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Can You Gift Arcana in Dota 2?

Can You Gift Arcana in Dota 2?

Arcana items are the best of the best when it comes to cosmetics in Dota 2. Although sometimes you receive one that you don’t need or just want to gift to a friend as a nice gesture. Can you gift Arcana items in Dota 2? How can you gift Arcana? Scroll down and find the answers to your gifting queries.

You can gift Arcana items in Dota 2. You have to just wait for some time from when you first purchase the item to when you can gift it to a friend. The Gift Wrapping feature in the Armory can be used to send Arcana gifts. Although, some Arcanas that are limited-time free rewards are not giftable.

Arcana Items in Dota 2

Arcana dota 2

Arcana items are the rarest and most unique cosmetic items, like skins and accessories, in Dota 2. Their distinct quality includes the ability to extensively customize them by clicking on the item’s icon and viewing/previewing the full list of customizations.

Some of the customizations involve different particle effects, animations, icons, sounds, and much more.

Gifting Arcana in Dota 2

Wrapped Gift Dota 2
Gift Notification

As with any other giftable item in Dota 2, Arcana items can also be gifted to your friends using the Gift Wrapping mechanic and sending them to your buddy.

These giftable items are created by wrapping a cosmetic item with the Gift Wrap function in the Armory. Wrapped items will bear an inscription displaying the sender and receiver’s names, as well as the date received. However, there are a few caveats attached to gifting items that you should be aware of.

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Gifting Considerations

You can’t trade/gift new purchases from the Dota 2 store immediately, it’s to combat credit card fraud. To combat credit card fraud, Valve has placed several restrictions on gifting:

  • Gifts can be sent to a friend, but not sold on the Market.
  • Gifts can only be sent to friends for at least one month unless Mobile Authenticator is activated.
  • Items that were previously received as a gift cannot be wrapped again for one month.
  • Untradeable items obtained from drops or Treasures can only be gifted once.
    • Items from Treasures can be gifted again after their trade-restriction period expires.
  • Only a limited number of items can be gifted within a certain time. ( 8 items for every 24 hours )
    • The number of gifts one can send is determined by the player’s Experience Trophy.
  • Non-tradeable items can only be gifted by players over level 5.

Other things to consider when gifting to friends:

  • 15 days trade hold if your friend has no Mobile Authenticator.
  • 1-day trade hold if your friend has no Mobile Authenticator and has been on your steam friends list for more than a year.
  • No trade hold if your friend has the Steam Mobile Authenticator.

Swag Bag Arcana – Special Case

Feast of Abscession Bundle
Feast of Abscession Bundle

The recent Swag Bag Arcana reward is a special scenario where gifting is not possible. The Swag Bag allows you to claim just one Arcana out of several options. There could be a chance that you might end up selecting one that you don’t necessarily use and want to gift to a friend that can get some use out of it. Sadly, free Swag bags containing Arcana are not allowed to be traded or gifted as they are account bound. Not tradable and marketable and can’t be gifted.

If you plan on capitalizing on this bonus and getting free Arcanas that would last you a lifetime, you won’t be able to. The Arcanas cannot be traded and you cannot sell them on Steam Market. It also cannot be deleted and is somewhat permanently tied to your account.

Arcana items are giftable in Dota 2 but you will have to wait and follow Steam’s anti-fraud checks before you can gift them. Some Arcanas like the Swag Bag are not giftable as they are locked to the account that claims them.

So choose wisely as you will be stuck with them. If you are one of those who are meaning to gift Arcana to a friend then thumbs up to you, you are a good person to be friends with!