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Does Mana Regenerate in Lords of the Fallen (2023)?

Does Mana Regenerate in Lords of the Fallen (2023)?

Mana is a stat similar to HP and Stamina in Lords of the Fallen and is required to cast any type of magic spell. It is a limited resource and needs to be replenished. Does mana regenerate on its own in Lords of the Fallen? The question remains, and we are here to answer it.

Yes, Mana regenerates in Lords of the Fallen, although it does not happen on its own and requires you to rest at a vestige or use different items such as the Manastone or multiple rings


In this guide, we are going to discuss all of the methods through which Mana regenerates in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Regenerate Mana in Lords of the Fallen

Mana is just as important as HP and Stamina in Lords of the Fallen, and you are going to need ways to keep the Mana bar topped up. There are some common ways to do it. Along with that, there are some ways to do it passively without any special action required from your end.

These are the methods we recommend and will certainly help you when you are in a pinch.

Resting at The Vestige


This is the most common way to regenerate your mana in Lords of the Fallen. If you don’t know Vestiges are the checkpoints where you can rest and restore your Mana and HP for free without any cost. You will find Vestiges all over Axiom and Umbral.


Effect: Replenish Mana over time upon consuming.

Where to find: This is a common type of consumable and can be found as ground loot all over Axiom and Umbral. You can also obtain this by killing monsters such as Infernal Enchantress, Carrion Knight, Griefbound, etc.  These can also be bought from various NPCs.

This can be your go-to method for restoring mana during combat.

Ring of Gnawing

Molhu NPC - Mana Regenerate Lords of the Fallen

Effect: Will restore Mana every time you strike an enemy

Where to find: You will be able to buy it from Molhu – an NPC in the Skyrest Bridge Area. In the main hall, where Pieta is standing, there is an inclined pathway to the left. You will find Molhu inside, but only when you shift to Umbral Realm.

Another thing to note here is that you will not find the ring in Molhu’s inventory, and it will only appear once you have defeated Tancred, Monster of Castigations.

Manastone Ring

Manastone Ring - Mana Regenerate Lords of the Fallen

Effect: Generates 2 Mana per second while equipped.

Where to find: While this is one of the most effective ways to regenerate Mana this is also the most difficult to get your hands on. These are the steps you will need to complete to obtain the Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Solve the Umbral Puzzle under the Skyrest area to get the Searing Accusation, an Inferno Catalyst
  • Free the Tortured Prisoner in the Skyrest area by giving her the Searing Accusation.
  • Rest at any Vestige point.
  • Go to the now-freed Tortured Prisoner who will be standing outside the room where you previously fought Pieta. Have a conversation with her to unlock her as a merchant.
  • Continue with your questline and take down the Spurned Progeny to obtain the Giant Eyeball.
  • Present the Tortured Prisoner with the Giant Eyeball, and she will move locations.
  • You will now find her in the Spurned Progeny boss arena. This is the point when you can buy the Manastone Ring from her for 3000 Vigor.

Nartun Rune

Nartun Rune - Mana Regenerate Lords of the Fallen

Effect: Generates Mana for every enemy killed.

Where to find: You are going to find this near the Vestige of Catrin in the Sunless Skein area. The drop which is usually filled with water, is exactly below the path you use to get down, there is an Umbral Belly. Shift to Umbral Realm to see it.

Now you know that you can regenerate Mana in Lords of the Fallen, along with the methods to do it. If you liked this informative guide, consider checking out our other coverages and as always, happy gaming!