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Elden Ring DLC: Features, Hints and What To Expect

Elden Ring DLC: Features, Hints and What To Expect

Since most of the players have gone through the main story of Elden Ring and many people have sifted through the items in-game to get some semblance to the lore-heavy world, it’s time for the world to start speculating what’s next this game has to offer. Considering From Software has added some DLC expansions to the majority of their games it’s safe to assume that they will be adding content to their most ambitious project to date and we have a hunch that it will be their biggest DLC drop ever.

Most From Software DLCs have either explored the entry’s past or some parallel story that adds to the lore of the world. Mind you the game’s community is ever hungry for more lore you could imagine the anticipation. During this time the player base goes full throttle into speculation and theory mode and comes up with sometimes sane while other times insane explanations to what should we expect of the DLC.

The most prominent theories that are circling the internet these days are:

  • Regions
    • Divine Towers Connection
    • Landmass in Northwest
  • DLC Character / Story
    • Miquella
    • Rykard
    • Dusk-Eyed Queen

The data miners and people playing with the underlying code to discover unused content are always fueling the fire of this hypothesizing flame.

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Speculations and deep-diving into the game have stirred the player base to propose multiple hidden regions in the game that are potential areas where DLC could be based. Some of these are listed below.

Divine Towers Connection

When you have uncovered the whole map and gone to each Divine tower you might not have noticed that connecting all the towers create a shape that has a suspicious cloud smack dab in the middle of it. People who are aware of From Software sensibilities would wonder that this cloud and its placement are very indicative of an area that could be added later on.

People have used the Flying torrent glitch and cheat engines to make their way to this cloud’s location and found a large dark square in its place. This led to further theorizing that it feels like a placeholder for some cut location that can be added. Considering this is a huge world and the DLC region would potentially be big you might not be convinced that this rather small tile will be the expansion.

Landmass in Northwest

Just northwest of the general Lands Between map, players have spotted this huge landmass that could easily be utilized as the surface for the future DLC. Within the lore, there are many other areas that we do not visit like the Land of Reeds and the Numen civilization. As we have mentioned before a potential DLC will require a massive land space and this location is suited for that purpose.

Considering that From Software has designed this game in such a way that most major landmarks and places that we visit are easily spotted from various parts of the map, so if you can see it you can go there philosophy is ever-present in the game. Taking this design theory we can assume that this landmass will be accessible later on in some DLC.

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DLC Character / Story

The DLCs in the past have centered around either an integral character mentioned prominently throughout the main story or some lore. Here we will see some of these.


The child of Radagon and Marika, Miquella is hinted at as the one stuck in the cocoon type thing in Mohg’s arena. And according to the lore Mohg took Miquella from the Haligtree in an attempt to save the Malenia from the rot. The Malenia boss room has the shape of the cocoon missing from the tree there. Mohg has personal agenda to create his dynasty and wanted a demi-god’s power and influence to achieve it.

The Miquella seen in the starting cutscene and certain statues littered about is a weak child and the hand that pops out of the cocoon is a large one suggesting that Mohg’s ambitions were somehow achieved as the child grew. The DLC could easily explore a world where Miquella reached his power potential and is now a major threat to deal with. Gideon also states that Miquella is in slumber meaning he is not dead. There is a fully realized body in the cocoon that some deep divers discovered but that could just be a placeholder or another addition to the theorizing. There is also a cut weapon in the files called Abundance and Decay Twinblade which is heavily related to the Miquella and Malenia twins.


Another child of Radagon, this character can be utilized for DLC as well. Even after you defeat him in Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon he states that no one can hold him captive and the serpent never dies. And if you return to this arena again you can see his mangled self still squirming around with Tanith slowly eating his flesh and saying she wants him to basically take over her body and live on.

Considering the lore behind Rykard’s blasphemous transformation and the agendas of the God-Devouring Serpent and the fact that Rykard is still alive apparently, the DLC could explore some other possibility of an encounter with the demi-god.

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Dusk-Eyed Queen

You must have seen these disgusting skin-wearing duo in your playthrough. They are god hunters and wear their skins and are on orders from their queen, the Dusk-Eyed Queen. These enemies are present in some curious locations like the Temple of Eiglay where they are present to carry out their duties of hunting gods. The community is speculating all sorts of women in the game to be the queen and we will not dwell on that what we can get out from this is that there have been civilization before the Erdtree existed.

These Godskin nobles were present in the Lands Between before the Great Will’s Order trounced them and looking at the Godslayer’s Greatsword’s description it says that Maliketh was the one who defeated them. The queen here is still at large and is controlling her apostle from the shadows. This forgotten civilization can be explored in the DLC.

These are some of the theories and hints that are put forward by the community and many of them make sense especially knowing From Software’s way of working. With that said we can reiterate the previous statement and can also say that the unorthodox nature of From Software can easily produce a DLC from the left field, so please take the above-mentioned theories with a grain of salt. The theories are part of the fun of being a fan of this genre.