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10 Best PvP Weapons In Destiny 2

10 Best PvP Weapons In Destiny 2

If you’re looking to dominate the PvP scene in Destiny 2 then you need to outfit yourself with the best PvP Weapons. The right weapon can be the difference between being at the bottom of the leaderboards and the top. So in this guide, we’ll be discussing the top 10 Best PvP weapons in Destiny 2 right now.

  • BxR-55 Battler
  • Austringer
  • Beloved
  • Piece of Mind
  • Riiswalker
  • Funnelweb
  • Le Monarque 
  • Main Ingredient 
  • Mechabre
  • Gjallarhorn

There is such an array of weapons that are available in Destiny 2 that picking the best one for your PvP experience can be quite tricky.

The Crucible, however, is notorious because you don’t have to just know which weapons are good. Rather you also need to know why. So read on to find out more about our list!

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Best PvP Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Weapons
Destiny 2 Weapons

If you have been interested in PvP or are an avid PvPer then you wanna know, and hopefully use, the best weapons in Destiny 2. That’s natural, especially if you have a bank full of them. So in this section, we’ll go over every weapon we highlighted above and tell you what makes them so good.

There are several weapons, both returning and newly introduced, that are a fixture of the current meta. Using these weapons and not using them makes a world of difference in the Crucible.

And although we don’t mind if you’d rather duke it out with whatever your teammates are using, we all know it’s just more fun to win.

But what makes our picks so good? Well, it is a combination of a few things. The first fact is that we have numerous sources that we used to get people’s opinions about the current Destiny 2 meta. And I gotta say, I love swerving through data and finding patterns of use and damage parameters.

Finally, we checked general weapon popularity and compared it with their respective win rates to come up with this list. In this listing, however, we opted not to discuss the specific crunchy numbers but rather wanted to give you a general overview of what makes these weapons so good. So let’s jump into it, shall we?

1. BxR-55 Battler

BxR - 55 Battler - Destiny 2
BxR – 55 Battler – Destiny 2

The first weapon on our list is the spectacular Pulse Rifle known as BxR-55 Battler. Not only is it a fantastic weapon to use in the Crucible, but it pays homage to Bungie’s Halo series. If you’re a fan of the Halo franchise then you’ll be very familiar with this weapon and find a lot of joy in playing with it in Destiny’s PvP.

The weapon is a beast in PvP. It provides you with an exceptional experience with both hip firing, handling, and stability. Essentially, all the aspects you would want from a top-tier weapon. The stability and handling it provides are valuable as it gives greater control to you in the intense environment of the Crucible.

With the Battler, you can have fun just running and gunning your opponents down. And will have the ease of steamrolling anyone that gets in your way with the snowball effect of the Enhanced Kill Clip. So the weapon not only gives you the tools to overpower your enemies but makes it incredibly fun to do so.

How to Obtain the BxR-55 Battler

You can obtain the BxR-55 Battler through the Xur’s Treasure Hoard and Dares of Eternity drop.

2. Austringer

Austringer - Destiny 2
Austringer – Destiny 2

The next weapon on our list is the Hand Cannon called the Austbringer. If you’ve played any Crucible so far then you know that this weapon is an absolute beast. The Austbringer has terrorized the Crucible forever, and even now it holds up as one of the best weapons that you could utilize in the game.

It was available as a craftable weapon back in the Season of the Haunted. So your best chance was back then if you wanted to swoop up this incredible weapon.

But if you missed out then don’t worry, you’ll receive many other chances to obtain it later down the line. Especially because it is such a feature in the best Destiny 2 builds you can play right now.

You can’t go wrong when using the Austbringer. It’s stable and accurate and most importantly, every shot is deadly. A seasoned player will be able to clutch duels against other players simply through the use of the weapon. The incredible Ranged Stat of the Austringer truly helps it shine as a formidable PvP weapon.

There are, however, some enhancements that can aid this weapon to be even better. These are both boosted range and Magnification of Enhanced Rangefinder. Both of these help the hand cannon from going from a gimmick weapon to one that everyone utilizes.

How to Obtain the Austringer?

You can obtain the weapon, Austringer, by either Leviathan, drops or you can spend some money on your part and buy the weapon through the use of Crown of Sorrow.

