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Quicksilver Storm Bugged in Destiny 2 (Easy Fix)

Quicksilver Storm Bugged in Destiny 2 (Easy Fix)

If you play Destiny 2, chances are you’ve encountered the frustrating Quicksilver Storm bug. Many of you might be quite upset about this, especially if you’ve designed your build around this exotic weapon. In this article, we’ll discuss the bug, patches in the future, and an easy fix.

As of Patch of Destiny 2, the Quicksilver Storm Bug has been fixed. The Exotic weapon now does the intended 40% extra damage. If you still face this issue, however, quit out of Destiny 2 and relaunch the game.


Bungie has fixed the Quicksilver Storm bug in Destiny 2. But if you’re looking for more information about it then I suggest you keep reading this article!

What Was The Quicksilver Storm Bug in Destiny 2?

Quicksilver Storm - Destiny 2 Weapon

Since the launch of the Lightfall expansion, the Quicksilver Storm, an Exotic weapon highly regarded for its versatility, has suffered from a significant bug. It has lost its 40% damage boost against red bar enemies, lovingly referred to by the Destiny 2 community as cannon fodder.

This reduction in damage output has made the weapon less effective in encounters where quickly eliminating weaker enemies was crucial.

This bug has left a lot of you frustrated and seeking answers from Bungie regarding its cause and when a fix can be expected.

Quicksilver Storm Bug’s Impact on Nightfall Runs

Quicksilver in Nightfall

The impact of the Quicksilver Storm bug becomes more significant in high-level content such as Legend lost sectors and Master Nightfalls. These activities demand the optimal use of weapons and abilities to overcome formidable enemies.


Due to its damage reduction, the Quicksilver Storm falls short of providing the firepower necessary to win in such encounters.

Even with its Exotic catalyst unlocked, which changes the weapon’s damage type to Strand and potentially synergizes well with certain subclass and artifact mods, the auto rifle remains underwhelming compared to other Exotic weapons.

Fix From Bungie

Destiny 2 Hotfix

You can now finally rejoice as Bungie has delivered on its promise to address the long-standing issue with the Quicksilver Storm. The eagerly awaited fix has arrived in the form of Hotfix, which is now live on all platforms.

After a brief 15-minute downtime for official servers, you can now experience the full power of the Quicksilver Storm again. Bungie has restored the Quicksilver Storm’s power, granting it the 40% damage boost against rank-and-file enemies again.

This fix also addressed other concerns you might have had with Destiny 2 for a while. Particularly if you haven’t been a fan of the game’s resolution and weapon visibility in certain challenging encounters, the latest patch has now fixed this.

Alternate Fix For Quicksilver Storm Bug

After much experimentation and feedback from the community, a surprisingly simple solution has emerged. This easy fix has provided relief to countless of you Guardians who were eagerly seeking a resolution to the issue.


By following these straightforward steps, you can once again experience the true potential of the Quicksilver Storm.

  • Navigate to Destiny 2’s Menu
  • Select the option to Quit the Game
  • Ensure that all progress is saved
  • Relaunch Destiny 2
  • Once the same has fully reloaded, navigate to your inventory
  • Equip Quicksilver Storm

Although this fix is simplistic, for the majority of you that are still experiencing this bug, it should resolve the issue. You should know that Bungie is constantly updating the game and releasing new patches, so expect any lingering issues in the game to be fixed soon.

Remember, fellow Guardians, destiny may be glitched at times, but the light will always prevail!