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Does Research Carry Over Into NG+ in Starfield?

Does Research Carry Over Into NG+ in Starfield?

Embarking on a new journey in the gaming realm often means facing challenges and triumphs anew. Starfield, with its innovative New Game Plus mode, introduces a unique twist where your character evolves while the world resets. But does your Research carry over into NG+ in Starfield?

Yes, your Research along with your skills, Research, and achievements, stay in the NG+ mode of Starfield, offering a cosmic foundation for a fresh journey. However, material possessions are left behind, making room for new cosmic challenges. 


One burning question echoes among players: Does Research stay after you end the game? Let’s delve into the intricacies of Starfield’s NG+ and unveil the mysteries it holds!

Carrying Over Your Galactic Legacy

Starfield NG+ Research

In the cosmic ballet of Starfield, the New Game Plus feature offers a rebirth, leaving behind the physical baggage but carrying forward certain elements of your cosmic legacy. 

As you step into the next world as a Starborn, Here are all of the things that stay:

1. Your Level, Unlocked Skills, and Research: 

The essence of your spacefaring prowess survives the cosmic reset. Along with your Research, your level and the skills meticulously honed in your previous cosmic odyssey stay with you. It’s a testament to your growth and expertise in navigating the vastness of Starfield’s universe.

2. Starborn Powers:

Embracing the celestial identity, your Starborn Powers remain intact. These unique abilities, acquired through trials and challenges, continue to be at your disposal as you traverse the newly reset galaxies. The cosmic forces that once aided you are loyal companions in this rebirth.

3. Achievement Progress:

The milestones you conquered persist, etched into your cosmic journey. Achievements stand as cosmic badges of honor, telling the tale of your past exploits. The cosmic cycle may reset, but your achievements remain as a testament to your celestial accomplishments.

Leaving Behind the Material Cosmos

However, as the cosmic wheel turns, certain sacrifices must be made. The possessions and cosmic treasures amassed during your previous venture are relinquished to the cosmic void, making room for new challenges and discoveries.

Here is the list of all the things that sadly won’t stay with you in the NG+mode of Starfield:

1. All Items, Including Equipment and Weapons

The weapons and equipment that served you well in battles across the galaxies are left behind. The cosmic reset erases these material possessions, challenging you to adapt and forge new cosmic alliances armed with different tools of the celestial trade.

2. Credits

The universal currency, amassed through trade and cosmic endeavors, is reset to zero. The cosmic economy starts anew, and your financial conquests of the past are but a cosmic memory. A new fiscal frontier awaits your exploration!

3. Registered Ships

The cosmic armada you once commanded is disbanded. Registered ships, symbols of your cosmic conquests, are left behind as you ascend to your Starborn destiny. The cosmos offers new vessels to explore and conquer.

4. Side-Quest and Faction Progress

The intricate web of side quests and faction alliances woven in your previous cosmic existence dissolves. Relationships forged in the cosmic crucible are reset, beckoning you to rediscover the cosmic intricacies of Starfield.

5. Outposts and Purchased Player Homes

Cosmic homesteads and outposts fade into the cosmic background. The player’s homes, once filled with memories and cosmic artifacts, are left behind. The cosmos resets, providing a fresh canvas for new outposts and homes to be established.

What New Horizons Await in NG+

New Game+ in Starfield

Amidst the cosmic rebirth, New Game Plus in Starfield isn’t a barren expanse. The cosmos gifts you a Starborn Guardian, a ship to navigate the cosmic waves once more. 

Though not the pinnacle of celestial engineering, this vessel is a worthy companion on your renewed cosmic journey.

Ultimately, in Starfield, Research, skills, powers, and achievements carry over into NG+ Mode.