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3. The Beloved

Beloved - Destiny 2
Beloved – Destiny 2

The next weapon on the list is arguably the best Sniper Rifle for PvP. The Beloved has the best snappiness, stability, and power when compared to any of the other Sniper Rifles in the meta currently. There is a certain finesse that it takes to be able to play as a Sniper Rifle player.

The Beloved unfortunately doesn’t have the highest Range stat, which means you won’t be making insane long-ranged kills through it.

Rather its strength lies in its near 70 Aim assist. This is incredibly powerful in the hands of someone who’s naturally got good aim. The weapon goes from mid-tier to god status if you know how to use it properly.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t mind doing some practice to get the hang of the aim assist and range of the weapon then you’re in for a treat using the Beloved.

Regardless of your skill level, this will be a good weapon for you. And it is because of this that we don’t mind recommending this to anyone, but specially trained players with good aim.

How to Obtain the Beloved?

There are two good, surefire, ways to get the Beloved. These two methods include either the Leviathan drop or the purchase from the Crown of Sorrow.

4. Peace of Mind

Piece of Mind
Piece of Mind – Destiny 2

Our next weapon is a Pulse Rifle called Piece of Mind. I’ll be honest, this weapon provides you with several pieces of someone’s mind that you blast apart.

The Piece of Mind is an excellent mid-range weapon and is currently incredibly popular in the meta. You can’t read a must-have guide without its name popping up somewhere.

Its fame is well deserved, however, due to its excellent mid-range attack. Its mid-range ability currently exceeds most if not all of its competition.

And due to the additional Stability that it can build up, you won’t find it very difficult to get into a gunfight with this weapon.

Modifications such as the Full Auto Mod are popular with this weapon. This is because at 540 rounds-per-minute (RPM) you will not want to miss a single shot when using the Piece of Mind.

Additionally, you can use the Enhanced Moving Target mod, so you can even aim down its sights, or strafe effectively.

However, these additions do not detract from the fact that the base weapon is incredibly powerful. And can give you the advantage in whatever combat encounter you might find yourself within.

It only lacks range, which let’s face it, too many cares for. In the current Crucible meta, speed is the name of the game.

How to Obtain the Weapon

There are three methods to obtain the Piece of Mind. The first is as a Season of the Risen drop. The second is a War Table purchase. And the third is as a Psyops Battlegrounds drop.

5. Riiswalker

Riiswalker – Destiny 2

The next weapon that I’ve chosen for this list is the legendary Shotgun called Riiswalker. It’s hard to go wrong with this weapon when it has so many broken combinations and modifications you can receive. The weapon simply improves your performance regardless of what rank or level you play.

One of the most crucial factors in the success of the Riiswalker is its superb handling. With its beastly handling score of 71, it provides such a smooth gameplay experience that you can’t help but fall in love with using this weapon for you to charge the Crucible.

The weapon is excellent for someone that wants to constantly be on the move, especially if you’re coupling the weapon with the Skulking Wolf perk and the Quick Draw Trait.

The weapon will allow you to move from enemy to enemy, slaying your foes quickly, efficiently, and without much effort.

How to Obtain the Riiswalker?

You can obtain the Riiswalker from Saladin through the Iron Engrams. You can focus on your Iron Banner matches to level up the reputation required to unlock this weapon from its vendor.

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6. Funnelweb

Funnelweb – Destiny 2

The Funnelweb is a legendary Submachine Gun and is one of the best weapons that you can currently use in the Crucible. Much like the Riiswalker mentioned before it, the Funnelweb has tremendously good Handling stats. Coupled with that it has incredible penetrative force.

The weapon provides two immense benefits, it allows you to stay on the field for longer, and dispatches enemies quickly. This means that combinations that include ammo refueling abilities and an increase in movement speed will work very well with this weapon.

You will notice most people running the Veist Stinger perk with the weapon and additional Trait combos such as Subsistence and Frenzy. The weapon is incredibly popular, and I can test that it’s been the reason I’ve improved my K/D ratio. And I think it’ll serve you well too.

How to Obtain the Funnelweb?

The Funnelweb can currently be obtained as a World Drop within Destiny 2 if you have The Witch Queen expansion. So the only method for you to obtain it is from Legendary engrams that drop from in-game activities or by defeating random enemies in the game.

