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How to Make Stairs in Terraria (Easy Guide)

How to Make Stairs in Terraria (Easy Guide)

Terraria gives the player the freedom to explore their creativity without many restraints. Since it is our basic human need, players tend to focus on building the best possible house for themselves. They employ every tool and design to make their homes a sight. Stairs are essential to a house design, and you can get creative when making them in Terraria.

You can make the most effortless stair design in Terraria by simply taking some platforms (building items) like Stone Platforms and placing them at an angle or diagonally going upwards.


Using the Smart Cursor, the platforms automatically merge with the lower ones to create a basic stair structure. You can add walls and other ornaments around it to give it a little more flare. Let’s take a look at the process in detail.

Prerequisite for Building Stairs

The things you require to build a stair in Terraria are:

  • Platform material of choice. We will be using the Stone Platform in this guide, it is created from Grey Bricks. For a detailed understanding of how many platforms are in the game and how to create them, please check the Terraria Wiki’s Platform section.
  • A Hammer if you want to chisel the platform yourself in a stair. The tier of the hammer doesn’t matter as it only affects the speed and range. However, we recommend using the Smart Cursor instead to make things rather easier.


  • Smart Cursor will automatically join the platform pieces together so you won’t have to go through the hassle of connecting each piece using a hammer. It adds to existing platforms (in any direction, including vertical).
    • Smart Cursor selects a target based on the active item. On PC by default, it is toggled on and off by pressing Ctrl, and on Mobile by holding down and dragging the right thumbstick.
  • Wall material of any kind, up to your preference. The walls are only there to add aesthetic value to the stair structure. It is not required but it will look much better once you set it up.

Building Stairs

Basic Stairs

Let’s start with the basics. Making a stair in Terraria is quite simple if you follow this design. This one can be placed in almost any place without facing many problems with the constraints of a location. Follow the steps below to create this staircase.

Step 1: Building Stairs

Building stairs in Terraria

Using the Smart Cursor’s Platform placing functionality, start laying the Stone Platforms in an upward-facing diagonal pattern. Each platform you place will connect to the previous one and form a basic flight of stairs. Keep placing platforms to extend it to your desired or required height.


You can leave the stair structure like this, and it will function just fine. But if you are looking to add some details to make it pop and seem like an actual staircase, then check the next step.

Step 2: Aesthetics

Normally stairs have a foundation or something below to form a structure, and we will add just that. They do not float in the air in real life, I guess. And to fake this look, you can add pieces of a wall into the mix.

Below the newly formed set of stairs, start adding Wall pieces to give the illusion of something below each step. You can add whichever type of wall material here, all depends on your preferred theme and the items available at your disposal.

Basic stairs aesthetics

You can either place the wall pieces directly below the stairs to create a set of suspended stairs/steps.

Full stair with foundation

Or you can construct a full wall below the stairs for a heavy-looking full set of a staircase.

Using this basic structure of stairs you can add a bunch more different items and ornaments to add to the overall aesthetics of your creation. An example of this would be adding Minecart Rails to the bottom and top of the stairs to make it look like the stairs have a railing.


If you are looking for a more advanced stair design, check out this article on making a Spiral Staircase in Terraria.

Once you have the basic knowledge of how to create a stair structure in Terraria, then you can go to town to construct the most intricate of designs. We have provided a simple stair layout in this article which you can use directly or build upon creatively when assembling your own flight of stairs. Happy ascending those stairs, people!