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Both Eternal Cities Locations In Elden Ring

Both Eternal Cities Locations In Elden Ring

From Software games are always brimming with all types of locations. Some are required to progress the game while others are tucked away behind unassuming methods or paths. These are some optional locations that add to the lore of the world or are somehow connected to NPC quests. There are many reasons why they exist and exploring them is the best way to figure them out.

Elden Ring, being a part of the FromSoft family, has many of these optional locations for astute players to discover. And in this game’s situation, they all are very intricately tied to the many NPCs you come across during your adventure.

If you are aware of Ranni’s story arc then that whole side quest will take you to two different subterranean hidden cities namely Nokron, Eternal City, and Nokstella, Eternal City. These are necessary to complete her quest and are some of the most beautiful locations within Elden Ring.

  • Nokron will be accessible when you have defeated Starscourge Radahn and the star falls in Limgrave where there will be a massive crater in the ground. Descending this hole will lead you to this city.
  • Nokstella will be accessible by following Ranni’s quest when she disappears and Renna’s Rise is unlocked. There will be a portal in this building that will teleport you to this location. Also from Deeproot Depth, you can use the coffin near the edge of the waterfall to travel here.

Let’s now see how and when can you get to these cities.

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Nokron, Eternal City

You will first come into contact with the region that houses this city when you travel down the Siofra River Well in Limgrave. You can discover this area but there is no way to get to the exact city from this particular area.

The Nokron, Eternal City is a ruined ancient city located just above the Siofra River. Though this city is located underneath a water body there is a whole ecosystem of animals and weird citizens living here. It has some large spaces to ride Torrent with its own vegetation growing and a purple sky full of mesmerizing stars, a beautiful sight indeed.

Technically there is another way of getting here, by using the Waygate at the Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes that take you to Nokron, Eternal City (Imbued Sword Key required). But this Waygate sends you to just a small section of the city where you can only fight an optional Lesser Crucible Knight, not much else here to do.

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The real way of accessing Nokron, Eternal City is when you have defeated Starscourge Radahn and the cutscene plays out where a shooting star impacts somewhere in the Lands Between. This star crashes on the southern side of Mistwood in Limgrave.

Upon reaching the location marked above you will see a huge crater with debris suspended in the air. Descend this hole and soon you will arrive in the Nokron, Eternal City. It has a lot to discover here especially considering that it has an important item related to Ranni’s quest and ending.

Nokstella, Eternal City

This is the sister Eternal city of Nokron. A hint of this city is experienced when you reach Ainsel River from Liurnia of the Lakes. But it’s just a hint and the right way of discovering it will be mentioned below.

Just like Nokron, Nokstella is also an ancient ruined city above the Ainsel River. This is a subterranean city that has its own unique type of enemies and giant ants, some enemies are even riding these giant ants. This place also has the Mimic Tear spirit summon, one of the best spirits you could get hold of, location linked here. This city shares the same kind of aesthetics as its sister city with stars all over though there are some differentiating things that you can spot.

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There are two ways of getting to Nokstella, Eternal City:

The first way, if you have progressed Ranni’s quest to the point where you have acquired Fingerslayer Blade, which is found in Nokron by the way, then give the blade to Ranni and she will ask you to go to Nokstella and will give access to Renna’s Rise which has a Waygate that teleports you to Ainsel River Main. From here you can follow the relatively straight path that leads to Nokstella. To follow Ranni’s quest check the video linked below.

The second way to gain access to Nokstella and bypass Ranni’s quest is by going to the Deeproot Depth location which you can go to by killing the Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct or through a hidden passage near the Frenzied Flame Proscription grace in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Once in the Deeproot area, you can use the coffin located near the western edge of the map to travel to Ainsel River Main and follow along the path to get to Nokstella. The Coffin location is marked below. You can also use this link to get a better understanding of how to reach Deeproot Depths.

Deeproot Depths – Coffin Location

These are some of the best locations From Software has ever created and the moment you discover them your jaw drops to the ground all the while sparking curiosity as to why these amazing cities are hidden or in their case shunned to such obscurity.