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Should You Sell or Salvage Items in Diablo 4?

Should You Sell or Salvage Items in Diablo 4?

While you’re traversing the lands of Diablo 4 you will find many weapons and armor pieces to strengthen your character. These items will need you to repair and upgrade them which will cost gold and raw materials. So then the question is, is it better to sell extra items for gold or to salvage them for materials in Diablo 4?

It is recommended that you salvage any spare gear that you find throughout your journey in Diablo 4. Gold is useful for repairing and upgrading equipment, however, there are some rare materials only obtainable through salvaging.


Keep reading to explore whether you should sell or salvage all of the items you have been hoarding in Diablo 4.

Is it Better to Sell or Salvage Items in Diablo 4?

Selling Items - Diablo 4

It is always better to salvage any spare gear rather than sell the item. Generally speaking, in Diablo 4 you will be constantly obtaining new weapons and armor, and while some will be amazing others will be entirely useless to your class or build. So what do you do with these extra items? You salvage them.

As we highlighted earlier there are many advantages to salvaging an item in Diablo 4. But in particular, the biggest advantage is gaining access to items that cannot be bought or found in the overworld regularly.

These include Raw Hide, Iron Chunks, and Silver Ore. Which can instead be used to upgrade gear at the Blacksmith.


Salvaging magic items and rare gear will also grant you many interesting items. These include items like Veiled Crystals, Abstruse Sigil, and Coiling Ward, all of which cannot be obtained from anywhere else. You can use these items to craft Legendary equipment for yourself.

Money in Diablo 4, on the other hand, can only be used to repair and upgrade your equipment. Once you reach the end-game of Diablo 4, you will realize that you have a surplus of gold, but very few materials to craft legendaries. This is why it’s always better to salvage gear rather than sell it to a vendor.

How To Salvage Items in Diablo 4?

Salvaging Items - Diablo 4

There are several advantages to salvaging your gear in Diablo 4. Not only does salvaging provide you with rare materials and items that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. But salvaging pieces of gear will let you keep their appearance as a transmog in your wardrobe.


So how do you salvage gear in Diablo 4? Well if you’re confused and would like a basic tutorial on how to salvage your gear then look no further. Simply follow these steps to get up to speed with everything you need to know to salvage your gear:

  • Reach level 10, as salvaging is unlocked at this point.
  • Locate a blacksmith in the game world.
  • Access the blacksmith menu.
  • Identify the red pickaxe icon within the blacksmith menu.
  • Select the pickaxe icon to initiate the salvaging process.
  • Choose the items from your inventory that you want to salvage.
  • Optionally, sort through your inventory and mark items as “junk” beforehand.
  • If you marked items as “junk,” you can quickly salvage all of them at once.
  • Salvage the selected items to receive salvage materials such as rawhide, leather, and ore.

The fun of Diablo 4 is to always be searching for that piece of gear that defines your build. But to get to it you’ll have to go through a lot of useless, spare, items. It’s better to salvage those items rather than sell them. Gold is good, but materials will get you one step closer to those beloved legendaries!