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How To Bring The Doll To Life In Bloodborne?

How To Bring The Doll To Life In Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is filled with quirky characters and each have their distinct personality and style that makes them stand out from the bunch. Some of these characters are integral to the experience where you have to interact with them to progress the adventure into this nightmarish realm. Gehrman is the reason the Hunter’s Dream exists and he the host of this abode that the player will visit on a constant basis.

In the Hunter’s Dream, Gehrman has created the Plain Doll that will be the other hostess for the player and one that is even more important to the journey. She is your go-to lady for your upgrades and will even provide some vague additions to the lore of the world. She is the essential waifu of Bloodborne.

The Doll will be lifeless when you first visit the Hunter’s Dream and in order to wake her up and interact with her, you must first have to get Insight. As and when you get your first Insight point, your subsequent visit to the Hunter’s Dream will see her come to life and the level upgrade mechanic of the game will be introduced by her.

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Waking Up The Plain Doll In Bloodborne

Bloodborne Originally Let You Kill The Plain Doll

Your initial visit to the Hunter’s Dream will either be from your first death in the game or by interacting with the Lantern. Here you will see the body of this pale lady lying in front of you and no means or prompts of interacting with her. At this moment you are just required to accept the gifts, i.e. the weapons, from the messengers in front of her and go back to the prior level and progress along with the game.

You move and battle through the beast scourge of the city of Yharnam until you reach either the Cleric Beast or Father Gascoigne boss battle/arena. Upon entering the arena you will be rewarded with an Insight point for experiencing the boss for the first time. You will get Insight from every boss fight, one when you initially come in contact with the boss and another after you have defeated it. The importance and uses of Insight are detailed in this article.

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In case you defeated the respective boss there will be a Lantern that spawns in the arena or if you get annihilated by it will send you back to the previous Lantern you interacted with, in either scenario you will some Insight points now and going back to the Hunter’s Dream you will see the Doll sprung to life and you can now talk to her.

This character can be found at Hunter’s Dream, usually in front of the stairs that go up to the main house. She will sometimes move to the tombstone right next to the backdoor of the house. She will be positioned by the tombstone if your character is carrying a large number of blood echoes upon returning to the dream after a long hunt. After beating the game with a certain condition, she can be found in another location.

Plain Doll Interactions

Bloodborne - Hunter's Dream: Plain Doll "I Do Love You" Lore Chat, Ludwig's  Holy Blade Upgraded PS4 - YouTube

Talking to the Plain Doll will reveal her hostess status where she welcomes you to this hub and introduces you to the upgrading menu. With enough Blood Echoes, you will be able to upgrade your level and your desired attribute using her. If your Insight points drop to 0 she will become lifeless again though you can still upgrade by interacting with the body this time.

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While progressing through the game and returning to the Hunter’s Dream she will also give options to talk to her where she will, in her cryptic way, provide some lore of the events that have previously unfolded.

If you give her the Small Hair Ornament the doll will shed a Tear Stone, which may be used to gain a droplet that can fit in any gem slot. She will gesture back if you perform a gesture in front of her. Different gestures yield different responses.

You can still level up your stats, by interacting with her broken body, if you decide to kill her, she doesn’t turn hostile like other characters if you hit her. She will be revived the next time you return to the Hunter’s Dream.

According to the lore she is more than just a creation of Gehrman and has deep connections with Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. Keep visiting and talking with her regularly for unique interactions that will flush out the world for you. She is integral and a darling of Bloodborne so treat her nicely.