7. Le Monarque

Le Monarque
Le Monarque – Destiny 2

The next weapon on our list is the Le Monarque. It is an incredibly useful Bow that does poison damage over time. I’ll tell you directly, the best ability of this weapon is that it allows you to track your opposing Guardians through walls, and convey information to you and your teammates otherwise unavailable.

Even after so many nerfs, the Le Monarque is an absolutely brutal weapon to be used in PvP. Its damage-over-time effect essentially puts your opponents on a timer, and the stress it places on them allows you and your squad to capitalize and overcome them.

Not only does it provide immense utility to your squad, but the Le Monarque still hits like a truck. The damage can output against opposing Guardians is immense.

And if you’re up against someone that hasn’t faced the weapon in combat before then you can rest assured that they won’t see what hit them.

The weapon performs the best in modes such as Iron Banner but is a great weapon to use in general for any team-based mode in the Crucible.

How to Obtain the Le Monarque

The method to obtaining this incredible weapon is quite simple. It is a quest reward for completing the Butterfly’s Grace Exotic Quest.

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8. Main Ingredient

Main Ingredient
Main Ingredient – Destiny 2

Despite the quirky name, the Main Ingredient is an incredible weapon. It is a Fusion Rifle that does not have it’s equal currently in the game.

The weapon is frequently sold by Xur, and they’re usually devastatingly powerful. Almost every variation of the Main Ingredient is verging on being broken.

You can pretty much understand the strength of this weapon in the fact that Bungie nerfed Firmly Planted. Yet still, we think it’s a disservice not to add Main Ingredient to this tier list. The weapon, simply put, eclipses the other weapons available to fight within the Crucible.

Increases in Accuracy within the Crucible, in addition to this weapon, can be tremendous. The Scope, Stability, and raw damage of the Main Ingredient are what make this weapon so good.

If you’re using an additional extension to increase the weapon’s range then it becomes even more dangerous.

Regardless of how you choose to play with this weapon, it will give you the results you desire. Individual skills might vary, and thus it may vary how much mileage you can get out of the weapon itself. But it’s an obvious fact that the weapon has some tremendous capabilities.

How to Get the Main Ingredient?

To obtain the Main Ingredient, you will need no small bit of luck. Either you can get it as a reward for Strikes, and Vanguard Packages. Or you might be able to buy it off of Xur, who could be selling a God Roll version of the weapon at some point.

9. Mechabre

Mechabre – Destiny 2

The Mechabre is the best Sniper that has been added to the game. It’s a recent addition to the game as well, so you know Bungie intended it to be as strong as it is. The Mechabre has an immense amount of impact as an Arc weapon.

Additionally, the weapon can obtain some tremendous rolls and exceptionally powerful PvP perks. While the gun itself is amazing, it is made even better by the fact that it receives many powerful perks.

If you’re looking for a powerful Sniper that you can use in your PvP matches then look no further than the Mechabre.

How to Obtain the Mechabre?

Initially, the Mechabre was an exclusive reward for completing the Festival of the Lost in October of 2022. You could simply participate in the event and obtain the weapon.

However, for players who missed out on that event you are awarded a guaranteed Mechabre from completing the Gone But Not Forgotten Quest.

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10. Gjallarhorn

Gjallarhorn – Destiny 2

A fan favorite Exotic Rocket Launcher has made its return to Destiny 2 and has taken over the PvP scene. The Gjallarhorn is a great exotic heavy weapon to have with you while you fight within the Crucible.

It’s got a slew of powerful perks, such as the Pack Hunter that provides additional Handling, Reloading, and Speed to all your teammates every time you fire the Gjallarhorn. This means your team will have an immense boast to its utility as you utilize this weapon in the Crucible.

The Gjallarhorn also has the iconic Wolfpack Rounds. Which are vastly powerful. And provide a unique utility to the squad that other heavy weapons simply cannot provide. However, I would still advise that this needs quite a bit of coordination, so make sure you’ve got an understanding team.

How to Obtain the Gjallarhorn?

There are several ways to obtain the Gjallarhorn nowadays. However, a few obvious and easy methods are the following: Complete the And Out Fly the Wolves Quest, Complete the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, or talk to Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome.

Destiny 2 has many incredible PvP weapons and powerful perk combinations. Even so, I believe that these are the weapons that transcend the rest, and will provide you with the best utility within the Crucible. If you find this list helpful then let me know in the comments. Till next time!