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8 Best Weapon Types in Vampyr and where to find them

8 Best Weapon Types in Vampyr and where to find them

Vampyr is one of those underrated games and a lot of people have seen the game, but have never played it themselves. There is actually a lot of content packed into this game because not only is there a great story to play through, the game lets you choose and upgrade weapons and abilities. Here are the 8 best weapon types in the game and where you can find their different versions.

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Hacksaw (One-handed)

Used Hacksaw – It is found on the Second Floor of Pembroke Hospital, on a table.

Rakesh’s Surgical Saw – It is found by embracing Rakesh in Pembroke Hospital and then looting his chest in his tent.

The Hacksaw is a really good weapon because it is a bleeding weapon. It is also found really early on in the game so it is one of the best weapons to go for. There are 2 versions of the Hacksaw and both are basically the same thing. Rakesh’s is one you probably want to go for if you want to embrace a bunch of people, but in all honesty, if you can avoid it, then don’t embrace him for it. The used version is just as good.

Hatchet (One-handed)

Used Hatchet – It is found in Northwest Whitechapel District, on the second floor of the warehouse with the Beast in it.

Clay’s Hatchet – Found by embracing Clay either on the docks or in Pembroke Hospital.

Archer’s Hatchet – Found by completing Archer’s Side Quest or Embracing him.

Hatchets are my favorite weapons in the game because you do massive blunt damage by just using the hatchet alone without an off-hand weapon. It also allows you to boost the blood damage on it so it deals blunt and bleed damage, perfect for those long fights. You can also get it very early on, but you must embrace Clay Cox in the beginning to get it.

Cudgel (Two-handed)

Common Barbed Cudgel – Found at the very beginning of the Sewer.

Joe’s Barbed Cudgel – Found by Embracing Joe in Whitechapel and then loot his chest in Harry Peterson’s House.

The Cudgel is pretty much a bat with barbed wire on the end of it. It deals massive blood damage and blunt damage just like the Hatchet, and it is easily one of the best weapons in the game. The common Cudgel is very easy to find at the beginning of the game, and you don’t need to embrace anyone for it. Just make sure you keep upgrading it and adding those bonuses on.

Scythe (Two-handed)

Used Scythe – Found after the first initial hideout of the game, you will find the Scythe at the end of the tunnel after the first bridge.

Rodney’s Scythe – Found by Embracing Rodney in the Sewers near where Harriet resides.

The Scythe is one of those weapons where you either like it or you don’t. It is a two-handed weapon like the Cudgel, but you can’t equip an off-hand so it is a little annoying to use. If you use this weapon, then you only get to use this weapon, you can’t swap to any others unless you unequip it. It is a really fun weapon to use though. It is pretty easy to find because it is in the very beginning of the game.

Stake (Off-Hand)

Used Stake – Found after the first Hideout. It is in the next building on a corpse on the first floor.

Used Priwen Stake – Found by completing Thelma’s questline in the Hospital. It is in the Priwen Guard Outpost.

Charlotte’s Stake – Found by completing Charlotte’s Questline. You have to defeat the Vampire at the end and then talk to Charlotte.

Stakes are one of the most important off-hand weapons you will use in the game. Yeah, there are a ton of other off-hand weapons that you can choose from, but its blunt damage is amazing. You get it in the very first hideout you visit so just keep upgrading it until you can do the max stun damage with it.

Knife (Off-hand)

Used Liston Knife – Found in the basement of the Morgue. It is on a body you walk right past.

Gwyneth Surgical Knife – Found by Embracing Gwyneth in Pembroke Hospital.

Thoreau’s Surgical Knife – Found by Embracing Dr. Thoreau Strickland in Pembroke Hospital and loot his chest in the office right next to yours.

Knives in Vampyr are mostly used for blood absorption so you can use your abilities more often. You can find your first knife in the Morgue near the Pembroke Hospital. Off-hand weapons are very important so make sure to choose the ones you are most comfortable using. Either the Knife to make them bleed or the Stake to stun them.

Pistol (Ranged)

Common Pistol Parabellum – Found by defeating Jimmy in his boss fight.

Joe’s Semi-automatic Pistol – Found by Embracing Harry Peterson in his house.

Pistols are good to use if you want to hit enemies from far away and not be in the danger zone. Pistols use normal bullets. Bullets are very cheap and common, and you can hold a large amount of them. Of course, the one downside is that it eats through bullets very quickly. The gun is a pistol that is in the class of a shotgun in terms of damage and effectiveness, but it also has all the weaknesses of a shotgun, as the burst fire also essentially means that the 9 round clip functions as a 3 round clip.

Shotgun (Ranged)

Remarkable Pump Action Shotgun – It is found in a house on the East-Side. You will explore the house for the main story.

Good double-barreled Shotgun – It is found in the Shopping Mall in West-End. It is on the 2nd Floor.

Milton’s Shotgun – It can be bought from Milton or by Embracing him at Pembroke Hospital.

Edwinas Double-Barreled Shotgun – Found by Embracing Tom on the Docks.

This is arguably the best gun in the game. It does fantastic damage and only requires a single shotgun shell per shot. On top of that, it has a larger magazine capacity than any other shotgun, and it sports a much faster reload time than any other gun. Shotguns are very useful for bosses because they can sometimes bring down health a lot.


In conclusion, all the different weapon types have their own use, so it is up to you to figure out which one you like the best. Even finding different weapon combos is totally worth it like having a blunt weapon and a bleed weapon equipped, which makes it easy to switch between them at a moment’s notice. It is imperative you find a weapon you are comfortable with or else you will have a hard time.

*All photos were taken from the Vampyr Fandom Wiki*