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10 Best Base Locations on Crystal Isles in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Crystal Isles in Ark: Survival Evolved

Mesmerizing views, rich vegetation, abundant resources, and variety of tameable creatures, you name it, and Crystal Isles got it. Crystal Isles has some of the best base locations to satisfy for your PVP and PVE needs in Ark Survival Evolved.

Sky Caverns and Massive Platue are the best base locations if you want to set up a PVP-oriented base in Ark Survival Evolved, especially in the Crytal Isles region on the world map.


Let’s get started with our selections for the best base locations on the Crystal Isles of Ark Survival Evolved and what they have to offer.

1. Beach Plateau (72.5-22.6)

Beach Plateau

The very first best base location is the Beach Plateau. This place is extremely peaceful and safe, and has mesmerizing surroundings. Beach Plateau offers base locations suitable for PVE, PVP, Alpha, and beginner bases.

Whether you are an old player or a beginner, this place won’t disappoint you. There are several sections for you to take a look at, but one of its sections is way larger than others and seems perfect for the Alpha tribe.

The spacious section with water resources has enough space to offer. A ramp is also built in this area, and by going to the upper side through it, you come across another big area with metal deposits.

There is also an area at the downside where you can find beavers and crocodiles, and beavers usually spawn here. The coordinates for this one are 70.0-24.3. There is a shallow bay at 71.9-21.1, and down in the water, you get ample oil and pearls.

If you can get spawn at this location, it will still be a fine spot to build your base. By making a ladder, you can also resolve your problem of climbing. In short, plenty of resources like water, crystals, stones, trees, pearls, and more exist.

So, this location simply gets you covered from all sides.

2. Sky Caverns (47.7-76.8)

Sky Caverns

This location is very well suited for the PVP and alpha bases. It is basically the Caverns high up in the sky on a floating Island. By moving to the center of this Island, you will reach a huge mountain with orange crystals attached to its surface.

You can simply identify this mountain through these crystals, and a waterfall flows down in this area. To enter the cavern, you must pass through this waterfall, and having it outside the opening is like a great covering.

You will be stunned by this cave’s beauty as it is amazing and built beautifully. You also don’t have to worry about the spawning of dinos here, which makes this place safer.


Speaking of resources, this cavern is rich in crystals and metals, and you also have big metal resources. This location is quite extensive and is spread to the back, and you also get to see ruins here.

We are not done yet as another entrance also lies there, and at the coordinates 44.6-75.4, you get a choke point. You can block this choke point or other area in the back to secure the base.

Going further to this choke point, The cavern extends more and comes to a point from where you can go out on the floating Island. This location is super fantastic to live in. All you need to do is to establish yourself here, and then you can live your best here without any doubt.

3. Snow Caverns (38.3-48.8)

Snow Caverns

The Snow Cavern is a great location for PVE, PVP, and alpha tribe bases due to its enormous size. The mountains hold two caverns that are pretty massive and have four entrances.

Outside the main entrance, there is a lot of metal, and if you look around, you can see beavers wandering out there in the river which means they can be tamed conveniently. There is also wood, silica pearls, and cementing paste, which all show this place has abundant resources. Now the inside is pretty cool as well.

There is snow all over the surface and trees along with water. Having a river inside the cave gives you the benefit of keeping your water creatures here.

Going through this river leads you to another entrance, and the third entrance is on the upper side. A passage at 34.4-53.1 opens into another large cavern. Once again a lot of space here, and you can use it however you want.

4. Redwood Honey Cave (31.4-30.0)

Redwood Honey Cave

Next up is on the edge of Redwood or, more specifically, to the southeastern corner. This cave can be spotted from the air by the giant orange crystals on the top, and if you look closer, there are bee hives in the middle.

By heading inside, you get to see that this is a honey cave with honey dripping from the roof, and there are bees all around. And there are also bears eating and licking the honey from the surfaces.

The advantage you can get from these hives is that they can be harvested and provide organic polymer and honey. But remember that there are chances that you will have to fight with bees and bears so make sure you do everything rightly.

