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Blue Axolotl Easy Breeding Guide (Fastest Method)

Blue Axolotl Easy Breeding Guide (Fastest Method)

Minecraft is a challenging game to master. Mainly because of the insane amount of mechanics and item properties that come into play. Therefore, keeping track and learning everything can take significant time. 

While there are way faster methods that you can use to spawn a Blue Axolotl, like using the command /summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_born, you might still be stuck with the breeding option, nevertheless. 

This becomes unavoidable when you want to spawn a Blue Axolotl and cannot have cheats turned on in the game (which means you can’t use the command method).

The fastest and easiest method of breeding pairs of Axolotls in Minecraft is by feeding them a bucket of tropical fish to spawn baby Axolotls. However, the parents cannot be bred again for five minutes. 


Therefore, you must gather many Axolotls and create a harem to increase your chances of spawning a Blue Axolotl fast.

Things To Keep In Mind While Breeding An Axolotl

Blue Axolotls in Minecraft
Image Credits: Rock Paper Shotgun

That said, creatures in Minecraft are no different as you have to get to know them, just like every other thing in the game.

Blue Axolotls, easily one of the rarest creatures in Minecraft, are hard to come by. We won’t be wrong even if we say it is nearly impossible to spawn one naturally. The spawn ratio of a Blue Aloxotl is about one individual in every 1200 births.

Before we start breeding Axolotls, here are a few things you should remember while producing baby Axolotls in Minecraft.

Tropical Fish

If you are running about an Axolotl with a single Tropical Fish in hand and see that it is not attracted to the fish, you should know that they are only attracted to a “Bucket” of tropical fish. 


So, a single fish is just not going to cut it.


Axolotls love dark places near or under the water. Therefore, if you are building a Harem, set up a healthy environment for your Axolotls.

Cool Down Period

A pair of Axolotls cannot breed again until 5 minutes after a recent birth. Speaking of which, baby Axolotls take 10-20 minutes to grow into adults. 

TIP: You can always feed them more tropical fish to speed up their growth.

Spawning A Blue Axolotl Via Breeding (Fastest Method)

Breeding Axolotls is easy; however, when discussing the Blue Axolotls specifically, you might have to trouble yourself slightly.

Although, keep in mind that it might be near impossible to spawn a Blue Axolotl on the first try. So, you’ll have to be patient and keep trying since they are the rarest color of Axolotls to spawn.

Here’s the fastest method that you can use to spawn a Blue Axolotl by breeding Adult Axolotls in Minecraft.

  1. Gather a pair of Axolotls to eventually form a large harem (the more Axolotls you have, the faster you will get a Blue Axolotl.)
  2. Collect a lot of Buckets full of Tropical Fish relative to the pairs of Axolotls you have in the Harem.
  3. Stay before the Axolotls and feed them a bucket of tropical fish to get them to love mode.
  4. Once the Axolotls are in love mode, they breed and produce baby Axolotls. If you are lucky, you will get a blue Axolotl from the multiple pairs you have bred.

Different Types Of Axolotls In Minecraft

Axolotls in Minecraft
Image Credits: TW Infinite

There are quite a few variations of Axolotls in Minecraft about their colors and appearances.

Usually, you will encounter the first four Axolotls of the five mentioned below in the game while wandering around in the open world.

  1.  Lucy (pink colored)
  2. Wild (brown-colored)
  3. Gold (yellow colored)
  4. Cyan (whitish with aqua textured spots)
  5. Blue 

Fact: Blue Colored Axolotl is the rarest of these five variations of the Axolotls in Minecraft, with less than one appearance in 1000 individuals.

How Is The Color Of An Axolotl Determined?

As a general rule of thumb, the baby Axolotl will likely adopt the color characteristics of the parent Axolotls. However, the likelihood that an entirely different Axolotl may spawn is also there but seen less frequently.

Is There A Specific Color Breeding Process To Produce Blue Axolotls?

The colors of the parent Axolotls do not affect the spawn of a Blue Axolotl as most babies will adopt the characteristics of the parents, and there’s only one in 1200 chance that the spawn will be a Blue Axolotl.

Wrapping Up: Fastest Way To Spawn A Blue Axolotl

You may think spawning a Blue Axolotl is not exactly a walk in the park. However, you can always use a command to generate a Blue Axolotl, but remember that it is considered cheating since you are using a command.


On the offset that you want to do it using the legal method by breeding the Axolotls, you may have to produce many at a time to increase your chances of getting Blue Baby Axolotls. You will have to find many buckets of tropical fish and a suitable environment, as mentioned above in the article.