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5 Fastest Flying Mounts in Terraria

5 Fastest Flying Mounts in Terraria

Terraria’s expansive sandbox features multiple modes of travel. While some require you to craft certain items, others can be as simple as pressing a single button. Speed matters the most when choosing these travel methods. 

The mounting system works as a great means of traveling from one place to another. While you can choose to add dimensional portals, they still limit you in terms of moving freely. Besides, sneaking a mount through these portals doesn’t sound bad either. 

Mounts are one of the fastest ways of travel in Terraria. They are simplistic and easy to use while providing the necessary movement speed to reach a destination as fast as possible. The game houses a total of 26 mounts with variable movement speeds.

Choosing from such a wide pool can come with its own set of challenges. Therefore, it is important to analyze each mount to find its respective pros and cons. 

What are Flying Mounts in Terraria?

Flying mounts are the objects or creatures that fly high up in the skies of Terraria. They are generally attached to a mount summoning item that allows the player to summon a mount and ride on top of it. These mounts are generally much faster than land mounts.

Unfortunately, there is no way to dual-wield a mount in Terraria. Therefore, the previous mount will automatically go into the inventory upon activating another mount. With that said, a single mount can be equipped to be used as a quick cast in Terraria. 

Top 5 Flying Mounts in Terraria

Flying mounts can come with their own set of unique stats and abilities. Most of these mounts are relatively hard to obtain. However, they are worth every ounce of effort. Therefore, try to obtain them as early as possible for an easier game progression experience. 

With that said, here are the top Mounts available to be used in Terraria:

Pirate Ship Mount

This item has a 25% chance to be dropped by the Flying Dutchman in the Master Mode of Terraria. For those unaware, the Flying Dutchman is a Hardmode Mini-Boss that comes during a hardmode Pirate Invasion event. You can choose to ignore or kill it depending on your current strength. 

With that said, the mount has the rarity of Firey Red and deals a total of 100 base summon damage. This mount can move at the following movement speeds:

Movement DirectionMovement Speed
Horizontal Flight36 mph (PC) /  81 mph (Consoles)
Diagonal Flight54 mph (PC) / 91 mph (Consoles)
Vertical Speed41 mph (PC)
Water Speed20 mph (PC) / 64 mph (Consoles)

This mount can be obtained before defeating a mechanical boss. However, it is quite challenging given the general difficulty of the Master Mode. Therefore, proceed at your own risk. 

UFO Mount

This mount can be summoned by using a Cosmic Cak Key that allows the player to hover in the air as long as he/she wants. This key can be dropped during a martian madness event and has a 16.67% drop rate from the Martian Saucer. The Rarity for this vehicle is yellow and it features a top vertical speed of 41 mph. 

The UFO Mount can go up to 58 mph diagonally, making it the same speed as the Dungeon Guardian. Which is pretty fast, but not the fastest.

Witch’s Broom

This broom is a flying mount that can be obtained from the Mourning Wood in expert mode. These Mourning Woods can be found during the Halloween event and are generally considered quite hard to beat. The rarity of the said weapon is Rainbow and can be considered as a faster replica of the UFO mount.

It can reach the following top speeds:

Movement DirectionMovement Speed
Horizontal Flight41 mph
Vertical Flight62 mph 

Cute Fishron Mount

The Cute Fishron is a miniature version of the Duke Fishron mount and can be used to fly as much as you want. While the mount is rather slow on lands with a base speed of 40 mph, this value more than doubles in the water. 

The Cute Fishron Mount can reach speeds of 105% (82 mph) cementing itself as the fastest flying water mount. When the rider’s health falls below half, the player gains a 15% increase in terms of damage.

With that said, this mount has a Rainbow rarity and can only be obtained from Duke Fishron’s Treasure Bag in the Expert Mode. This item is has a 100% dropping chance and can come with other cool weapons such as the Razorblade Typhoon and Tempest Staff, 

Drill Containment Unit

Terraria’s developers showing off the DCU

Drill Containment Unit, or DCU is arguably the most useful unit in the game as it lets players mine blocks at an insane speed. The mount can mine any material in the world and is arguably the fastest controllable miner in the entire game. 

However, this comes with its set of limitations. You cannot use weapons and items while sitting in a Drill Containment Unit. Therefore, you need to be ready to get out at a moment’s notice. 

The Drill mount can fly indefinitely and has the following flight speeds:

Movement DirectionMovement Speed
Horizontal Flight31 mph
Vertical Flight41 mph 
Diagonal Flight51 mph

The rarity of this flying mount is a steep yellow and can be crafted using the following list of materials:

Material NameQuantity
Chlorophyte Ore600 / 720
Glowing Mushrooms600
Hellstone Ore / Meteorite Ore120 (either)

Consequently, you will be needing four different stations to mine these ores into bars. The Chlorophyte and Spectre Bars will require a Hardmode Forge while the Shroomite Bar needs an Autohammer. Consequently, you will need to build an Ancient Manipulator for the Lumunite Bars and a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil to build the DCU.

All in all, mounts are a necessary expense to boost your game progress from the early portions of the game. While these flying mounts can only be unlocked in the later stages of the game, it is still possible to get the land ones for as early as defeating the King Slime.