Killing both of them will also offer you essentials in return.

This cave has too many resources to fulfill all your demands, and you have water access in the center. Another good factor is that there are Christmas trees at the other entrance of the cave, And you can get sap by harvesting them.

The coordinates for this one are 32.9-31.1. You can build inside and outside, more likely on the top, as there is a flat surface.

The metal is available here, and having trees here allows you to have tree platforms. This location can be dangerous, but best if you can fight off the enemies. It is appropriate for PVE, PVP, and Alpha bases.

5. Volcano Falls Obsidian (51.3-59.3)

Volcano Falls Obsidian

Another highly recommended location you can get on this Island is Volcano Falls Obsidian. You can attain obsidian from there too easily, which is located on the downward side of the volcano.

There is an even surface Plateau with cliffs on its side and a waterfall. And there is a ramp through which you can make your way up. The place is wide enough for your base or tribe to reside in and suitable for PVE and PVP bases.


It has a variety of resources, including silica pearls, crystals, and metal on the top of the volcano. This area is also perfect for Ariel mining as it can be done efficiently here.

6. Redwood Plateau (29.0-27.1)

Redwood Plateau

This location goes well in favor of the PVP/PVE/Alpha tribe and has so much space. Otters and beavers spawn here as well due to the river.

This means there are also beaver damns through which you can also get resources. The river also has amazing stuff, like a variety of plants and seed pods, which can be obtained and accessed easily.

If you build your base in the redwood forest, then you don’t have to worry about getting essential resources. On the upper side, you get the flat plateau surface, and you can use the ramp to go there.

The metal is on both the upper and bottom areas, and at the coordinates 31.6-25.6, you can see a well that can be turned into a great water source. For more metal, you can check the coordinates 27.6-25.5.

The other plus point is that the honey cave is nearby, so you can also go there without covering much distance.

7. Redwood Spider Cave (32.6-26.9)

Redwood Spider Cave

This is the best base location for PVP and PVE. There is a small opening outside the rocky structure, which leads to the Spider Cave, and through the green crystals, you can recognize it.

There is an artifact inside the cave that is rich in metals. As you follow the direction of the waterfall going down at the bottom, you reach another great area that can be used for hiding purposes.

You can harvest the green crystals here to obtain items. The cave has two entrances, but they can’t be found easily. If you are more into hidden base locations, then this one is right for you.

8. Massive Plateau (66.8-34.5)

Massive Plateau

As the name says, this plateau is massive enough to have your Alpha tribe here. You can go up through the ramp so you can move your dinos from top to bottom through this ramp.

There is an ocean around you and a location for building a well for water resources. You can also breed your water dinos here and keep other tameable creatures.


It could be better in terms of resources generally, and also, this is all open air, so only a little is recommended for PVP bases. But by being in the air, you don’t have to stress about land enemies.

9. Desert Plateau (70.4-45.8)

Desert Plateau

This Desert Plateau is a great location for PVP and PVE bases. It is also one of the safest places in Crystal Island, where you can build your base without thinking of any threat. To be there, you will need to have flyers.

But as this location comes later in the game, it won’t be a big issue. This desert area is liked less due to a lack of resources, but you can still use its spots for trapping the tameable creatures.

However, you can get water and sap there. Well, it is only suitable for those who prefer desert settings.

10. Cherry Blossom Pond (39.8-60.6)

Cherry Blossom Pond

Our Last best base location in Crystal Island for PVE and PVP bases. It is the most attractive location you can have to build your base on. This place is rich in silica pearls and has such a peaceful environment.

The waterfall has metal resources, and there are small spaces where you can also use them to build something or use it for other purposes. In short, this is an amazing place and has unmatchable beauty.

An excellent spot to breed your water dinos and keep them happy.

Are These Areas Dangerous?

Apart from the PVP base locations you should be fine for the most part as most of these areas are not that dangerous and rich in resources beneficial for PVE purposes.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you in saving time and will cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind.


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.

Follow the basic rules in this guide and find the best base locations for yourself on the Crystal Isles of Ark Survival Evolved.