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How to Beat Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen

Spurned Progeny is the fourth Colossal Boss in Lords of the Fallen. This is a giant boss who uses magma to burn you alive and the third hand from his mouth to put you in his mouth. He is a mandatory boss if you are going for the Inferno ending. He is optional if you trigger the events in Upper Calrath by picking up Rune of Adyr.


Fortunately, with this guide, you’ll know all his moves and some nifty little tricks to bring down this enormous abomination.

Fighting the Spurned Progeny Boss

Lords of the Fallen Spurned Progeny

The Spurned Progeny is a typical giant boss much like the ones in Dark Souls, however, there are two twists to the fight. He likes to use Inferno to burn you alive and his giant limbs to make quick work of you.

The first twist is his third arm that comes out of his mount. This arm stretches out far and even summons Inferno spells. The second twist is that he periodically fills the entire arena with lava, forcing you to take the fight to the platforms upstairs.

The fight against The Spurned Progney in Lords of the Fallen can be made easy if you prepare for it and know the following:

  • He is weak to Wither and Holy damage and Frostbite status effect.
  • Holy Weapon and Spells will do great.
  • The Accusing Spirit ammunition deals a good amount of Wither damage from range.
  • Don’t use any Inferno spells or weapons against the boss. He is very resistant to these damage types.
  • Many of his attacks are Inferno-based, equipping fire-resistant armor will prove beneficial.
  • The Fire Ward item will help reduce the damage of his Inferno attacks.
  • You can easily run around the platforms and keep firing projectiles at the boss. This is a slow method but you can end him without actually facing him.

Phase 1

Spurned Progeny phase 1

The first phase will see you scurrying around his legs, putting in damage when he is done smashing you into the ground. His attacks hit insanely hard, and if you don’t have enough points in HP or a weak armor set, they could lead to instant death.

Try to stick to his left (weak) foot as most of his attacks will completely miss you. Also, avoid locking on to be able to see his attacks. His attacks are easy to read at this point, just keep your eyes peeled.

These are all the phase one attacks and the right way of maneuvering them:

  1. Sit Slam: The giant dude slams its big butt on the ground.
    • Reaction: When you see him trying to stand erect, this is the time to bail from underneath him.
  2. Double Fist Down: He uses a double-fisted slam to crush you.
    • Reaction: Stick to his legs to disregard this attack and continue attacking.
  3. Claw: Directly claws the area in front of him.
    • Reaction: Don’t stand in front of him.
  4. Claw Swipe: He swipes a larger area horizontally with his claw.
    • Reaction: When you see his hand move back, back off as the swipe is about to come.

Phase 2

Spurned Progeny phase 2

He will transition into the next phase at around 20 to 30% health. He will start puking lava on the ground, slowly filling up the entire arena’s floor. Quickly identify this attack and start ascending to the upper floor platforms.

He will slowly make his way towards you, you can use this time to lob some projectiles or spells at him. When he’s near the platform, you will have to wait for his arms to land on the platform and quickly attack them while they recover.

He starts using a lot of Inferno attacks at this point, so get ready to dodge them. He also has a nuke attack that will spell disastrous if you don’t react swiftly. However, after this attack, he will leave a huge opening for you while he is coughing to really lay into him.

These are all the phase two attacks and the right way of maneuvering them:

  1. Slam AOE: He thrusts his third arm into the ground following up with an explosion.
    • Reaction: When you see the arm come out of his mouth, run away to the other platform or back off and wait for the explosion.
  2. Magma Explosion: He throws his third arm on the platform sprinkling lava all over it which eventually explodes and balls of fire will rain over it.
    • Reaction: The attack has a huge wind-up so take this time to move to the other platform.
  3. Lava Rain: He will start raining lava balls on the platform.
    • Reaction: Run to the other platforms.
  4. Swipes and Slams: He uses his normal arms to attack you.
    • Reaction: Dodge these attacks and quickly attack them while he recovers.
  5. Third Arm Grab: He moves his face lower to the platform and thrusts his third arm from his mouth to try and grab you.
    • Reaction: He does this multiple times, so dodge it and count it, and only attack after the last thrust.
  6. Fire Pillars: He lifts his third arm in the air and summons exploding fire pillars underneath the ground you are standing on.
    • Reaction: Start running to the other platforms as soon as you see the ground glow under you. There will be three explosions so keep running.
  7. Nuke: Suspends his third arm in the air and grows a ginormous fireball. This ball explodes eventually covering the entire arena.
    • Reaction: This attack has a huge casting time, so quickly run behind any solid cover like the broken railings on the connecting platform.


Here are all the rewards for defeating the Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Spurned Progney Flesh
  • x1 Giant Eyeball
  • x1 Remembrance of the Spurned Progney
  • x2 Umbral Scouring