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Can You Change Your Hair in Diablo 4?

Can You Change Your Hair in Diablo 4?

For the first time, a Diablo game has allowed us to make our character for each class. But sometimes we regret our character creator choices and might want to change our look later. In this article, I’ll answer whether you can change your hair in Diablo 4.

No, you cannot change your hair in Diablo 4 after character creation. During character creation, however, you can decide your character’s gender, skin tone, facial features, jewelry, markings, make-up, and hair. However, later you will not be able to change your hairstyle or color.


If you’re looking to learn more about changing the appearance of your character in Diablo 4, then check out the rest of this article!

Changing Hairstyle in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 - Character Creation

When you start Diablo 4 there are a host of character creation options you can tweak. These features include gender, skin tone, facial features, jewelry, markings, make-up, tattoos, scars, and hair. These allow you to create your character just the way you want, and be able to play your avatar in Diablo 4.

However, once your character has been created unfortunately you will not be able to change your hair in Diablo 4. This means that while you can decide the style of hair you want and its color at the beginning of the game, later on, you will not be able to change any facet regarding it.


Understandably, the lack of this feature has upset many of you. This is because you might find loot or transmog later that might make you want to change your appearance. Finding that new gear may make you wish you could customize your hairstyle to fit the overall look better. So it’s frustrating that you can’t do this.

Why this feature is missing is probably because Diablo 4 renders your character as a whole. Thus once character creation is complete, the hairstyle and color are set into the overall character. But rejoice! While you can’t change the physical appearance of your character, you can still change your character’s wardrobe.

How to Change Your Character’s Wardrobe in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 - Character Wardrobe

In Diablo 4, personalizing your character’s appearance is a fun and exciting aspect of the game. One way to achieve this is by accessing the Wardrobe feature, allowing you to modify your character’s outfit and accessories.

To begin, look for the Wardrobe icon on the map, which can be found in most major cities and towns. The icon resembles a cabinet with two large doors and is easily recognizable. In Kyovashad, the first city you encounter after completing the Prologue, the Wardrobe icon can be found next to the treasure chest icon.


Once you reach the Wardrobe icon, interact with the cabinet to open a menu with two tabs: Wardrobe and Appearance. The Appearance tab allows you to customize makeup, jewelry, and markings, while the Wardrobe tab is where you equip armor and other items.

To access the Transmogrification feature, you must first Salvage an item. Salvaging an item means destroying it, but in return, you unlock its appearance, allowing you to use it for Transmogrification purposes.

That’s all folks! No, unfortunately, you cannot change your hair in Diablo 4 after you’ve finalized it in the character creator. But there are numerous changes you can make to your character’s appearance through the Wardrobe feature.

While it’s not the most convenient, but Diablo 4 makes it easy to look good while slaying demons. What more can you ask for?