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Can You Play Solo in Deep Rock Galactic?

Can You Play Solo in Deep Rock Galactic?

We all love the drunken antics of an ensemble of space-faring, mining-obsessed, technically savvy yet a bunch of goofballs dwarves in Deep Rock Galactic. Yet, some of us like to have our drink alone and not share any of our mined treasures. In that case, can we play Deep Rock Galactic solo?

Yes, you can play Deep Rock Galactic solo. There is a special solo mode for all you lone wolves out there. However, the game is designed for groups of up to 4 players, and playing alone will be pretty challenging.

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Playing Solo In Deep Rock Galactic

The answer to the burning question is, you can play Deep Rock Galactic solo. There is a special mode for single-player in the game. And yes the game remains fun while going at it alone. Many players prefer to play this game alone since it is relatively welcoming to solo players.

Bosco - Deep Rock Galactic Solo

The game balances the difficulty for the lonely miner and provides you with a companion robot called Bosco. This little guy is quite nifty and provides tons of utility to the player. Some of the things this robot brings to the table are:

  • He can fly around the map and can mine any hard-to-reach mineral deposit. You will have to point him to the minerals using his laser targeting tool. He will simply fly to your directed location and start breaking the deposit for you to collect.
  • He even has guns and rockets to provide offensive backup to the player from the hordes of aliens ready to rush you. You can use the laser pointer to take out distant unalerted enemies.
  • He can also revive you multiple times if you fall during a run. This depends on your setup and upgrades.
  • You can use him to illuminate dark areas without the fear of running into an ugly bug.

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Other Advantages of Playing Solo

Of course, the game is more fun if you are part of a team but going in alone will save you the trouble of annoying randoms who just want to quickly end the match. There is also the advantage of pausing the game when you are playing solo.

We recommend new players play this game alone since it will help them understand the unique mechanics without the frustration of timers or objective-focused teammates.

If you are opting for a solo run, make sure your perks are more solo-based. You shouldn’t waste any perks slots on team-oriented bonuses like instantly reviving teammates, that will be a waste. Go for perks that benefit a solo player like more ammo capacity or taming aliens. You can also choose the engineer class for his turret ability.

Deep Rock Galactic is a hoot to play with the right set of friends but playing solo is exciting nonetheless. There are enough perks and changes to the game that makes a single-player run as much fun as it is with a group.

Just consider the perk layout and use Bosco to the fullest and you will have an amazing time. You can make things even more difficult by leaving Bosco behind and deploying completely alone.