Doing this, either way, you can easily get about six thousand souls and a maximum of ten thousand with the correct soul items. This is also one of the places where you can farm embers and large titanite shards.

Cathedral of the Deep

This is only available after you defeat the Deacons of the Deep Boss in the area. Doing this will allow you to farm the main altar, just before the boss. The room is composed of three sections. The first contains the church knights that hit hard but will have slow animations. This allows you to get quick backstabs and follow up. Next is the church deacons, who have a very low health pool. Clearing this gives you a healthy number of souls. Additionally, you can go to patches to trade some valuable items.


There are two places that you can farm depending on the kind of items you want to drop as well.

Firstly, you can spawn at the Manor Bonfire, the spiders inside the sewer yield about 990 souls (with soul boosting items such as Silver Ring, Shield of Want, etc.). There are 10 in total and will die quite quickly, as you will already have some sort of weapon that has been upgraded.

Secondly, you can spawn at the Church of Yorshka bonfire, go outside the church and take a left, drop down and dive attack the church knight. Continue to the stairs and past the gate, kill the lurkers. Going up towards the boss room, you can kill the knights by kicking them, they will drop their shield, and you can Riposte for a lot of damage. From there, go downstairs towards the drop. If you are dropping for the first time, you will get an item from it, jump downwards, and kill the knight. From there, you can head back to the Church and reset.

Sleeping Giants and Deacons

The Pontiff is one of the hardest bosses in the game, and for that very reason, defeating him gives you one of the best areas in the game.

After clearing the boss, the game opens to one of the most versatile areas in the mid-game. The area beyond the Pontiff is a great player vs. player area, where you can sharpen your skills and earn some souls along the way. It’s a good idea to drop your sign there for such opportunities. Next, you can clear the deacons that are a floor above. You can reach there via the elevator. Exiting to the courtyard, you can attempt to kill the giants, there are only two, and you can bait with arrows to fight them 1-v-1. Doing this will allow you to maximize your farm in a small run.

Anor Londo Guardians

A massive throwback to the OG souls, this was one of the more awaited rumors that everyone wanted to be true. The bonfire to the bottom of this memorable landmark is a very effective farming spot.

The two silver knights are a breeze, considering that the player has had such encounters throughout his run. If the player has not opened the main door towards the battle against Aldrich, you can easily grind these two knights for a lot of souls and even a chance for their equipment which has high defense at the cost of a high weight value.

Grand Archives

You can start at any part of the Archives. The critical point is that you kill all the scholars in the Archives. It is relatively easy as the scholars don’t have any sort of threat, and they drop a lot of souls and items that you can trade. You can repeat this multiple times, and if you want to maximize your efficiency, you can farm the winged beasts at the roof of the archives at the exterior.

Dragonkin Mausoleum

This is a quick way to farm souls in the later stages of the vanilla game. After exiting the spawn, warriors are summoned one by one (you need to kill one to get the next to spawn). They spawn at the same place, so it is easy to get a backstab and follow up with heavy attacks. Each warrior gives about 2000 souls, and it can be done infinite times without resetting through the bonfire.

Wing Knights

Something to grind for the late game, this requires some preparation. It would help if you had at least a solid weapon and a Rapport Spell.

Go through the arch far enough for the winged knights to the dropdown. As soon as the one with the axes touches the ground, cast rapport, and then move away. The knights will fight and likely kill each other. If one is still alive but in low health, quickly kill it and then use coiled sword fragment to return to the bonfire (if you want to kill the third, you can, but the time and effort doing this aren’t worth it and just to reset). If the second knight still has high health, cast rapport on it and agro the third knight, cast spells at the non-rappored knight, and finish both off, use Coiled sword fragment to reset.

Ringed City Streets

This is one of the late-game farming locales in the game but requires The Ringed City DLC. Spawning at the street’s bonfire, go out and take a right, jump downwards, and drop strike the ringed knight. Go into the swamp area and be careful not to agro the other knights. Kill them one by one. It is advised that you bait out their charge attack. It allows you to get a backstab and follow up with two attacks for an easy kill.

In total, you kill about four knights, so it’s relatively fast and easy, provided you have a high DPS (Damage per Second) weapon.

Boss Cooping

Jolly cooperation is a unique feature to souls and a way for players to help one another to farm souls more easily. It also makes boss fights relatively easy, although the boss gets more powerful for that instant. However, three are always better than one; ask any soul expert.

It is recommended that you equip all the soul boosting items such as the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, the Shield of Want. If you have proceeded to the DLC, take some time to find the +3 Silver Ring.

Some of the best places for your summon sign include the Soul of Cinder. This is one of the easier bosses when you have the numbers. This boss also provides a ton of souls because he is the last boss of the game. You are very likely to face this boss quite frequently. Other bosses include the dancer, which has a huge learning curve for beginners, making it a frequent boss where support is required. Other bosses include DLC bosses, specifically the slave knight Gael and dark eater midir.

Gearing Up to Farm

Formally, you get souls for every sort of enemy death that occurs during your gameplay, except for setting pieces (such as the Rope bridge in Carthus Catacombs). To optimize souls received, you require good Gear, including weapons, equipment, rings, and consumables.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

This increases the number of souls you receive per kill. This is available very early to the game. There are two ways to get this. One is the honest way of gathering 20,000 Souls. Then opening the Tower above the fire link shrine will give us entrance to the tower. You can get to the Nest and cross it. There are illusionary walls. Passing through them reveals a chest that will give you a ring.

The other way is quite cheesy. You can glitch your character by jumping through a tree onto the roof.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

This item increases your discovery stat, allowing you to get valuable drops from killing enemies. The ring is located deep in Irithyll Dungeon. In a cell that has a window peeking towards the giant’s cell. This requires the old cell key, and there is a chest in the sewers ahead of the giant’s cell. Head to the Profaned Capital, then double back to the dungeon using a side passage. This will take you to a large shrine surrounded by a poisonous lake. Head to the roof of the shrine, and there will be an open window where you can parkour too. This will lead you to the cell where the ring is located.

While you are there, you can farm the white-robed maids that surround the arena for Yhorm, the giant. This farm is rather very low risk and can earn you about 20,000 souls along with some rusted gold coins.

Shield of Want

The shield of want allows you to get an extra percentage of the total souls you get for killing an enemy. It is also very useful, having 100% physical damage absorption and its second skill that allows you to use your equipped weapon’s weapon art. Like the Silver Ring, however, it is found in the middle of the central portion of the game. As you reach the smoldering lake, head left to the giant sandworm, dodge or kill it. Around its body, you will find the shield. You can either kill it yourself (easier said than done) or bait the ballista to hit the worm.

Symbol of Avarice

One of the more nostalgic, but still weird items in the game. A mimic chest! That you can wear on your head, how amusing. This is randomly dropped from killing a mimic chest or by forcing it to sleep and hoping that it drops this item. It boosts your item discovery rate, draining your health regularly. It is very useful in small farming routes. For longer ones, be sure to pack a lot of healing items.

Crystal Sage Rapier

The Crystal Sage’s Rapier is a unique weapon transposed from the Soul of the Crystal Sage, which can be gained early in the game. Wielding this weapon will increase your discovery stat. In the late game, it falls behind on damage, so it is advised to completely upgrade it or use it in the off-hand, trading out the shield of want and some slight loss in soul-gain.

Rusted Coins

Rusted coins are scattered throughout the souls’ world. They are present in all the areas of souls and can be purchased from merchants in the game. It allows you to boost your item discovery and stacks with your items, such as the symbol of avarice and the crystal sage rapier. You can buy them for few souls, and due to this, they are more preferred than the Rusted Gold Coins.

The reason is that Gold Coins, having a higher item discovery rate, are harder to find. Moreover, there are a finite number of them present in the game. An alternative to farming them is from the handmaids in the Profaned Capital, but their yield of souls is so low that it seems like a waste of time.

Increase Farming Speed

Even if a novice or veteran player knows what to do and how to do it, it will still be very inefficient and slow if the player does not use the right tools. So, here are a few tips and tricks to make the experience less tedious.

Farm in NG+

The easiest and most convenient way to farm souls is to progress as far as possible in the game through New Game +. NG+ in souls is infinite, but the difficulty of the bosses ends at NG+7, so the difficulty curve becomes still after a few playthroughs.

Even though NG+ seems tedious and time-consuming, it is worthwhile for patient players. Additionally, there are shortcuts to completing NG+, but they require a lot of patience and are very cruel. In the end, it is up to the player how deep he/she wants to go. However, you can look at the end game areas of the world to find optimal farming locations.

Moreover, NG+ allows players to retain their old and strong kits, which allows you to steamroll through the earlier part of the game and go to more challenging but more farm-heavy parts of the map.

Damage over Finesse

Farming is not an amusing pastime. Nobody likes to waste countless hours just to improve their character without any sort of new content. More so, no one would like it if they used something stylish over a method that does it in a flash. I’m referring to using. While cheesing bosses is a strategy that many players enjoy, these are not always efficient and sometimes work against you outside of a few scenarios. However, these are situational and don’t give you results in the long run. It is better to one-shot the enemy and moves to the next one than to put it on display, wasting precious seconds.

Item Farming is Profitable

Souls can also be gained by selling the items that drop from an enemy. While grinding souls by slaughtering the masses seems like a good idea, it becomes tiresome, and it would also be better that you sell items that you would not like to use.

In many of the farming routes, you would get many items randomly dropped from killing enemies. This includes souls that can be consumed, weapons, consumables, items that give temporary boosts, spells, and rare drops.

Remember that some items that are dropped from rare enemies are available only once per playthrough, so if you sell them, you won’t be able to get them back until NG+.

I would recommend equipping the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and using a Rusted Coin to boost your item discovery before farming. Make sure to replenish the coin after its duration expires. You can also improvise and use the duration of the coin to pick a suitable route to the farm. To put the icing on the cake, you can combine the symbol of avarice for maximum efficiency.

Jolly Cooperation

Co-op in this game is both good and bad, the good being that you get to play with people who have already cleared those areas, with the compromise that they would share some of the portions of souls. The bad is that bosses are amped up, and in some cases, become harder than when you would play solo. This is, however, very helpful, as you can clear very long and hard areas rather quickly. One good example is the Farron woods, where you can get lost for hours without knowing where to go and what you should be doing.

The caviar is that all players have the same goal, to farm efficiently and not to mess around and ruin each other’s time. Sometimes, the player should do this alone; however, a dedicated farming session with stronger players does not seem like a bad idea.

Routing V/S Rushing

Routing refers to walking from one place to the next. It can be from bonfire to bonfire. Or, in some cases, a loop to the same bonfire that grants you a lot of kills. Routing gives you a very slow but reliable way of getting souls, and if you are prepared, it is easy.

Rushing just means going to a specific place, ignoring all the obstacles in between. Even though it seems fast, it is unreliable, and there is a significant risk of randomly dying and losing a lot of progress.

To summarize, routing is a fun experience, where the casual sightseeing becomes a farming run, whereas rushing is just going from point a to b, without a care as to what is going on. In a game such as souls, unlikely events are a rare sight, but it is better to be efficient than to wait for probable things.